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2011-05-18 20:16EdClanofChattanSorry I am late :(
2011-05-18 20:17StupidAmerkinI was just sending you an email & thought I would check the board out again first
I will call in in a few. Gotta do a few things, Yes
I hear u
2011-05-18 20:45Guest 5You need to read the book- "They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertiama and your education will be greatly expanded.
2011-05-18 20:56Daniel Kooh sounds interesting? who are they talkiing about that came before Columbus?
some people say George Washington never wanted to separate from Enland
Im not so sure.....
I think the founders had to do certain things to appease certain interest, all while trying to preserve the true intention of the nation
But from everything I have read and you have discovered Ed, I think they did create the ONE nation for the ONE people like we have thought all along
2011-05-18 21:10billduffhi ed
hi rod
inherited through the founding fathers?
doesn't sound right to me
the founding fathers were memely agents for the collective people
2011-05-18 21:17Daniel KONLY the "Posterity" are inheritors
2011-05-18 21:18billduffwho's posteriety?
2011-05-18 21:18Daniel Kdo you know what that word means?
2011-05-18 21:18billdufftell me so we can be on the same page
2011-05-18 21:19Daniel KPosterity means.... all future generations
2011-05-18 21:19billduffof the collective?
2011-05-18 21:20Daniel KNO, just of their lineage
2011-05-18 21:20billduffwho is 'thier'
2011-05-18 21:20Daniel Kbasically, ANY free white man
2011-05-18 21:20billduffhmmm
and where is this fact asertained?
2011-05-18 21:20Daniel Kalso the 1802 naturalization act clearly says WHO can be a citizen
2011-05-18 21:21billduffis that act 'in pursuance of the constitution' ?
2011-05-18 21:21Daniel Kso I can only assume if ONLY a "free white person" can be a de jure citizen then I assume the postery must be white as well....
2011-05-18 21:21billduffcarefull what you assume
2011-05-18 21:22Daniel KYes, the ORIGINAL consitution and the ORIGINAL statutes at large
I was being facetious
2011-05-18 21:22billduffby what article and section are you relyiing
2011-05-18 21:23Daniel Kif ONLY a free white person can be a citizen then ONLY a free white person can qualify as "Posterity"
one second.... Ill get the link
2011-05-18 21:23billduffabout which part of your string of claims?
2011-05-18 21:23Daniel KGO HERE
Click ON "Browse Statutes at large"
then under Volume 2 click on "Title Page"
then where it says "turn to image" type in 153 and press "turn to image"....
that will take you to an actual image of the actual statute
halfway down the page under Chapter XXVIII
Yes Ed, listen to this quote....
"By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites we can mold them
to the program of the communist party, while inflaming the negro minority against the whites we will instill in the whites a guilt
complex for their exploitation of the negroes. We will aid the negroes to rise to prominence in the professions and in the world of sports and
2011-05-18 21:29billduffquestion
2011-05-18 21:29Daniel Kand entertainment, with this prestige the negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which
will deliver America to our cause" - Israel Cohen A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century
2011-05-18 21:29billduffwould an act of congress need to be in pursuance of the constitution in order for it to be "law"
2011-05-18 21:29Daniel Kyes
2011-05-18 21:30billduffok
2011-05-18 21:30Daniel KI believe so
2011-05-18 21:30billduffso..... now tell me what article and section this act is fully in pursuance of
2011-05-18 21:30Daniel Kwhich is why everything they do now isnt law
2011-05-18 21:31billduffor is the act assuming something that is not existent
i agree with that
they enact public policy,,,,,,not law
2011-05-18 21:31dorkenpufferis not international law the law of land..? (law of nations)
2011-05-18 21:31Daniel Kright, they cant deal in law, as they are NOT lawful
2011-05-18 21:32billduffare you saying that 'we teh people' in setting up or society and government are subject to the law of nations?
2011-05-18 21:33dorkenpufferyes through the treaties?
2011-05-18 21:33billduffno
it is nto the law of our land
2011-05-18 21:33StupidAmerkinbrb
2011-05-18 21:34billduffare you saying individual americans are bound by treaties entered into by our agents?
for instance...... the United States is our agent
have you read teh preamble to the bill of rights?
the bill of rights being the discription of those things that are not extended to our agents for their use.
where did you go dk
are you looking for the article and section that suports the statute at large you cited as valid law?
i am not boud
the corporation of the united states is bound
the US is the party to the treaty
not me
but it was a corporation from the outset
i agree
but those were corps too
2011-05-18 21:40dorkenpuffercooperative
2011-05-18 21:40billduffyes
a municipal corporation
2011-05-18 21:40Daniel Kone thing I dont understand Ed, What was the purpose of the ten miles square?
2011-05-18 21:40billduffcorporations create charters
the charter is the birth certificate for the corp
2011-05-18 21:41Daniel Kseems like by doing that they left a way in for infiltrators...
2011-05-18 21:42billduffthe 'we the people' holds perfect title to all that is owned by the collective including the instrumentalities they created for gov
i agree the 14th citizen is suspect
we own it equally........ right?
they own the land
in equal unspecified parts
your off the trail
read the definition for "possession"
where is that in the const?
i dont' agree
2011-05-18 21:47Daniel Kit says blacks and indians are only 3/5ths of a man politically
2011-05-18 21:47billduffif they have a birthright......
they are the posteriety
lol dk
that is the apportionment article/section
2011-05-18 21:47Daniel Kwhat it doesnt?
2011-05-18 21:47billduffhas nothing to do with citizenship or birthright
2011-05-18 21:48Daniel Kwhat you need to read the white on the page
"posterity" "one people" "perpetual union"... then read what the 1802 act says directly
2011-05-18 21:49billduffone people...... could not mean all the people in this society?
it doesnt' say one white people
2011-05-18 21:50Daniel Kbut it does say posterity and perpetual union
and it does say "free white person"
2011-05-18 21:50billduffyou are taking those out of context
2011-05-18 21:50Daniel Kthe word Nation means ONE race of people
2011-05-18 21:50billduffmaintain the context..... it is important
2011-05-18 21:50Daniel KNOT at all
2011-05-18 21:50billdufflol
2011-05-18 21:51Daniel Khow do you take "free white person" out of context?
posterity means "Future generations" that CANT mean ALL people!
2011-05-18 21:51billduffare you reading statutes at large ed?
2011-05-18 21:51Daniel Kfuture generation of the founders!
2011-05-18 21:51billduffahhh
the state of oregons constitutioj must not abrogate teh fed const......
2011-05-18 21:52Daniel KPosterity means "future generations" "ONE people" ... what one people? It tells you directly!
2011-05-18 21:52billduffand that passage does exactly that
2011-05-18 21:52Daniel K"free white person"!!!!
it is what it is!
NOT embracing it hasnt worked
2011-05-18 21:53billduffed you already said a statute must be in pursuance of the const
and when it is not...... it is not law
2011-05-18 21:54Daniel Kwhere is it not?
what is the point?
2011-05-18 21:55billduffthere were blacks, chiness, indians that became part of the posteriety from the beginning
it wasnt' about color
2011-05-18 21:55dorkenpufferwho exactly are the people in we the people?
2011-05-18 21:56Daniel Kyou have been lied to, what proof do you have of this?
good question... the "people" are the "WHITE People"
2011-05-18 21:56billduffmy proof is that you can't show any artilcle / section fo the constitiution states to the contrary
2011-05-18 21:56Daniel Kthat is why that Padleford case says that we are not a party to the Constitution, they assume we are all 14th amendment citizens and
they assume that there are NO more white people to enforce the law....
contrary of what?
it says ONLY whites have sufferage?
2011-05-18 21:57billduffto my position
and supportive of yours
2011-05-18 21:58Daniel Kwhat is your postion, that this country was set up for EVERYONE of all colors?
2011-05-18 21:58billduffyes
the constitution does not support your position
2011-05-18 21:59Daniel KED is 100% RIGHT!!
believe it or not!
I HAVE tried to prove him wrong, BUT he is RIGHT!!!
It give people of color no right of sufferage
2011-05-18 22:00dorkenpufferwhite was clarified as natural born citizens in early america.
2011-05-18 22:00billduffwomen too
so women are not the posteriety?
where in the const does it say that dork?
2011-05-18 22:01Daniel Kand the statutes at large are the laws written pursuant to the constitution and they speficially say WHO can be a lawful citizen!
2011-05-18 22:01billduffthat is merely a claim dk
2011-05-18 22:02Daniel KNO ITS A FACT!!! GO LOOK! I gave you the link and how to get there
I know you were told this country was meant to be a melting pot but that was a lie TOO! You realize that everything else was a lie, why not this?
you know that virtually everything else they taught us was a lie, so what makes you think this issue is any different?
especially when you can go verify it in the law....
2011-05-18 22:03dorkenpufferAct of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat 103-104) (Excerpts) That any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the ju
diction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof
2011-05-18 22:05billduffdork...... that statute suffers the same informaty as does the 14th amendment
2011-05-18 22:05Daniel KBill, I know its a little hard to accept at first, BUT it is the TRUTH!
2011-05-18 22:06billduffinfirmaty
2011-05-18 22:06Daniel Kbut the more you think about it and the more you research it, it all falls in line and makes sense
2011-05-18 22:06billduffi dont' agree
2011-05-18 22:06Daniel Kwhy do you think they smear the white man so bad in this society?
you just havent come to terms yet or done enough research, all roads lead here if you yern for the truth
2011-05-18 22:07dorkenpufferThe act of 1802 was the last major piece of naturalization legislation during the 19th century
2011-05-18 22:07Daniel Kwhy are you on this call Bill, something must be telling you there is some merit to this?
2011-05-18 22:07billdufflol
2011-05-18 22:08Daniel Kthen prove that the 1802 act has been repealed....
because that is the ONLY way you would be right....
2011-05-18 22:08billduffdid non whites own land at teh time of the revolution?
2011-05-18 22:08Daniel Kno
2011-05-18 22:09billduffyou can't repeal a void enactment
it is void......not voidable
2011-05-18 22:09Daniel Kwhy?
the 1802 act is NOT void
they even acknowledge that the law still exists
2011-05-18 22:10dorkenpufferonly if the king granted a non white at the time of revolution otherwise . wasn't possible.
2011-05-18 22:10Daniel Kand that they are NOT using it
they were setting up a country and when you do that you write laws for the country, what were those original laws?
they were the Origianl constitution and the original statutes at large, so go read what they say
they are all in accordance with each other and Gods law....
2011-05-18 22:12billduffi need to hit the hay ed...... talk later
2011-05-18 22:12dorkenpufferthe BAR attorns have really latched on to that 14th amendment
2011-05-18 22:12Daniel KYahwehs law rather, excuse the superlative
thanks for at least keeping an open mind Bill, this is the way to restore our country for EVERYONE
whites DONT want to enslave anyone
2011-05-18 22:13dorkenpufferonly privleges , no rights in 14th
2011-05-18 22:13Daniel Kat least I dont, i just want to fix our country
sorry, he doesnt want to accept the truth
when it doesnt work, he will know why
2011-05-18 22:22dorkenpufferare land patents purchased from united states of america still valid? is this the lawful title?
ok, thanks
2011-05-18 22:36StupidAmerkinback
2011-05-18 22:40Daniel Keveryone would benefit!!
whites dont want to enslave anyone!
2011-05-18 22:42Guest 9don't forget us atheists!
2011-05-18 22:46StupidAmerkinI knew an atheist who wrote a book and then prayed it would be a best seller.
2011-05-18 22:46Guest 9haha
I think fredrick douglas was a methodist, but he was pretty critical of religion
probably be characterized as a humanist today
2011-05-18 22:47StupidAmerkinreligon is man made
2011-05-18 22:48Guest 9I don't disagree
2011-05-18 22:49dorkenpuffercontrol is religions aim
2011-05-18 22:49Guest 9what does pure lineage mean?
2011-05-18 22:53dorkenpufferdocumented family tree
traceable roots
2011-05-18 22:55Guest 9so is it strictly based on appearance? where does white end and non-white begin? are we talking european?
2011-05-18 22:56dorkenpufferi think so.., anglo-saxon lines
2011-05-18 22:56Guest 9when I travelled to turkey I see red headed blue eyed turks that are central asian...are they white, non-white?
could have been from scotland for all I could tell
another good athiest ayn rand
although I don't really subspibe to her idea of laise-fair capitalism and positivism
2011-05-18 22:59dorkenpufferthe european empires with colonies through the ages have intermingled darker races no doubt
2011-05-18 23:01Guest 9isn't appearance pretty superficial? I can think of a lot more substantive things to disagree with folks about. You put 30 white guys in a room and
its not rainbows and kittens
they wont agree on everything
its not like Europeans history is all about people cooperating about everything. The find pleanty besides race to dislike each other about
2011-05-18 23:04dorkenpufferdefinitely..brits were known for brutality.
2011-05-18 23:04Guest 9O.o
man I took a train ride to belgium with some british football fans once...those are some scarey fellas
2011-05-18 23:05hippydude1962
2011-05-18 23:09Guest 9alright, well, I'm gonna go play DDO. Don't freak out too much guys
2011-05-18 23:10dorkenpufferted white and blue..
2011-05-18 23:13Guest 11reckon you could fix me some biscuits and mustard
mmmmmm hmmmmm
2011-05-18 23:15hippydude1962Great White Man
2011-05-18 23:19StupidAmerkin
2011-05-18 23:33Daniel Kwe are all MASTERS of the law
2011-05-18 23:39hippydude1962they say just send the letter. they dont want to go to court so they send you a check. so they say
2011-05-18 23:42Guest 12hello all;Ed,what did you think of the 60 minutes tv piece on soverign citizens, and Al Adask interview?Did you see it?
i've read about Mike Beach and William Potter Gale starting the soverign citizen movement, and the Posse Comitatus
and also i read about Red Beckman and his fully informed jury
satan wants to mongrelize the white race with nonwhites
actually some think all nonwhites are of satan via fallen angels dna
2011-05-18 23:48Guest 13the u.s. constitution is a Masonic bankers document funding the NWO.
2011-05-18 23:48Guest 12kind after kind
2011-05-18 23:49StupidAmerkinis this thing on?
It won't copy or paste
2011-05-18 23:49Guest 12good old King LONGSHANKS at least expelled jewry out of England
2011-05-18 23:50Guest 13the u.s.CONstitution sets up a police state.
2011-05-18 23:50dorkenpufferload the rifles, sharpen the swords , for soon we'll be battling the heathen hordes.
2011-05-18 23:51Guest 12and joos didn't get back into England with strength until 1600s with edward cromwell,the deal cromwell made was to let them back in for them funding
cromwell,and the right to establish the joo bank of "england"
2011-05-18 23:51Guest 13written by Masons, bankers and aristocrats it was written to deceive the people into funding the New World Order banking system.
Instead of taxes being used to pay interest to the international bankers... interest on mortgages should be used to pay all the taxes.
2011-05-18 23:52Guest 12if Longshanks had 100% mobilization/commitment of english power,Scotland would have surely been vanquished
2011-05-18 23:52hippydude1962not me
2011-05-18 23:53Guest 12the tragedy of racemixing ED
the progeny of it has not the spirit of YAHWEH/GOD in it;even to the 10th generation means forever
Ed, you think there will be an actual military invasion of North America?maybe red chinese, or a UN "peacekeeping" force?
technically bastard means mamzer
folks can repent of racemixing, they have to put away their strange-flesh spouses and progeny; Judah one of the 12 sons of Jacob did
even when America was nearly 90% white, they didn't straighten the country out
2011-05-19 00:01StupidAmerkinas long as there are politicians there will always be misery, sffering, death and wars
2011-05-19 00:02Guest 12it seems the WASP freemasonic elite have all but vanished from political reigns of power
for instance,the current US Supreme Court has not 1 protestant judge
2011-05-19 00:04StupidAmerkinThere hasn't been a real judge since 1871
2011-05-19 00:04Guest 12i think if and when the tares are removed,and the masons are still here,they will still want to run the show
2011-05-19 00:05StupidAmerkin"There will never be any peace until God is at the conference Table." Chi-Lites 1973
2011-05-19 00:06Guest 12masons,shriners,kiwanis clubs,rotary international,knights of malta,knights of columbus'jesuits
2011-05-19 00:06StupidAmerkinThe Good ole Boys club
2011-05-19 00:07Guest 12that IMF joo who was betrayed,straus khan has resigned his post;obviously sarkozy wants no competition in french election
2011-05-19 00:08StupidAmerkinevil will always turn on itself eventually
2011-05-19 00:08Guest 12of course his interim successor, lipsky 'is a joo
2011-05-19 00:09StupidAmerkinarn't they all and more?
2011-05-19 00:10Guest 12its soo rare to get a 1964-or-older silver dime,quarter, or half dollar in change during a transaction
LBJ took away our silver coins and gave his the vietnam war and great society welfare system
2011-05-19 00:11StupidAmerkinall for the corportations
2011-05-19 00:11Guest 12oh yeah,he signed the 1965 immigration act too
2011-05-19 00:16dorkenpufferamerica took a bad turn electing LBJ..
2011-05-19 00:19Guest 12Harold Camping,what a piece of work!If as he preaches the world's judgement day is may 21 and him and his ilk are raptured,then why is the
donate option still on his website?I just checked the family radio website..
what does he have need of zogbuxs if he and 200 million are raptured this saturday..
this baal preists/preachers all they want to do is to turn a nickle on every possible sucker they can,for filthy lucre's sake,the greedy dogs
that they are
camping says the worldwide flood{wrong} occurred in 4940 BC,then goes forward 7000 years-7 days of GOD, to reach May 21,2011
excuse me, 4990 BC date for the flood
british israel and CI says that the localized flood,which occured in present-day southwest China,happened in the 2000s BC chronolgy
Camping interprets the synagogue of satan has generic unbelievers,i gather all the world's population except the 200 million to be raptured
the nonwhite immigrants come here to spoil and take a plunder,they really have no intention of assimilating
cain wandered to NOD, which was in Mongolia
red china is making a deadly mistake joining up with the canaanites,they too will become the host to the deadly parasite
sumerian records say lucifer brought the "dark and curly haired ones" with him to earth,they were his swordsmen and axemen
they must be from part of the 1/3rd of the universe that rebelled with satan in the original star wars
i wonder if THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS is describing a high-yellow negroe
are the red-boned negroes those that mixed with native americans/indians?
i see white grandmothers with little mamzers in their stead
when racial restrictive covenants were abolished,in regards to real estate home sales,thence came white flight and "there goes the neighborhood"
also WW1 and 2 brought blacks into the cities/urban areas and started desegregation in factories,schools,neighborhoods,armed forces,etc.
at least 10% of all US counties are now less than 50% white caucasian
2011-05-19 00:47Daniel KI understand it Im not even 30 yet
2011-05-19 00:50Guest 12ww2's "greatest generation" their actions set the stage for what we are facing now,though they were decieved/deluded/manipulated-even without tv
2011-05-19 00:50Daniel Knot all of them, some tried to warn us...
but they did a good job of silencing them...
2011-05-19 00:51Guest 12what percent of white teenagers,even those 20-30 years old,are "whiggers" in mind,thought,culture, and action
rap/hip-hop sales would wither and die without deluded whites buying it
the GRIMM brothers fairy tales are good too,one is even called "the jew amongst the thorns"
2011-05-19 00:55dorkenpufferthe dumbing down is in high gear
2011-05-19 00:55Guest 12smart people are derided as nerds,its very unsexy/unpopular in today's mass culture
yet let the hindus/sikhs/pakis/begladeshis into the country to win the spelling bees,become doctors,etc.
the kingdom has been handed over to the beast;mystery babylon has to collapse for the mass mindcontrol to end
if the tv,sports spectacles ended then maybe folks might come out of the trance, throw in also the beer/liqour stopping too,what an effect it'd be
food scarcity and the fiat dollar collapsing ,that could definitely catalyze an effect for change
if the welfare benefits/food stamps/Social Security dollars/medicare-medicaid stop, who knows..
America seems like its at the point of Wiemar Germany,shortly before the Mark's unprecedented inflation and valuelessness
also the degradation of culture,norms,values,morals, and standards
yet in 2011 USA there will be no rise of a hitler type,not with all the diversity of races in America,theres too much balkanization for that