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2011-05-11 19:50Guest 2Hello Ed here for support
2011-05-11 19:51EdClanofChattanIs the music coming through?
2011-05-11 19:52Guest 2I'm calling in just here to support so other will follow
2011-05-11 19:52EdClanofChattanGreetings Bothers and sisters ;)
K ;)
Can you guys hear the music?
2011-05-11 19:53Guest 2I'm both 2 and the one on the call going to my group but listen to you as well
2011-05-11 19:53EdClanofChattanK
2011-05-11 19:53Guest 2YES I HERE very well
I call myself homebound
2011-05-11 19:54EdClanofChattanI'm free as a bird! How bout You all?
2011-05-11 19:54Guest 2because I am
I wish I was
2011-05-11 19:55EdClanofChattanYou have to start with taeching your mind that you are free. ;)
I can't change either!!!!!!!!
2011-05-11 19:55Guest 2HUMmmmmmmmmmm good idea I shall try that
homelessness is so bad ill moving from pillow to post
disable being a TI
2011-05-11 19:57EdClanofChattanAs Mel Gibson said in the show "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM"
I Love Mel Give me Freedommmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2011-05-11 19:58EdClanofChattanFreedom is ours for the claiming folks!
2011-05-11 19:58Guest 2I will be in chat free as a bird very good song
2011-05-11 19:58EdClanofChattanThe problem is we haven't started claiming it yet!
2011-05-11 19:59Guest 2ED let's claim it ASAP
Hello all Homebound
I saw you on Chris call it was great wasn't it ED
2011-05-11 20:01Guest 4ok here
2011-05-11 20:01Guest 2We shall ED keep up the very good work you are doing
2011-05-11 20:05EdClanofChattan
2011-05-11 20:07hippydude1962
2011-05-11 20:10Guest 4Ed sent u email about SLAVE Registry,take a look
2011-05-11 20:16hippydude1962you have a pdf for this book
ok thank you
2011-05-11 20:35Daniel Kwhat book Ed?
whats the Title?
Oh Ok, I have it
2011-05-11 20:36EdClanofChattanLaw of Nations by Emmerett Vattel
2011-05-11 20:36Daniel KThanks Ed
2011-05-11 20:37hippydude1962
2011-05-11 21:02Guest 8Where can I find Law of Nations,please? Thank you.
2011-05-11 21:04EdClanofChattan
2011-05-11 21:04Guest 8Thank you again.
2011-05-11 21:06soultrain35I think the difference between all the nations out they all have different laws.
2011-05-11 21:53StupidAmerkinbrb
2011-05-11 22:12Guest 12what can you share regarding the Gutenbury Bible?
Was it a trust?
2011-05-11 22:17Guest 13What about the Treaty of Peace and Friendship?
Do women have any rights as compared to a "whiteman" under the original Constitution?
You must read the Black Codes?
The original Jew was scientifically traced through DNA back to the Horn of Africa. National Geographical research 7 years ago, approximately.
2011-05-11 22:35StupidAmerkinback sorry I got on a call on my pending legal illegal insanity
2011-05-11 22:36Guest 4Ed rj's not hring u , think we lost ya
2011-05-11 23:04TruthBugThe Vatican over took the woman going back into
Dig deeper when it comes to wo/man... men are women on the external anatomy.
2011-05-11 23:07StupidAmerkin
2011-05-11 23:07hippydude1962An Act to Regulate Trade and Intercourse With the Indian Tribes (1790).
2011-05-11 23:10Guest 4G13 can u explain the BLACK CODES
2011-05-11 23:11hippydude1962Dark Side of Oz - Wizard of Oz with the Music of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
2011-05-11 23:12Guest 4G13 do you mean the Freedman bureu Affairs
2011-05-11 23:14TruthBugScriptures... dig deeper into lost books and ancient practices before Baal, Babylon and the Vatican took control. The bible is a work of the evil
Public Law 97-280 96 STAT.1211 (97th Congress) is a law that Declares the Bible to Be The Word of God.
2011-05-11 23:14hippydude1962
2011-05-11 23:16Daniel KME TOO ROB!!!!
all my friends are too brainwashed by chruchianity
there are over 20,000 mistranslations in the KJV
sadly our white brothers and sisters are SO stupid!
2011-05-11 23:19EdClanofChattanYes!
2011-05-11 23:19Daniel Kbut all you have to do is OPEN our eyes!
2011-05-11 23:19hippydude1962Wizard of Oz Dark side of the moon Part 1
2011-05-11 23:20TruthBugDk... Church, schools, media of ignorance.... it's a real challenge to get them to open their minds
2011-05-11 23:20Daniel KYes I know, I have tried....
truthbug, were you on that call last night after Rods call?
Thanks Ed, good call
2011-05-11 23:21hippydude1962
2011-05-11 23:21TruthBugI tried to get on but could not get connected
2011-05-11 23:22hippydude1962Thanks Ed, good call
2011-05-11 23:22Daniel Ksee people, mistake this message as racist...
I think we need to use disernment with who we expose to this...
night Ed
great song by the way, I am familiar with the song and yes you are right, it is touching
2011-05-11 23:24Guest 4nite Ed
2011-05-11 23:24Daniel KNight all, Yahweh Bless
2011-05-11 23:24TruthBugThe religious churchdemons may never awaken... let em be in their world... it's for us to grow in mind, body and spirit
2011-05-11 23:26Guest 4Oh ya know its making sense
2011-05-11 23:26StupidAmerkinstill on call
2011-05-11 23:28Daniel Knice, this is the barking dog version.... lol
2011-05-11 23:29licentiapiumtoto
2011-05-11 23:29Daniel KGREAT SONG!!!
night all
2011-05-11 23:29TruthBugThis song must have worked on me with subliminals over time...
thanks for playing it!
2011-05-11 23:29Daniel Kyes, agreed
ok good night for real this time...
2011-05-11 23:30TruthBugnite all
2011-05-11 23:36FlashGordon !I emailed you some things today......
sorry, I missed the call