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2011-05-04 20:03EdClanofChattanGreetings Bother Rob ;)
2011-05-04 20:29Guest 5ed cant hr you
my bad
ya hr you
tk bugged out on me
2011-05-04 20:33wavelengthThey conned us with the media.
2011-05-04 20:35Guest 5tthis is what the seperate but equel doctrine was a bout?
that would make the "other"persons UN-comfortable
they force volintary slavrey
it was meant to kill me
protect my desirable butt
2011-05-04 20:44wavelengthThey promoted sex in advertising to promote abortion, to follow their religion of human sacrifice.
2011-05-04 20:50Guest 5self evident truths
go to the big depository(library)to see orig. printing
forced assoseation
can you say RAP
and new media forums
can u say Haiti
3x in 100yrs to try helping Haiti
total rebuild
ed lets read LoN
thats the product they want from me
2011-05-04 21:10Guest 10Libertarianism rules.
2011-05-04 21:18Guest 5ed was readn ahd ,whr u at
there exitance
so ed, doent all this racemixing give consent to the liquidation or amending of natural law of nation
dont worry
rite ok , its the forced assc.,rite?
2011-05-04 21:33wavelengthWho violated the Law of Nations in the first place, or promoted violating it.
2011-05-04 21:45Guest 5I just looked into the def. of CUCKOLD Cuckold : From Old French cucuault, from cucu cuckoo ; perhaps an allusion to the parasitic cuckoos that lay t
their eggs in the nests of other birds.
[12:26:10 AM] J Remy: So called from the female bird's alleged habit of changing mates, or her authentic habi
f leaving eggs in another bird's nest.
All the argument is a whore and a cuckold, a good quarrel to draw emulous factions and bleed to death upon ! " Shakespeare
I believe this is what white men have devolved too
in general of course
2011-05-04 21:59Guest 13What are you talking about? Law of nations?
2011-05-04 22:01Guest 5whr r u?
sec 11 is the whites today?
in th uSofA
but this section sounds like USA today
2011-05-04 22:13Guest 15c
My girlfriend just told me that she is pregnant
2011-05-04 22:16Guest 5The meaning of "Offenses against the Law of Nations"
this quote in the con.
2011-05-04 22:18wavelengthThat's why a Dr. will ask you how many times you have sex in a week. State Spys.
2011-05-04 22:19Guest 153 to 5 times a day
2011-05-04 22:21Guest 5The meaning of "Offenses against the Law of Nations" congress has the power to prescribe punishment for the "Offenses against the Law of Nations"
2011-05-04 22:23Guest 15that would be the mexicans and the blacks
2011-05-04 22:23Guest 5thou shall not covet thy neighbor
this is a problem
2011-05-04 22:24wavelengthYes, the British Invasion of the 60's and all that free love.
2011-05-04 22:25Guest 15yes in the 70's I was tapping everthing that walked and wiggled with boobs
2011-05-04 22:25Guest 5theyve made me a cuckold and there laughing at me
2011-05-04 22:26Guest 15wavelength is a stalker
2011-05-04 22:26Guest 5I'm stuck with the basterd child
2011-05-04 22:27wavelength15 is a what? Stalking.
15 scroll up, you are the tapping stalker. you said it.
2011-05-04 22:28Guest 5Amen
2011-05-04 22:31Guest 15quit stalking me wavelength
2011-05-04 22:31Guest 5congress shall presribe rules
2011-05-04 22:32wavelength5 what congress, prescribes the rules?
15 left and is a liar. Who is 15?
2011-05-04 22:36Guest 5yes,
2011-05-04 22:38wavelength15 probably some Liar Bar Fly spy.
2011-05-04 22:39Guest 5in breach of duty ed
2011-05-04 22:41wavelengthEd, the Creators Law! The Ten Commandments!
2011-05-04 22:42Guest 5A Lawless Goverment
Military Law
2011-05-04 22:42wavelengthA Lawless Corperation.
2011-05-04 22:42Guest 5rite
2011-05-04 22:44wavelengthLaw of Nations vs Common Law?
A Nation is a Humans of a like tribe. Bankstas can't evan clean their own toilet.
The Bankstas sure do write twisted words.
2011-05-04 22:48Guest 17did you also include with a challenge of jurisdiction, notice to dismiss?
2011-05-04 22:48wavelengthDog Alarm
Like that gum smaking Balif telling everyone to spit out their gum, and turn off their phones. Yeah right.
Like 4 Bailiffs with guns making sure you say what the Judge and Attorney want you to say. Yeah right.
Attorneys as Ed just stated, conciel the pattern Template Overlay to continue.
2011-05-04 22:58Guest 5Ed, i was reasding ahead on the LoN sec25A nation ought know itself
2011-05-04 22:59wavelengthWhere is guest 15 the stalker?
2011-05-04 23:00Guest 5no real party
2011-05-04 23:01wavelengthAn IRS agent back in the 70's T Boned my car. IRS got off to cheep.
Like the GA Charters before their Con Stitioun.
Avalon Project says GA declined the Con Stitioun.
Noah Webster did not want women to know who to read and write.
2011-05-04 23:11Guest 5she follows(women)in eqity
2011-05-04 23:11wavelengthAre Men Abusers of their Moms?
2011-05-04 23:13Guest 5bitches cant Foriegnacate,well, throw out goverment
read on Ed
2011-05-04 23:14wavelengthLike store seeds in a dry place. Common Law.
2011-05-04 23:17Guest 5ultimatly its all about who (foriegniers)gonna have access to the womb, this is what foriegnrs r really concerned about
2011-05-04 23:17wavelengthWhere is 15, the stalker, who accuses me of being a stalker?
We don't have free will. Find it in the bible.
2011-05-04 23:19Guest 5i wanta start a breeding farm start selling white female babies to the world,white man could forever be well off,...just kiddin'
2011-05-04 23:19wavelengthED is Free Will the MKULTRA PROGRAM?
2011-05-04 23:21Guest 5then they start the cycle all over again
2011-05-04 23:21Amenti The WriterSOUNDS LIKE WHITE SUPREMACY :D
2011-05-04 23:21Guest 5free white,get it right
1802 act
2011-05-04 23:22zyzyxxsorry gotta go folks, CArry on Ed.
2011-05-04 23:23kuujawavelength is a pineapple and follows chiquita banana
2011-05-04 23:24wavelengthkuuja you don't sway me.
2011-05-04 23:24Guest 5No shit
2011-05-04 23:25kuujai think native americans had the best nation
2011-05-04 23:25Guest 5i feel like a victim/prey every time i walk outside
2011-05-04 23:25kuujadon't do much hunt sometimes grow your corn
2011-05-04 23:25Amenti The WriterTHERE ARE MANY NATIONS AND WERE MANY NATIONS...
2011-05-04 23:26Guest 5AD of free white nations
2011-05-04 23:26wavelengthED denys MKULTRA.
2011-05-04 23:26Guest 23asiatic,red-skinned savages/pagan heathens,there time is over,and thats that..
a reference to gangstalking?
2011-05-04 23:28Guest 20The de jure grand jurys are being set up all over the nation under the united States Republic.
2011-05-04 23:28Guest 5the Chinese bringing in Military to protect new industry investments in the free trade zones
these will be soveriegn nation colonizing,wake up you Cuckolds!
2011-05-04 23:30kuujawill that mean more chinese restaurants awesome!
2011-05-04 23:32Guest 5g20 read Law of Nation,the defacto will use the RofuSofA as a military exercise
*r of the uSR
as long as there is this loophole TT movement is in danger
2011-05-04 23:34wavelengthKuuja don't hold your breath. I won't kill myself!
2011-05-04 23:35kuujaif i paint wavelength with white out will it make him black?
2011-05-04 23:36Guest 5becuase there is a remedy that not being used,defacto looks atthat as not exuasting remedy
2011-05-04 23:36kuujaare latinos/ mexicans considered white?
2011-05-04 23:37Guest 5A self evident Truth Ed
2011-05-04 23:37kuujaare polar bears white wavelength? discus
2011-05-04 23:38Guest 5our instatutions to be invaded
2011-05-04 23:39wavelengthkuuja and when I told my family not to get involved with Sally
Mae was I wrong?
2011-05-04 23:39Guest 5Equity after the war is for everybody else
under the military law
of the lawful Goverment
2011-05-04 23:41wavelengthIf a flower needs shaden roots and full sun where do you plant it?
2011-05-04 23:41Guest 5white person is the reflection of the white man
a New venue created
2011-05-04 23:43wavelengthWho did the Trail of Tears?
2011-05-04 23:43Guest 26where's the sound?
2011-05-04 23:43Guest 5Revised Statues at Large
2011-05-04 23:44wavelengthGA is a complex energy. Very
And ED, you can be MKULTRAED for doing the LAWS OF NATURE, Against the BANKSTAS!
2011-05-04 23:46Amenti The WriterLOL :D ...
2011-05-04 23:47Guest 26Why is the country being led by a Blacky that's my question
2011-05-04 23:47Amenti The WriterSO WHITE SUPREMACY IS IN THE ''LAW''??
2011-05-04 23:47Guest 26how are we going to get results when there's a black in office
2011-05-04 23:47Amenti The WriterBLACKS HAVING BEEN LEADING ALOT. :D
2011-05-04 23:47Guest 26We've lost our way!!
2011-05-04 23:47Amenti The WriterSORRY IF U HADNT NOTICE.
2011-05-04 23:48Guest 26We lost our way bottom line, there's a Black in the W.H
2011-05-04 23:48Amenti The WriterINTERESTING...
2011-05-04 23:48Guest 5Gee howd we lose way,duh!
2011-05-04 23:49Guest 26We have no way of taking back our country
2011-05-04 23:49Amenti The Writer''OUR COUNTRY''
2011-05-04 23:49wavelengthThe Perpetual British Invasion.
2011-05-04 23:49Guest 26It's too late the illegals are here to build on top of the sht we've had to put up with the blacks
2011-05-04 23:50Guest 26No so many of those Mexicans are mixed peoples
2011-05-04 23:50Amenti The WriterLOL.
2011-05-04 23:50Guest 26If we had not built America for what it is I'm sure they'd not lay claim to this land
2011-05-04 23:50Amenti The WriterYES THERE ARE MANY TRIBES OF PPL
2011-05-04 23:51Guest 26We whites are the rulers of this land we have built it any and everyone else must serve
2011-05-04 23:51Guest 5in the goverment functions it shall be white men in there person
2011-05-04 23:51Amenti The WriterI ''KNOW'' U NOT TALKING WHITE PPL
2011-05-04 23:51Guest 23most mexicans have canaanite-devil blood in their veins,from mixing with joo maranos,conversos, and crypto-joos
2011-05-04 23:51Amenti The WriterGOTTA DO MORE RESEARCH
2011-05-04 23:52Guest 26Native Americans don't claim Mexicans they're frauds
2011-05-04 23:52Amenti The WriterLOL
2011-05-04 23:52Guest 26Just because they look like them doesn't mean they ARE them!
2011-05-04 23:52Amenti The WriterAS I SAID U GOT TO DO MORE RESEARCH...
2011-05-04 23:53Guest 26Look at your grammar, you need schooling!
2011-05-04 23:53Amenti The WriterI SAID THERE ARE ''MANY'' TRIBES AND NATIONS
2011-05-04 23:53Guest 23in fact,some say the mexican canaanites are of the gog and magog invasion thats target is north america
2011-05-04 23:53Amenti The WriterNOT AT ALL
2011-05-04 23:53wavelengthIt's the JOO word smiths.
2011-05-04 23:53Amenti The WriterYES JUST DO MORE RESEARCH THATS ALL...
2011-05-04 23:54Guest 5goverment funtions then reconized the meets and bounds of claims of white mans land that he intends to inhabit to raise a family
2011-05-04 23:54Guest 23but i think in a total race war the white khazar joos will be destroyed by their mexican/latino cousins
2011-05-04 23:55Guest 5these reconitions r the white mans fiction and no one elses
2011-05-04 23:55Guest 23especially in southern california
2011-05-04 23:55Guest 26We have to rid our land of these damn minorities they all must go!
2011-05-04 23:56wavelengthThe US Congress violated their own LAW.
2011-05-04 23:56Guest 20China has been loaning funds to support us since the early 1800? USA owes more to money to China that is reported! Intelligence reports over 300T.
2011-05-04 23:56Guest 23los angeles was a WASP paradise until 1970,then khazars pushed for total 3rd world immigration into socal,causing white flight;let them stew in it
2011-05-04 23:57Guest 5hell ithink it could be possible to actualy have viable treaties with nonwhites on the land if it wasnt for coveting thy neighbors wife/goods clause
2011-05-04 23:58Guest 23hopefully GOD will cause the san andreas fault to go wild and decimmate the area
2011-05-04 23:59wavelengthED Who started the Non Eurpeons Imigration. IKE?
2011-05-04 23:59Guest 5Ted Kennedy 1964
2011-05-04 23:59Guest 23even if so the USA gave mexico the land back from 1848 and gadsden purchase,that will not stop the locust horde invasion from happening
this is biblical prophecy happening, the gog and magog invasion,ezekiel 38 and 39 chapters
2011-05-05 00:01Guest 5cuz of the sexual lust genocidal tendacies of those who cant create what they desire
2011-05-05 00:01Amenti The WriterLOL
2011-05-05 00:01Guest 20I have over 1000 family members on the west coast, since the late 1800. Most of them are still there.
2011-05-05 00:01Guest 23yes the 1965 immigration act,ted "the shabazz goy" kennedy and the joos cuellar and senator javitz NY
2011-05-05 00:02Guest 20God created ALL MEN and if this is God's way of teaching us to live together as ONE man under God!
Then how are we to live in Heaven in Peace???
2011-05-05 00:03Guest 5G20 but its not its bankers law /intention
2011-05-05 00:03Guest 23WHO EVER said everyone is going to be in heaven,the kingdom of YAHWEH/GOD is for the children of israel/seed of abraham
2011-05-05 00:04Guest 5if god wants me to lick something similar to a dogs mouth then its not my god
2011-05-05 00:04Guest 23yes,who is going in the lake of fire-the goat nations,the tares,those of the bad fish parable
2011-05-05 00:05Guest 5All the argument is a whore and a cuckold, a good quarrel to draw emulous factions and bleed to death upon ! " Shakespeare
2011-05-05 00:05Guest 23sheep nations on the right,goat nations on the left,there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth
goats are soulish,but no spirit of GOD resides in them
2011-05-05 00:08Amenti The WriterSHEEPS ARE WEAK
2011-05-05 00:08Guest 23no resurrection for the goats,and theres no question of this..
oh yeah,the bible says to have no divinators in your presence
2011-05-05 00:10Guest 20hahaha! Even Israel/seed of Abraham had goat for lunch? Was that wrong or make them weak>
2011-05-05 00:10Guest 23diviners,spiritists,witches-all condemned by GOD
2011-05-05 00:10Guest 5Lack of understanding Ed,from 70 yrs of military oppression
2011-05-05 00:10Guest 23the goats are non-white races,its symbology!
2011-05-05 00:11Amenti The WriterLOL
:D LOL...
2011-05-05 00:12Guest 23no race-mixing,miscegeny allowed,its called the confusion of faces!
2011-05-05 00:12Guest 5gAD then contribute tell us what u wld like us to look into i'm open
i havent seen anything contary to what Ed's saying
2011-05-05 00:14Guest 23GAD, that is the name of a tribe of isreal,the gothic people,the volk of GOTT/GOD
2011-05-05 00:14Guest 20Ed you're doing a great job! Thank you
2011-05-05 00:15Guest 5Ed it was fun before so many ppl came on i enjoyed the reading along
2011-05-05 00:15Guest 23I AM not a disrupter here,like those other characters!
2011-05-05 00:15Guest 5i get distracted from the reading
2011-05-05 00:16Guest 20Are Asians considered White since many do have white skins?
2011-05-05 00:17Guest 5we need this foundation before we can start using the Law
2011-05-05 00:17Guest 20or is it by principal and knowing the law?
2011-05-05 00:17Guest 5they have to have the "Glow"g20
2011-05-05 00:18Guest 23asiatics are not white,even if they race mixed/mongrolized with whites;why do the chinese use the symbol of the dragon/satan,think about it
2011-05-05 00:19Guest 20thanks for your honest answer Guest 23.
2011-05-05 00:19Guest 23ROME,GREECE,BABYLON,NORTHERN INDIA,BYZANTIUM all fell because of race mixing,flooding of aliens
2011-05-05 00:19Guest 5we are the energy
2011-05-05 00:19Guest 20I don't know about the dragon/satan??? I'm a Christian that believes in Sabbath keeping.
2011-05-05 00:20Guest 5start protecting ourselves
2011-05-05 00:20Guest 23fallen angels might have created the asians by splicing dna with animals/insects
when satan and his troops fell to earth they created utter chaos on the pre adamic world
2011-05-05 00:21Guest 20Thank you Ed for answering my question. I didn't know about this history??
2011-05-05 00:22Guest 23a good read is FAITH OF OUR FATHERS by col. william gale,its online for a free read
2011-05-05 00:23Guest 20Thanks, Guest 23. I'll read this book
2011-05-05 00:23Guest 23be warned,its hardcore 2 seedline christian identity
2011-05-05 00:24Guest 20okay
2011-05-05 00:27Guest 23and the great civilization of EGYPT, why is it in the downgraded position its in today?because the race of the people changed
2011-05-05 00:28Guest 52 different venues
2011-05-05 00:29Guest 23the nordic,teutonic,celtic,anglo-saxon,germanic and slavic kindred people are the children of GOD
2011-05-05 00:30Guest 5g23 the ppl withthe pink glow to there appearance
2011-05-05 00:30Guest 23THEY are the ones who propigated/spread the faith in their savior CHRIST
of course any who have mixed race blood are out of the equation,thats tough but that is the ALLMIGHTY's rule
2011-05-05 00:32Guest 5you are the race of your father period.
2011-05-05 00:33Guest 23the joos say if the mother is jooish then the child is jooish,its their halacha law
2011-05-05 00:33Guest 5xx chromazone takes you to the region of the womb xy chromozone takes u to the man
can u say parasitic infiltration
2011-05-05 00:34Guest 23in fact that goes back to genesis 3,verse 15
satan and his brood/race of vipers-kenites,cainites,canaanites,khazars,spehardics,falasha, mountain joos,etc.
2011-05-05 00:35Guest 5g23 thats how military looks at it
g23 i will look into this ,interesting
2011-05-05 00:36Guest 23CHRIST called them out in the book of
JOHN,chapter 8,verse 44
guest 5,want a mindblowing read? look up online THE MYSTERY OF SATAN AND THE DEVIL, authored by B.F.JACKSON
I admit i'm pretty much ignorant of what brother ED talks about ,the law and all,but I'm picking up bits and pieces
ED, don't the nonwhites need the 14th ammendment/government enforcement for their rights?
2011-05-05 00:41Guest 5g23 interesting book
2011-05-05 00:41Guest 23whereas the whites have GOD-GIVEN rights?
straight up, the satanic joos think that if the destroy the white race by race-mixing/war/starvation then CHRIST will not bother to come back to earth
to establish HIS kingdom
2011-05-05 00:43Guest 5Ed this is so radical, i just wonder if theres going to be enough time to get enough of us up to par to actualy be effective?
2011-05-05 00:44Guest 23guest 5 I pray for divine intervention on behalf of us
2011-05-05 00:44Guest 5I'm getting old and my body cant take much of a beating when they toss me in the clink with abunch of savages
2011-05-05 00:45Guest 23it is getting down to crunchtime,look at the demographic projections into the future
2011-05-05 00:45Guest 5g23 grim
2011-05-05 00:46Guest 23i even heard that only maybe 35-40% of the current US population is acceptable to GOD
ED, do you know that there is a mount HAMONGOG IN UTAH, east of the great salt lake.could that be the prophecized burial spot of the GOG army?
might the mormons know something..
2011-05-05 00:49Guest 5its late ED i really enjoyed this nite especially earlier with the reading,its like a book study group, i like that type of forum
2011-05-05 00:50Guest 23ED, did you know the guy in texas?
2011-05-05 00:50Guest 5Ed u ever heard christian walters on trusts?
2011-05-05 00:50Guest 23hes on the wayback machine,his site is offline
ED, what you think of the dramatic swoon in the price of silver as of late?it went from $48/oz to $39/oz
2011-05-05 00:52Guest 5he reads books to his listeners
they follow with thre copy
2011-05-05 00:54Guest 23its crazy if the us dollar strengthened because of the supposed bin laden killing,though oil has dropped a few dollars too per price of each barrell
if the credit cards are mass turned off ,it will be an economic disaster, the end of the 70% consumerism of the GDP
2011-05-05 00:56Guest 20credit cards creates the dept... if we get rid of them then, their's no dept?
2011-05-05 00:57Guest 5CW
2011-05-05 00:58Guest 5alrite good nite Ed
2011-05-05 00:58Guest 23good show,thanks for the interaction with the chatroom ,brother ED!
2011-05-05 00:58Guest 20Good night! Thanks Ed
2011-05-05 00:58Guest 5get a wed site please Ed
w/ donate button
2011-05-05 00:59danielsocknite
2011-05-05 00:59Guest 23THE BATTLE OF MEGIDDO, sung likr THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS/JOHNNY HORTON, by pastor pete peters is a great song
2011-05-05 00:59EdClanofChattanThe Father bless you al ;)
2011-05-05 01:00Guest 23thank you ED, godspeed to your venture
2011-05-05 01:00EdClanofChattanThanks :)