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2011-04-27 20:00Guest 3Hi Ed,want to call in but my phone temporaly disconnected, but i'm on chat will hang to see if your gonna speak to nite.
hopefully Ed will be with us shortly
lets hang in there people
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2011-04-27 20:11Guest 6they locked him up for not paying the bill,i knew it,he's in jail.
ZOG has to much power
speak of the devil!!!
2011-04-27 20:13EdClanofChattanGreetings folks. Sorry I am late. :(
2011-04-27 20:16Guest 3Good Ed
2011-04-27 20:17Guest 6Hangovers suck Rob
2011-04-27 20:17Guest 3ya baby LAW OF NATIONS
2011-04-27 20:22Guest 8hello ED, I was chatting with you last saturday night/early sunday morning in your informal chat session
2011-04-27 20:24EdClanofChattanHello, G 8 ;)
2011-04-27 20:26Guest 8yeah,it was a great conversation
dealing on the spiritual issues
2011-04-27 20:51Guest 3please post link to Law of Nations so i can follow along
2011-04-27 20:56Guest 6Day of the Sword,great band
2011-04-27 21:01Guest 3AMEN
gets passed
wow ed the women have been stupidfied to be your freind on that issue Ed
2011-04-27 21:05Guest 10law of the heart? or rules of the game?
At Google Books?
2011-04-27 21:18Guest 3ok ed got the PDF up / where are u so i can follow?
got it
2011-04-27 21:20Guest 6Women who control man,like Hilary Clinton, are just like Niggers in Affirmitive action.
Pure Sinners
2011-04-27 21:22Guest 3what the hell, fecial? sounds like shit to me
2011-04-27 21:23Guest 6G3 is an "ALL AMERICA LIBERAL",Satans beloved childern.
2011-04-27 21:24Guest 10takes one to know one, eh?
2011-04-27 21:27Guest 6if you were taught in america schools,you were a Liberal or you are a LIBERAL, COMMIE, JEW LOVEING, SCUM OF THE EARTH.
Heil Yahweh!!!
2011-04-27 21:30Guest 3the typewriter he used didnt have a "s" key so "f" replaces "s"
2011-04-27 21:30Guest 10(Y)
2011-04-27 21:31Guest 6Typeing is very difficult.
2011-04-27 21:31Guest 3im w/u
2011-04-27 21:31Guest 6see
2011-04-27 21:31Guest 3who it is for
2011-04-27 21:32Guest 6Only woman Type so nobody understands what there saying
my sister does it all the time
2011-04-27 21:36Guest 3clear ur getting to the juicy stuff
keep goin
im readin a head
but they want to say they r the tru dejure by anniallating the original and rewriting history
2011-04-27 21:44Guest 10"...of which they cannot be deprived without their own consent."
"he who gains the benefit bears the liability"
2011-04-27 21:57Guest 3PROFIT or PLEASURE?
Ed when u start/stop can u occsionly state where u r in the reading? thanks
2011-04-27 22:04Guest 10Note, the sections are marked in the margins.
who's "they"
2011-04-27 22:07Guest 12government is evil as it is a violation of natural rights
2011-04-27 22:07Guest 11the government
this government is in fact a corproation and not a government at all
2011-04-27 22:09Guest 12whatever it is called - it is predicated upon coercion and violence and is therefore evil
2011-04-27 22:09Guest 3this is dry readin so i'll readit over many times but i do see what ur sayin Ed
2011-04-27 22:10Guest 11it became a corporation at the end of the civil war
the corporation owns you and everything you think you own
2011-04-27 22:11Guest 10how 'bout the peach colored men?
2011-04-27 22:11Guest 12<----owned by no one
<---free individual
2011-04-27 22:11Guest 3lts becuz they would be discouraged with this type of reading formatt
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 11your birth cirtificate is their title of ownership of you
2011-04-27 22:12Daniel Kwhat was ed reading?
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 12lol - not
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 11it is a product on the stock market
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 3
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 12their worthless piece of paper means nothing
2011-04-27 22:12Guest 10
2011-04-27 22:13Daniel Kyes thank you
2011-04-27 22:13Guest 11they could sell you out to the chinese to help settle their dept
2011-04-27 22:13Guest 3yes review
ur strikin at ME!!
2011-04-27 22:14Guest 11natural law is good...sounds like the dejure government that is forming now
2011-04-27 22:15Guest 12if you go with the concept of natural law, you are an anarchist as you must recognize government as an inherent violation of rights
2011-04-27 22:15Guest 3this should be 4th grade reading instead of"Are you ther GOD its me Margrett"
2011-04-27 22:16Guest 11not so...originally we the people ran the the government is the boss
we need to reoccupy our original government
and it is happening
2011-04-27 22:17Guest 12government is predicated upon coercion and violence - obey or else - the people were never the boss
2011-04-27 22:17Guest 10is the Law written on the Heart?
2011-04-27 22:17Guest 11well the newly inhabited dejure government is by the people the way it was intended to be
they own your house...just dont pay your taxes and see how fast you realize you were just renting the dejure there are no property taxes
you always had the right to freely trvel without restriction...the corporation fooled you into contracting with them that you needed a license
we have been under martial law since the civil war
2011-04-27 22:23Guest 12freedom is like gravity - it is immutable undeniable truth as it is the natural order of the universe - you cannot stifle it without creating conflict
2011-04-27 22:23Guest 11so why are you listening to sound like a person with NO HOPE
2011-04-27 22:24Guest 12who?
2011-04-27 22:25Guest 11the facts are what they are...the corporation is not a government and according to our original documents we have a right and a duty to disband it
you can't fix a corporation that is not even a government
2011-04-27 22:26Guest 12we have a right to disband it regardless of what a piece of paper says - it is the law of nature
natural law reigns supreme
2011-04-27 22:27Guest 11that too but if you checked you would see where they committed treason against the people in 1871 which in itself gives us the right and duty
2011-04-27 22:28Guest 12so they are hypocrites to their own laws - one more reason to tell them to stick it
2011-04-27 22:29Guest 11oh...just like that! they are going to listen to you
2011-04-27 22:29Guest 12I dont care what they think - I will live free or die
2011-04-27 22:29Guest 11whats your plan?
2011-04-27 22:30Guest 12plan? - lol - I have been doing it for YEARS
2011-04-27 22:30Guest 11what
2011-04-27 22:30Guest 12telling them to stick it
I have disengaged the system as much as possible
I have virtually no papertrail
2011-04-27 22:31Guest 11when do you tell them to stick it
2011-04-27 22:31Guest 12and what is one what little paper is all lies
2011-04-27 22:31Guest 11the dejure wants to illiminate paper
2011-04-27 22:31Guest 12and what is on those papers is a lie
2011-04-27 22:32Guest are you driving without a liscense
2011-04-27 22:32Guest 12no - that is the ONLY thing I have as a paper trail and it has false info
2011-04-27 22:33Guest 11so you have to work is that freedom
2011-04-27 22:33Guest 12free of taxes
free of regulation
2011-04-27 22:34Guest you work without a social security #
2011-04-27 22:34Guest 12yes
2011-04-27 22:34Guest 3so in my gut i was following the nature but society all my life sayin i was showing"racist tendacies"
2011-04-27 22:34Guest 12my ooccupation allows me quite a bit of freedom
2011-04-27 22:35Guest 11so you cant work unless it is under the is that freedom
2011-04-27 22:35Guest 3this reading of the Laws of Nations is starting to shell shock me
2011-04-27 22:35Guest 11I suppose you rent
2011-04-27 22:35Guest 12I can - I just choose not to
I am free of regs and taxes - thhat is nice
2011-04-27 22:36Guest 11your not free from their laws
2011-04-27 22:36Guest 12callit what you want - I disregard the law
2011-04-27 22:37Guest 11and if caught you could go to is that freedom
2011-04-27 22:37Guest 12civil law
2011-04-27 22:37Guest 11civil law!
2011-04-27 22:37Guest 12no governed society is really free - but I am as free as possible
I disregard civil/gov laws
2011-04-27 22:38Guest 11america was never suppose to be governed...the people were suppose to tell the government what it wanted
2011-04-27 22:38Guest 3g12g11 we r at WAR and we are so fuckt compared to where we need to be
2011-04-27 22:38Guest 11not entirely
2011-04-27 22:38Guest 123 - that is thee understatement of the year
fuct is putting it mildly
2011-04-27 22:39Guest 11how so
2011-04-27 22:39Guest 3mention section # when u start readn agn
2011-04-27 22:40Guest 11you people are just not aware
2011-04-27 22:40Guest 3g11 gotta strt sumwhere
2011-04-27 22:40Guest 12how arrogant of you to suggest our ignorance
2011-04-27 22:40EdClanofChattanTHE LAW OF NATIONS
IN FOUR BOOKS (1758)By Emmerich de Vattel
2011-04-27 22:41Guest 11where are you starting...what do you plan to do about it
2011-04-27 22:41Guest 3lol
2011-04-27 22:42Guest 11g12 i said it nicely
2011-04-27 22:42Guest 12no worries 11 - just sayin'
I plan to do nothing
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 3wheres my UN rep
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 11I just want to know what this groups plan is
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 12it is not my responsibility to fix someone elses mess
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 3tonite its book reading
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 12I am to live for me and mine
2011-04-27 22:43Guest 11long range plan?
2011-04-27 22:44Guest 12live free
then die
2011-04-27 22:44Guest 3re seat dejure goverment
2011-04-27 22:44Guest 1112...doing nothing is not an option
2011-04-27 22:44Guest 12doing anything is futile
2011-04-27 22:45Guest 11bingo for guest that what you are doing here
2011-04-27 22:45Guest 3I'm here for educational purposes only
2011-04-27 22:46Guest 11well then is that what this groups goal is?
2011-04-27 22:46Guest 15kool
2011-04-27 22:46Guest 12<---came here out of curiosity - hearing about natural law means you are like me
thus I stay
2011-04-27 22:46Guest 3g11 u r strt to sound wierd
2011-04-27 22:47Guest 11really...why is that
2011-04-27 22:48Guest 3focusing to much on what is group goal this call is revelantly new and i just enjoy hearing whaqt ed has to say
2011-04-27 22:50Guest 12yeah - lets help out the people of other nations to be free by dropping millions of tons of ordinance on them
2011-04-27 22:50Guest 11thats fine but this group sounds like it has similar feelings concerning the government as another that IS reseating the dejure
2011-04-27 22:51Guest 3im sure theres lots of people with same feelings
2011-04-27 22:52Guest 11and thats my point...why not belong to something that is actually DOING it
2011-04-27 22:53Guest 123 - we are going through a global renaissance period - the human spirit can only be suppressed so much for only so long
freedom eventually and inevitably prevails
people are waking up everywhere
2011-04-27 22:53Guest 3G11 why not learn it all as to be knowledgable in every aspect statin tonite with the Laws of Nations
2011-04-27 22:54Guest 12the powerbrokers of the world have numbered days
2011-04-27 22:54Guest 11I agree with you 12 but it needs to happen with as little bloodshed as possible
2011-04-27 22:54Guest 1211 - I agree - the answer is to deny legitimacy to the system by disengaging it
the beast will fight to survive, but will eventually starve
2011-04-27 22:55Guest 11the dejure government paves the way to do that and anybody would be better off under their protection
2011-04-27 22:56Guest 12perhaps
2011-04-27 22:56Guest 11right again 12 and the dejure is watching them closely
2011-04-27 22:56Guest 3i need to protect myself(learn to)
2011-04-27 22:56Guest 11lots of luck 3
2011-04-27 22:56Guest 3then i can help protect others
2011-04-27 22:57Guest 11the dejure is already people protecting people
and they are forming and their numbers are increasing and they are physically meeting and
they are seating people in position
2011-04-27 22:58Guest 12ed - do you SUFA?
if yoou dont know what that means - nevermind
2011-04-27 22:59Guest 3the Republic of the united States of America Tim Turner president?
2011-04-27 23:00Guest 112 calls tonight and every wednesday...all states are on board and websites are up for them and the national site
2011-04-27 23:00Guest 3i admire the local efforts but i have nothin to say about TT
2011-04-27 23:01Guest 11what garbage did you belive
2011-04-27 23:01Guest 3and yes i know some in it
2011-04-27 23:02Guest 11the defacto is going to do anything to discredit them and you have to know that
2011-04-27 23:02Guest 3i just dont like givin the type of admoration they give him
2011-04-27 23:03Guest 11they are excited and he IS one of the founding fathers that did all the work to dig out the truth
2011-04-27 23:03Guest 3freez up
2011-04-27 23:03Guest 11and the only founding father that stuck with it
2011-04-27 23:04Guest 3alot more people whr involved
2011-04-27 23:04Guest 11right and where are they now
2011-04-27 23:05Guest 3county assemblies wre forming lomg before RAP
2011-04-27 23:05Guest 11besides he only the interim president...there will be an election
2011-04-27 23:06Guest 3go on ED
2011-04-27 23:06Guest 11and where have county assemblies done anything before
2011-04-27 23:07Guest 3I'll stick with the county Level invovlement
2011-04-27 23:07Guest 11this is now beyond RAP
you cannot fix this government
2011-04-27 23:08Guest 12the only way to fix government is to abolish it
2011-04-27 23:08Guest 11you go 12
this one needs to go thats for sure
2011-04-27 23:09Guest 3i seeit for support group like minds only rite now g11
2011-04-27 23:09Guest 12I am an anarchist, individualist - advocate of the natural order of the universe - natural law
hence - abolish gov
2011-04-27 23:11Guest 3im just 1 man Im willing to be invlved localy but i wish to stay out of state national seats
go on Ed
2011-04-27 23:12Guest 11working at your county level is going to go nowhere
2011-04-27 23:12Guest 17preachers!! what a joke
2011-04-27 23:12Guest 3why?
2011-04-27 23:13Guest 11because you are trying to work with a bunch of terrorrists
2011-04-27 23:13Guest 12nice show ed - thank you for the presentation - I am off for now - see ya Wednesday perhaps - y'all take care
2011-04-27 23:13Guest 11its like trying to work with the devil
2011-04-27 23:14Guest 3i guess my last? was pretty stupid
2011-04-27 23:14Guest 11you know he is going to get you in the end
what do you mean 3
2011-04-27 23:15Guest 3u answred it they r terrorist
2011-04-27 23:15Guest 11the whole current government is from top to bottom
2011-04-27 23:16Guest 3i wld like bottom up Gov.
2011-04-27 23:16Guest 11cant fix what doesnt exist anyway...they are nothing more than a business
thats what the dejure provides...bottom up
2011-04-27 23:17Guest 3then i need to be a responsable stockowner and shareholder
2011-04-27 23:17Guest 11what? know that is their playing field...
2011-04-27 23:17Guest 3thank u Ed
2011-04-27 23:20Guest 11a leader of what?
2011-04-27 23:21Guest 3ed i need an adress for you so i can send you some lawful money so u can have time to get some matreil for the show
quk email address Ed
green berats
tr em all
havin fun
a music intro/exit good touch to the call
G11 just want to say TT aint the same sounding guy he was 6 yrs ago
go for ti
cant hr it
trnit up
no sound
very low
o ya
nevr knw the names of these themes
some patroit uh?
2011-04-27 23:33EdClanofChattanLOL
2011-04-27 23:40Guest 3Ed what shall i start bringing to this call
i like the readings that u bring to the call
i will add these PDF file to my documents
i will try to read LoN before next wed. will be tuff thou
577pages alot
o ya
was feelin tonite when i was readn ahead of u
wasnt sure what i was readn at times
thats where its nice to hv many minds readn same thing
brd of director
is this where we need an assembly?
or just 2 guys to enforse actions
as witnesses
why 3 per state
men that is
where does the county notary play in this also?
do we need them?
that why u said 3 men per state
10 commandments ring bell
i love it Ed
i read along with u
reminds me of christian waters on trust
council i believe
they the board of the CORP
2011-04-28 00:10Guest 18hey ED, I'm reading on wikipedia about the CLAN OF CHATTAN-THE CHATTAN CONFEDERATION, I gather your of scotts ancestory
2011-04-28 00:10Guest 3its that NESSESARY clause
2011-04-28 00:11Guest 18seems they were involved in intrigue for the english crown
scottish House of Stewart vying for the crown
2011-04-28 00:12Guest 3ive heard that before
didnt believe it tho
2011-04-28 00:13Guest 18john wayne was a jew devil,wow..
2011-04-28 00:14Guest 3kzcr jew
Ed i gotta go need to get up early
2011-04-28 00:15Guest 18the khazar ones were not the ones who crucified CHRIST, the esau-edom gang,bad-fig judah gets that infamy/curse
2011-04-28 00:15Guest 3itune in next week...bye
2011-04-28 00:16Guest 18billy graham is really billy frank
billy frank the universalist
ed what do you think the US Census's AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY?Are they fishing for information?
is Tim Turner a guru/fraud who is really just after donations?
in reality,they get rich and nothing really changes,huh?
it seems they are after a hustle,shilling in the patriot community
the cult of personality
it seems every patriot/truther is after donations,what with the handy paypal option!