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2011-04-13 19:58HattonHi Nicholas
2011-04-13 19:5812358132134Hi!
Sorry for the delay, was typing an email!
2011-04-13 19:59HattonGuess the show is waiting for it's host
2011-04-13 19:5912358132134It would seem as such.
2011-04-13 19:59Hattonno worries here
I haven't had a chance to listen to a full episode of this show yet, Wednesdays are a busy day for me generally
2011-04-13 20:0012358132134I'm sure Ed will be on shortly.
2011-04-13 20:00HattonThough I've seen Ed on my podcast in the past
2011-04-13 20:0012358132134I have never been on this call before.
I have heard Ed on other calls.
2011-04-13 20:00Hattonat least in the Talkshoe chat room
2011-04-13 20:0012358132134He has some intriguing things to say.
2011-04-13 20:01HattonI just sent him an email, "Your call is waiting for you :D"
I'm guessing he's in Illinois
'cos you guys were just un-muted
there he is :)
Hi Ed
2011-04-13 20:0212358132134Good evening Ed.
2011-04-13 20:03EdClanofChattanGreetings kin ;)
2011-04-13 20:03Guest 7audio not available
2011-04-13 20:04HattonIf we're related it's through a long branch... tho Hatton is my grandmother's maiden name
Audio available now
2011-04-13 20:04Guest 7there it is
thought i would hang out here instead of Maria's county assembly ED haveyou seen this yey it would be intersting to get your understanding of this ifyou get
**some time
2011-04-13 20:20HattonHave to run folks, good night!
2011-04-13 20:28Guest 7 here is another interesting read
2011-04-13 20:4012358132134that's not correct
2011-04-13 20:41Guest 9ED is still fighting
2011-04-13 20:4112358132134we all are!
or should be! ;-)
2011-04-13 20:41Guest 9carpetbaggers
plantation life,Gone with the Wind
they were slaves,now they are own murders
2011-04-13 20:44Guest 7freedman buero papers support eds words
2011-04-13 20:4612358132134where can i get a copy?
2011-04-13 20:46Guest 9i don't hate blacks,i just wanted to be free from them,i hope they don't hate me
America is a scarey place
2011-04-13 20:48Guest 7 read this about the pay issue
2011-04-13 20:50Guest 9i feel bad for the black man,i guess we bothed suffered a great deal,in this Race-mixing land
i treated them like dirty,and they justed wanted to be free also
there not tolilet scum,maybe GOD can make this right for both of us
2011-04-13 20:5712358132134ed, have you studied the material put together by Bill Thornton, and related matters?
2011-04-13 20:58Guest 9Power is addictive
2011-04-13 20:5812358132134so is fried food!
2011-04-13 20:59Guest 9being a billioaire, is like being a God in this world
2011-04-13 20:5912358132134except you're just as succuptible to bullets as everyone else
2011-04-13 21:00Guest 9maybe
2011-04-13 21:0012358132134ed, have you studied the material put together by Bill Thornton, and related matters?
isnt that what elite telling us
2011-04-13 21:02Guest 9well not this boy
2011-04-13 21:05Guest 9my names Ethan so i say im related to Ethan Allen
2011-04-13 21:0512358132134lol
2011-04-13 21:05Guest 7maybe you are check it out
2011-04-13 21:0612358132134are you from Vermont (9)?
2011-04-13 21:06Guest 9well my familys from Europe,so i can't be
2011-04-13 21:0612358132134so are most vermonters
do you mean directly
2011-04-13 21:07Guest 7now thats the way to do it
2011-04-13 21:07Guest 9but i still love the Green mountain boys
2011-04-13 21:0712358132134i went to norwich u for my undergrad
the profs are the militia, passed down from the gmb
2011-04-13 21:08Guest 9my mother was born in a camp in Germany back during the war
2011-04-13 21:0812358132134my wife is german
2011-04-13 21:08Guest 9cool
2011-04-13 21:0812358132134Sprachen Sie Deutsch?
2011-04-13 21:09Guest 7it was a 99 yr charter ed
2011-04-13 21:09Guest 9San Fagget cali
2011-04-13 21:10Guest 7banks is now morphing into something else
2011-04-13 21:1012358132134translation: [Do you speak German?]
2011-04-13 21:11Guest 9no but my mom can,sometimes we go to the Germany club
2011-04-13 21:1112358132134cool beans
no german club here. sucks
i like german culture
2011-04-13 21:12Guest 9this old german ladys cook,great food,and i like german beer
2011-04-13 21:12ThunderclapnICHOLAS: check out
2011-04-13 21:1312358132134danke
i did a paper in college on the ardenne
2011-04-13 21:13Guest 9st.paulie girl
2011-04-13 21:1312358132134never had that beer
2011-04-13 21:13ThunderclapI have published two books on the campaign
2011-04-13 21:1412358132134awsesome
i cannot type this evening! :-)
2011-04-13 21:14Thunderclapyou are fine
2011-04-13 21:15Guest 9have you guys watched lindsey williams on youtube
2011-04-13 21:15Thunderclapnot yet
2011-04-13 21:1512358132134no
2011-04-13 21:16Guest 9a couple of days ago he was on the alex jones show
2011-04-13 21:1612358132134my mother-in-law can't cook for beans
i taught my wife to cook
2011-04-13 21:16Guest 9scarey but great info
2011-04-13 21:1612358132134also, i hate cabbage
2011-04-13 21:16Guest 9man are always better cooks
2011-04-13 21:1612358132134agreed
my father kicked kitchen ass when necessary
2011-04-13 21:17Guest 9good
2011-04-13 21:1812358132134which ones?
which justices are you talking about?
2011-04-13 21:19Guest 9my grand father basicly lives on cabbage
2011-04-13 21:19Guest 7Clarence Thomas you KNOW he knows about this stuff
2011-04-13 21:20Guest 9clarence Thomas is a good man like Pastor david manning
2011-04-13 21:2012358132134rulings of the supreme court only bear within the jurisdiction of the federal sphere (constitutional)
I remember reading about the Kampfgruppe Peiper quite a bit.
Just reviewing your website. Tiger
I completely agree
2011-04-13 21:22Guest 7Then we can pick up guns
2011-04-13 21:2212358132134nah
2011-04-13 21:24Guest 11what's the website address?
2011-04-13 21:25Guest 9i get drunk,and curse out blacks
2011-04-13 21:26Guest 7dont feel bad g9 i curse about it without being drunk
2011-04-13 21:26Guest 9Black man and white woman,same BS
YA i wish i was a better christian
2011-04-13 21:27Guest 7tear apart biologcal family
2011-04-13 21:27Guest 9america made me crazy
2011-04-13 21:27Guest 7i use to be tolerant
not anymore i think its age and wisdom makes ya angry moretimes than not
2011-04-13 21:28Guest 9when i get full of hate and anger,i pick fights with Race-mixing couples
2011-04-13 21:2912358132134ed, where can i get a copy of that citizenship act of 1802? i have been hunting on the government website and cannot get that particular one.
2011-04-13 21:30Guest 7"working corruption of blood", what do you suppose that means in the constitution
2011-04-13 21:30Guest 9I don't hate blacks but i do hate america for destroying the white race
2011-04-13 21:3112358132134it's not just here, check out the same issue in england, france, and switzerland
2011-04-13 21:31Guest 9and my future to live in a healthy america
ya i've been very angry about Eugene Terblance,who was murdered while he was sleeping
2011-04-13 21:3312358132134good night all! :-)
2011-04-13 21:33Guest 9and America is just like South africa
the poor Boer,is just like the america white man
lost,poor and sick
2011-04-13 21:36Guest founding father constitution. We need people who understand common law, constitution and are willing to serve? looking for people who are willing to serve in the Newly Restored Republic.
2011-04-13 21:41Guest 9police state
americas lost,this place called america must die
or were all dead man
2011-04-13 21:44FlashGordon !Sorry I am late I will be on the call soon, palehorse from oregon so where is Nick ??
2011-04-13 21:46Guest 9oregon the land of Volksfront
2011-04-13 21:46Guest 12what is your plan
2011-04-13 21:47FlashGordon !isn't Volksfront on the SPLC hit list of terrorist groups they call it ?
2011-04-13 21:47Guest 9im sure they are
2011-04-13 21:48FlashGordon !does anyone know the website for this talkshoe to retrieve the board notes here ?
2011-04-13 21:48Guest 9ADL BS
2011-04-13 21:49Guest 7what the hell are board notes
2011-04-13 21:49Guest 12do you have a plan
2011-04-13 21:50Guest 9In the cold war,america don't make commies president
this countrys crazy
2011-04-13 21:51Guest 7this is the result of continuos war footing
we become the commies
2011-04-13 21:52Guest 9ya the War machine,is the knew employer
2011-04-13 21:53Guest 7RAPE and PILLAGE ya!
2011-04-13 21:54Guest 9and most people see nothing wrong with america
2011-04-13 21:55Guest 7thats america its not a problem
2011-04-13 21:55Guest 12brainwashed by repetitive action
2011-04-13 21:56Guest 9i had to pay in this country because im White
one day they'll PAY
2011-04-13 21:57Guest 12everybody pays in one way or the other
I just want to know if this group has a plan
2011-04-13 21:58Guest 9intergration made the blacks suffer and the white man to,we both suffered a great deal
2011-04-13 21:59Guest 7whats your plan g12?
2011-04-13 21:59Guest 12there is a plan
2011-04-13 22:00Guest 7g9 blacks got better grow medium for his seed
2011-04-13 22:00Guest 12I just want to know what this groups plan is
2011-04-13 22:01Guest 9Plan?Like?
2011-04-13 22:01Guest 7the plan is to figure out how to use law for our defense
2011-04-13 22:02Guest 12is it just about talking and education or does it have a plan of action to replace the so-called government that we have
2011-04-13 22:02Guest 9when the blacks start screaming kill the Boer or white man,see if that Law helps you
2011-04-13 22:02Guest 12I hope we are past being racist
2011-04-13 22:03Guest 7smith&wesson is the law then
2011-04-13 22:03Guest 9Amen G7
past nothing,ontill white christiany is BACK!PERIOD
2011-04-13 22:04Guest 7racist is the industry created after 1867 to hide the real law
2011-04-13 22:05Guest 12better pay more attention to what the chinese are up to since Hilary Clinton gave them a tract of land in each and every one of our states...
2011-04-13 22:05Guest 7take advantage of good hearted white people
2011-04-13 22:06Guest 12G7...if christanity is truly back you need to show me where it says in the Bible that God is a racist
2011-04-13 22:06Guest 9jew clinton bitch
2011-04-13 22:07Guest 7i go back to the fouding docs of america
1802 act
2011-04-13 22:07Guest 9if you read the bible and don't see the House of Israel is a CHOSEN PEOPLE, then this boy can't do it
that the Adamic race is above ALL THINGS
2011-04-13 22:09Guest 7im looking for remedy with what i got to work with and i fit the 1802 act
2011-04-13 22:10Guest 13my speakers keeps shutting down?
2011-04-13 22:10Guest 9G12 is a Race-mixer
Judo-christian BS
2011-04-13 22:13Guest 7if all people are chosen people and we all lived by the chosen peoples law wouldn't it all worrk out
just thiking out loud
2011-04-13 22:14Guest 9Nooooo!Because blacks can't be White
and WHITE means Christian
2011-04-13 22:15Guest 7but if they kived by the law they would seperate them selves cuz they would believe there the chosen
2011-04-13 22:16Guest 9ya they do seperate thats why theres a black section of town
unless there forced like what ZOG did in Little rock,AK
2011-04-13 22:18Guest 7but theres affirmitive action forcing association
2011-04-13 22:18FlashGordon !guest 9..Hilary told Dr. Leuren ( Nuclear expert ) " the great culling is near" now check the Pink Fraud of Nancy Goodman Brinker
2011-04-13 22:18Guest 7on us thats not law
2011-04-13 22:19FlashGordon !Susan Komen is all about genocide on research and cures 1.6 million went to Israel the rest to Planned Parenthood
2011-04-13 22:19Guest 9G12 is not a racsist but supports affirmitive action.
2011-04-13 22:19Guest 7oxymoron
2011-04-13 22:19Guest 9palehorse interesting
oxymoron,Heavy on the MORON
Crazy country
2011-04-13 22:22FlashGordon !Hilary was raised in Park Ridge, ILL, Nancy and Susan in Peoria ,Ill...many of them where programmed in the Chicago Subs
2011-04-13 22:22Guest 9Adamic are ARYANS,Yahwehs chosen Holy People
2011-04-13 22:23Guest 14the republic is being reinhabited
2011-04-13 22:23Guest 9Hilary live in New york now i think
ya illegaly inhabited
2011-04-13 22:24Guest 14why do you say that
2011-04-13 22:25Guest 9illegals are reinhabiteing this land
2011-04-13 22:25FlashGordon !May 1, 1776 was the Illumaniti agenda and May 1, 2011 is the beginning of the culling which is much more overt,chemtrails, radiation,May/June/vaccines
2011-04-13 22:26Guest 14no...what I mean is that a new government is being seated according to the constitution
2011-04-13 22:26Guest 9May commie RED day
2011-04-13 22:26Guest 14does anyone else have a better plan
2011-04-13 22:28FlashGordon !Ed, who blocked you on the call last night ? Was this on countygrandjury ? That is Betty/ "I" had you speak on my oregon shout....
2011-04-13 22:28EdClanofChattanNot sure.
No, it was on PBS talkshoe.
2011-04-13 22:28Guest 15the essenes didnt believe in salvary
2011-04-13 22:29Guest 9My plan is to worship and serve The Lord Yahweh,and pray to be saved from ZOG!!!!!
2011-04-13 22:29Guest 15i mean they didnt allow salvary
2011-04-13 22:29Guest 14look up...The Republic for the united States of America
2011-04-13 22:29Guest 15nope
not the "jew" their own people
2011-04-13 22:30Guest 9Jew there own,i like that one
2011-04-13 22:31Guest 14they have a talk show on here every wednesday also
2011-04-13 22:31Guest 15what do you know about the fact that all are distant relatives and all are from the mother land which is what is known as "africa"
own and control are different aspects brother
2011-04-13 22:32Guest 9Africa,maybe your family,but not mine thats forsure
2011-04-13 22:33FlashGordon !Look how many British live in Africa........
2011-04-13 22:33Guest 15haha, not true, they would not, that is not the culture.
so congress is making the law for the creator..?
2011-04-13 22:34Guest 14our country began as a nation of immagants
2011-04-13 22:34Guest 15why not?
why can is not be permanent..?
2011-04-13 22:35Guest 14any black people here today were born here...
2011-04-13 22:35FlashGordon !remember, they are bias too..they divide themselves by the depth of their color, where they come from they captured and enslaved their own in Africa
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 15okay.
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 7jesus
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 15cool.
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 14and what do you think YOU are right now...a slave!
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 15what... can touch the women..
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 14so what does that say for us
2011-04-13 22:36Guest 15cant*
i am not a slave, your mind makes you a slave!
2011-04-13 22:37Guest 14YOU are a slave!
2011-04-13 22:37Guest 15speak for your own experience.
2011-04-13 22:37Guest 14the matrix doesn't let you see it!
2011-04-13 22:37Guest 9the blacks in my apartmant building hate me
2011-04-13 22:38Guest 7ok morpheus
2011-04-13 22:38Guest 9i guess i can't play skinhead music anymore
2011-04-13 22:38Guest 7lol
2011-04-13 22:38Guest 14well why wouldn't are racist
2011-04-13 22:39Guest 15you think "jesus" was white..?
for the skin?
2011-04-13 22:39Guest 9ya good point
2011-04-13 22:39Guest 14do you know if he was white?
2011-04-13 22:39Guest 15the real messiah was from "africa"...
2011-04-13 22:39Guest 9Nordic blue eye blonde haired man
2011-04-13 22:40Guest 15we are all talking about the mind which allows one to think as a sovereign... and that mind set was established within the "african" continent...
and it spread from there..
2011-04-13 22:40Guest 9G15 read the bible they talk about christiany
2011-04-13 22:40Guest 15scripture does not allow a religion
2011-04-13 22:40Guest 7what matters is theres a trust setup for the protection of whitemen im standingup and claiming it
2011-04-13 22:41Guest 14why is there so much talk in here about the color of peoples skin...
2011-04-13 22:41Guest 9Amen g7
2011-04-13 22:41Guest 15yeah i see that.. there is a trust allowed for the whitemen say "hey i am of the mind of the messiah" and i promote and help this cause.
2011-04-13 22:41Guest 14and people think its bad in the republic about the christianity basis in it...this is unreal
2011-04-13 22:41Guest 15that is the whole point on earth...this messiah mind-set, allowing christ government for all man..
2011-04-13 22:42Guest 9Because these is a Christian identiy talkshoe
2011-04-13 22:42Guest 15christian is a made up religion..
its not even a natural state of man..
man correct mind set is as the messiah thought.
2011-04-13 22:43Guest 9christ is the God of Israel,and thats all
2011-04-13 22:43Guest 15only the disciples would continue this mind set for all peoples
2011-04-13 22:43Guest 7everything been tried for remedy ,its time to look in other directions and this is so pol.incorrect its got tobe the real issue at hand
2011-04-13 22:43Guest 15chris is the messiah of israel...
the messiah, is the teacher..
israel is the people..
if you can see this...
the laws are obeyed... why do you think some many have become salves...
2011-04-13 22:44Guest 14why don't you make sense...God created everyone and everything
2011-04-13 22:44Guest 15your using the wrong title...
the creator created everyone and everything..
2011-04-13 22:44Guest 9G14 your not that smart
foolish mistake
2011-04-13 22:45Guest 15the messiah was given control of earth.. not other man..
and we are all of the messiah..
created by the creator..
so check this..
i am that i am, and i come in the name of the messiah..
shared to all man and wombman..
2011-04-13 22:46Guest 14and you are either all racist and/or not true christians
the messiah is christ
2011-04-13 22:46Guest 15i am not racist, nor a christian.. i know the messiah teaching is for all peoples...
2011-04-13 22:46Guest 7we are white men enlightin by the 1802 act
2011-04-13 22:46Guest 14and his and our father is GOD
2011-04-13 22:46Guest 9judo-christian Retards
2011-04-13 22:47Guest 15no act can enlightin you, only your teachings wiill show you the will of the creator..
2011-04-13 22:47Guest 7never repealed
2011-04-13 22:47Guest 15his and our father was also a teacher..
the teacher of abraham, the teacher of jacob..
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 14if you represent the feelings of this group the republic is not for you
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 7i just pick up the books and try piecing thing together
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 15what republic..
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 9G14 go and buy a black Ho and have fun
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 15?
2011-04-13 22:48Guest 14the one that is seating a new government right now
2011-04-13 22:49Guest 15whats the use of governments? when all is already witin your grasps, to help other disciples..
its about making more disciples for all nations..
2011-04-13 22:50Guest 14for your info I am a wf G9
2011-04-13 22:50Guest 15if you think color of skin matters you have failed and the kingdom of heaven is not yours..
2011-04-13 22:51Guest 14every people needs government but one that is run BY the cannot be truly free without it
2011-04-13 22:51Guest 9oh liberal college woman,i know your type
a dime a dozen
2011-04-13 22:51Guest 15the color of a mans skins is as relavent as the color of his eyes..
2011-04-13 22:51Guest 14why do you contradict yourself G15
2011-04-13 22:51Guest 7until you go low
2011-04-13 22:52Guest 15okay well that government is christ government, but even at that... that "government" is not what anyone mind can think of as a "government..
2011-04-13 22:52Guest 7thenit ups and runs like hell
2011-04-13 22:52Guest 9tell that dog to shut it
2011-04-13 22:52Guest 15i do not, must be your own reading style..
2011-04-13 22:53Guest 14and the republic is a christian government...the way it was set up to begin with
2011-04-13 22:53FlashGordon !Michigan, where ? Do you know David Schied ?
2011-04-13 22:53Guest 15it can not be a religion government...
religion is worthless, by scripture..
you can not see the different between religion and true faith..?
2011-04-13 22:54Guest 9liberal college woman goes to christian identiy forum,front page news
2011-04-13 22:54Guest 15true faith is to know..
2011-04-13 22:54Guest 14I don't believe in religion...I believe in a relationship with God
2011-04-13 22:54Guest 15religion is to belive..
thats your trouble it is not a belief...
it is to know that you are in a relationship with the creator..
not god.. try to stop using that term..
many "gods" only one creator..
2011-04-13 22:54Guest 19god is so 1970's
2011-04-13 22:55Guest 14christianity is not a is a way of life
2011-04-13 22:55Guest 9relationship with GOD but hate his people,i don't think that works
2011-04-13 22:55Guest 15it is still belief...
you have to know..
2011-04-13 22:55Guest 9and His people are ARYANS
2011-04-13 22:55Guest 15lmao..
2011-04-13 22:56Guest 7the Law is for free white,all other get equity
2011-04-13 22:56Guest 15you think you have a different creator from the "ethiopians"...
2011-04-13 22:56Guest 14get realistic...God is the name of the creator as far as the bible is concerned
2011-04-13 22:56Guest 15bible is not of concern..
scripture is of concern..
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 7under these united states of America
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 15and if you use god for all title...then you are going to get lost on different ascepts of reality..
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 14if you are not reading the bible then you are reading the wrong book
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 19there are different Gods in the scriptures
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 9well maybe the white man and woman in ethiopian
2011-04-13 22:57Guest 15not different gods...different ascepts.. same creator.
2011-04-13 22:58Guest 14you can call him whatever name you wan to...I call him GOD
2011-04-13 22:58Guest 15there is the creator, then there is the messiah..
2011-04-13 22:58Guest 9G15 tell that to the white man rideing a white horse when he returns
2011-04-13 22:58Guest 15you call them the same, then youll miss the lessons within the teachings of the scriptures and or the "bible"
2011-04-13 22:58Guest 14the messiah is Jesus
2011-04-13 22:59Guest 15lmao...
guest 9 please visit this link okay
2011-04-13 22:59Guest 9Yahwehs Law is race purtiy
2011-04-13 23:00Guest 15
you know i think you have the term white misused..
2011-04-13 23:01Guest 14who
2011-04-13 23:01Guest 9im sure theres a race-mixing, zionst, nigger loveing talkshoe on somewhere
2011-04-13 23:01Guest 15by white it is meant as a clean mind..
that might be your troubles...
and by black, you think unclean mind..
not by skin tone.
okay.. well mercy on all of you.. your going to have to face your demons some day.
the law of the creator is fair to all peoples..
2011-04-13 23:02Guest 9g14 you would like my place because there blacks in my apartment building now
2011-04-13 23:02Guest 7the ones that cant qualify will now have to kill those who can just to save face of there shame!!
2011-04-13 23:03Guest 9G15 is a Zionst nigger loveing Kike
2011-04-13 23:04Guest 14they are in the eyes of GOD
2011-04-13 23:05Guest 19hebrew meaning for white: to become white, be purified
2011-04-13 23:05Guest 7diversty destroys diversty
2011-04-13 23:06Guest 14why don't you go away is obvious that you have rewarded yourself by thinking that God thinks more of you than others
2011-04-13 23:07Guest 20well i am going home oneday,Heil YAHWEH
2011-04-13 23:07Guest 7trading with the enemy fixes that ed
2011-04-13 23:08Guest 14go away G9...only intelligent life forms are allowed to speak
2011-04-13 23:09Guest 7TWEA filled the gap
2011-04-13 23:09Guest 20by thinking the Aryan people are above everything,include RACE-MIXERS
2011-04-13 23:10Guest 14well I am out of here...get with the program or be left behind
2011-04-13 23:10Guest 20liberal college woman,there day is done
2011-04-13 23:10Guest 14this chat thing is even screwed up
your just a bunch of thinkers...thinking your better than others
2011-04-13 23:11Guest 20whats screwy about Liberty and your inheritance
2011-04-13 23:12Guest 7g14 just reviewing facts
2011-04-13 23:12Guest 20i am because God made me a WHITE MAN
2011-04-13 23:13Guest 7seeing what kinda ammo we can use to save our asses cuz the multi-culti society is imputant
2011-04-13 23:13Guest 14some points are similar and I am not talking about anybody in the chat but too racist for even against women???
2011-04-13 23:13Guest 20and at the end of this game called life if you ain't white you ain't right.PERIOD!
2011-04-13 23:14Guest 14what is scary is that people that think the way you think in here are out there...I would rather deal with the defacto
2011-04-13 23:14Guest 20hahaha,against woman?What?
2011-04-13 23:15Guest 7g14 u have any plan other than reading the bible
2011-04-13 23:16Guest 20its scary that my people think race traitors will not pay for there sins
2011-04-13 23:16Guest 7i mean things are really messed up in the world
2011-04-13 23:16Guest 20judo-christian headcases
2011-04-13 23:17Guest 14to speaker...involved in what?...what is your plan? I am trying to tell you about a very large movement so you can connect with them...
2011-04-13 23:17Guest 20Only for the house of Israel
2011-04-13 23:18Guest 14I hope you people really don't represent what this program is all about
2011-04-13 23:18Guest 20large movement of what?
2011-04-13 23:19Guest 14The Republic for the united States of America
2011-04-13 23:19Guest 20white aryan nordic christianity
the Republic was bulit by White man not blacks,HELLO!
2011-04-13 23:20Guest 14restablishing the government to reflect the Lawful government designed by the original constitution
2011-04-13 23:20Guest 7I will stick with free white much better looking woman to fight and die for.
fits my discription also
2011-04-13 23:21Guest 20G14 are you from "SAN Fagget" state CALI
2011-04-13 23:21Guest 14woman stopped honoring and obeying when men stopped loving and is a reward for the other doing what God commanded "him" to
2011-04-13 23:22Guest 20san fransickos
2011-04-13 23:22Guest 14now you are all male chauvanists!
2011-04-13 23:22Guest 20no
not true
2011-04-13 23:23Guest 7when yua want to doggie style sometimes ya gotta put tour foot dowwn
2011-04-13 23:24Guest 14men always read that part of the bible to suit today are in love with domestic violence
2011-04-13 23:24Guest 20i think man do love women,but women have left the home because they wanted money,now the country is a hellhole for everbody
2011-04-13 23:25Guest 14now you are homosexuals too G7?
2011-04-13 23:25Guest 7g14 just havin fun
2011-04-13 23:25Guest 20well its a very violence place
2011-04-13 23:25Guest 7no malice intended
2011-04-13 23:25Guest 14wow the republic for sure don't want you people...
2011-04-13 23:26Guest 7its not up to "them"
2011-04-13 23:26Guest 20we don't want you RACE-TRAITOR SCUM TO
2011-04-13 23:27Guest 7i am the republic
2011-04-13 23:27Guest 20Liberal college whacks
2011-04-13 23:27Guest 14malice?!...think about how funny you are when you're being dragged out of your house by the chinese to take you to a fema gas chamber
2011-04-13 23:27Guest 20know it all morons
2011-04-13 23:27Guest 14you have no credibility
2011-04-13 23:28Guest 7i overstand the situational awareness
2011-04-13 23:28Guest 20Yahweh i pray will deliever me from satan and His jewish kids
2011-04-13 23:29Guest 14the ones we need to kick out of this country are the ones that reflect the mentality that's in here
2011-04-13 23:29Guest 20save me from the Race-mixer,the commies,Heil lord Yahweh,please come back soon
2011-04-13 23:30Guest 7prove your standing and doit
2011-04-13 23:30Guest 20G14 over my dead grave
2011-04-13 23:30Guest 14did you know that we created japans disaster because they were getting ready to launch a car that runs on water AND because
they want Nothing to do with the NWO
2011-04-13 23:31Guest 7ya i believe they got HAARPed
2011-04-13 23:31Guest 20sure it was probably HAARP
2011-04-13 23:31Guest 14get informed will ya?
greedy politicians now are going to be ousted and the republic will be ready
2011-04-13 23:32Guest 20there they go,the liberal college kids,there as sick as satan
im greatfull i don't go to college
2011-04-13 23:33Guest 14this stupid thing doesnt show my last entry until I comment again
2011-04-13 23:34Guest 20i see your comment
2011-04-13 23:34Guest 14its obvious you dont go to college
2011-04-13 23:34Guest 20Thank God
2011-04-13 23:34Guest 14I know...that is not what I said
2011-04-13 23:35Guest 7collage kids its the ugly demented offspring that i woory about as i get older
2011-04-13 23:35Guest 20God spared me from the lieing brainwashing
2011-04-13 23:35Guest 14?
no its gotcha
2011-04-13 23:36Guest 20Hippie brainwashed college kids,are crazy
2011-04-13 23:36Guest 14anybody thats thinking is in the republic
2011-04-13 23:36Guest 7ya mean HipHop
2011-04-13 23:36Guest 20hahahaha,ya
2011-04-13 23:37Guest 7hippies where the 60 70's
2011-04-13 23:37Guest 14I can always hope to be dialogue with intelligent people
2011-04-13 23:37Guest 20drink away the pain,and pray for better days
2011-04-13 23:38Guest idiots in here don't even say anything worth sayin...what! are you all of 12
2011-04-13 23:38Guest 7momma gottin me startin early
2011-04-13 23:39Guest 14good luck with that speaker...the republic is pulling cases OUT of the defacto courts...
2011-04-13 23:39Guest 20all of 12?This women thinks shes on the liberal college camp
2011-04-13 23:39Guest 14don't even try it on your will be in jail
2011-04-13 23:39Guest 7gggggggggggggggggggggg14 what the hell r u talking about pulling cases
2011-04-13 23:40Guest 14your words...I just know ignorance when I hear it
2011-04-13 23:40Guest 7the republic can you clarify
2011-04-13 23:41Guest 14aww...your not interested so just come on shows like this and keep talking your crap
I have clarified
2011-04-13 23:41Guest 20liberal commies keep pushing the white man around and he will push back
2011-04-13 23:41Guest 7all rite i missed it,sorry
2011-04-13 23:42Guest 14this group thinks ALL they have to do is handle court case and that is going to do something...?!
2011-04-13 23:42Guest 7link please
2011-04-13 23:42Guest 14that is just one small part of the republic
I told you...The Republic for the united States of America...what state are you have a dejure govenor
2011-04-13 23:44Guest 20just one part of ZOGsnightmare
2011-04-13 23:44Guest 7minnesota
2011-04-13 23:44Guest 14have to say something to see more posts...stupid thing
2011-04-13 23:46Guest 7hearsay believes that TRAP is just that
2011-04-13 23:46Guest 20G14 was taught that the problem of the world is the kkk,the white christian man
2011-04-13 23:46Guest 14you can go to the national site and from there go to your state can register at both and enter both FB groups and FB pages
2011-04-13 23:47Guest 7i have resevations with RAP
2011-04-13 23:48Guest 14I am reluctant about any groups but they are the one with the best plan yet to deal with the defacto
2011-04-13 23:48Guest 7i believe if any thing it good to see so many be interested but it could look like stricking at the goverment
2011-04-13 23:49Guest 14well the nice thing is that other people in here might be concious enough to check it out
2011-04-13 23:49Guest 7plus the language does not include free white people
in there minnesota constitution
only indiganous people
2011-04-13 23:50Guest 14we need a government just not the one we have which is not a government at is a corporation
2011-04-13 23:50Guest 20if does not help white christianity to HELL with it
2011-04-13 23:51Guest 14thats place in this country for racists
2011-04-13 23:51Guest 20OBAMO and his Zionst Jew crew
2011-04-13 23:51Guest 7if not specificly included then we are specificly excluded
2011-04-13 23:51Guest 14with those ideas you would never get into the republic militia
2011-04-13 23:52Guest 7but the origanal founding docs include my discription
2011-04-13 23:52Guest 14nobody is excluded
what description
2011-04-13 23:53Guest 20i am racsist white man and there will be a place for me and my people, HEIL VICTORY!!!!!!
2011-04-13 23:53Guest 7then this TRAP is a design to trap more of my brothers and sisters of my dicription which i find very desirable to love and labor for
2011-04-13 23:54Guest 14obamas problem is not that he is black or is because he is greedy and has Satan as his master right along with alot of WHITES...
2011-04-13 23:54Guest 7FREE WHITE
2011-04-13 23:55Guest 14what ARE you talking about G7
2011-04-13 23:55Guest 20G14 Obamo is a Zionst jew not a black muslim,you have no idea what your talking about
2011-04-13 23:55Guest 14your currently a white slave
2011-04-13 23:55Guest 7but i have already been descibed inthe Law so its up to my reflection to take the lawful stand
2011-04-13 23:55Guest 14oh and you do
2011-04-13 23:56Guest 20about this, you better believe it
2011-04-13 23:56Guest 14whites are not described anywhere
2011-04-13 23:56Guest 71802 act
2011-04-13 23:56Guest are worse than G7
2011-04-13 23:57Guest 20worse about what
2011-04-13 23:57Guest 14go ahead G7...quote the 1802 act
2011-04-13 23:57Guest 7no
2011-04-13 23:58Guest 20"the liberal"okayed it
2011-04-13 23:58Guest 14G20...your limitations of thinking
well dont preach something you cant quote
I guess the only intelligent ones are on the phones
2011-04-13 23:59Guest 20maybe but i don't care about anything except nordic white christianity
2011-04-14 00:01Guest 14the republic has Id's and even a travel warrant that allows you free travel...meaning no lisence needed
2011-04-14 00:02Guest 7why would i want to share my family with a man whose family can not provide grandchildren pleasant to lookat and visit with
2011-04-14 00:02Guest 14if anybody checks it out tell them NY sent you
2011-04-14 00:02Guest 20illegals with no drivers lisence,great idea g14
2011-04-14 00:03Guest 14oh ...and you thought you knew it all
2011-04-14 00:05Guest 7they need to exterminate all white men for the melting pot to be complete
2011-04-14 00:05Guest 14for your information the constitution provides for the free UNRESTRICTED right to travel within and outside its borders...a lisence restricts you...
2011-04-14 00:06Guest 14not even that G21 and no registrations or plates
and you cannot be charged with a crime unless there is a victim
get ready...cause when things change alot of people are going to be let out of jail
2011-04-14 00:09Guest 7if Rod Class succeeds alot of people will be letout of jail
2011-04-14 00:09Guest 14this org is just too racist...I am glad you don't have a plan
2011-04-14 00:09Guest 7Naacp created racisim to hide the real law
2011-04-14 00:09Guest 14UNBELIEVABLE!!!
2011-04-14 00:11Guest 7racisim is just another distraction from the real law
2011-04-14 00:12Guest 14we have come too far on that issue to go WHITE people are not gonna wash
2011-04-14 00:13Guest 7with a gun at our heads
2011-04-14 00:13Guest 20just to WHITE for me
2011-04-14 00:13Guest 14they are nothing but defacto bankers
2011-04-14 00:13Guest 20just to right for YOU
2011-04-14 00:14Guest 14not making sense G20
no because they are all representing the defacto
main thing is to ask the court where the victim is within what you are charged with
2011-04-14 00:16Guest 20it makes sense for me,because this is the will of Yahweh,and if his people don't like this law they will suffer
real simple
2011-04-14 00:17Guest 14most laws don't require one which is not constitutional
I am responding to the speaker G20
2011-04-14 00:19Guest 20the constitution was write and founded by 56 white christian man NOT LIBERAL lieing women
2011-04-14 00:19Guest are as much a slave as they still are
do your homework
2011-04-14 00:20Guest 22kool
2011-04-14 00:20Guest 20i will do my homework because i want the truth about the world i live in
Not liberal lies
2011-04-14 00:20Guest 14well if you think that this government going down means all the liberation that has been extended to anybody since the signing you're kidding yourself
2011-04-14 00:21Guest 7we have original writings to work with we dont need the 20th century dillusion to start fresh again
2011-04-14 00:21Guest 14hey 22 what do you think...I hope you are more open minded than the rest of them in here
2011-04-14 00:22Guest 7just free white people
2011-04-14 00:22Guest 20SIEG HEIL
2011-04-14 00:22Guest 14glad you are a small group
2011-04-14 00:22Guest 7dont care bout the others thats just a distraction to what need to be done
2011-04-14 00:23Guest 20hang on boer man,white mans coming back
2011-04-14 00:23Guest 14you are NOT christians
2011-04-14 00:23Guest 7never said i was
2011-04-14 00:23Guest 20tell it to my eternal lord in Heaven
2011-04-14 00:24Guest 14well the speakers seem to have mentioned that they are so what are you doing here
2011-04-14 00:24Guest 7i will deal with him in private
2011-04-14 00:24Guest 14no...he willdeal with you
2011-04-14 00:24Guest 7never said i wasnt
2011-04-14 00:24Guest 20i hope so,Heil YAHWEH
2011-04-14 00:25Guest 7correct
2011-04-14 00:25Guest 14please help him to see the ruth GOD
2011-04-14 00:25Guest 7g14
2011-04-14 00:25Guest 20hahaha
2011-04-14 00:26Guest 14who determines who is deserving but GOD
2011-04-14 00:26Guest 20Who?His people,thats who
2011-04-14 00:26Guest 14love one another is the new commandment
he didn't restrict that to whites
2011-04-14 00:27Guest 7no white men restricted it
2011-04-14 00:27Guest 20fellow israelite, not Illegal Mexica scum
2011-04-14 00:27Guest 14and we are ALL his is what you do here on earth that condemns you to hell
2011-04-14 00:28Guest 7in the 1802 act im gonna try finding it
2011-04-14 00:28Guest 14good G7
I would like to bring it before the republic
2011-04-14 00:29Guest 20and if you don't love the white race your in a load of trouble,because Yahweh has plans for you Race-mixer
2011-04-14 00:31Guest 14the colors of people skin and all our differences are a test and you are failing
God also made us speak different languages but I wouldn't expect you to know that story
2011-04-14 00:32Guest 20test of the Aryan people,and who betrayes that, betrayes the God who made them,and im passing that one i hope
2011-04-14 00:32Guest 14your kind is so right that you use to wear hoods to hide your shame
you better hope...but I already KNOW you're in had better repent heavy duty tonight
2011-04-14 00:34Guest 20hoods of righteousness,and i Bless and Praise Yahwehs KLAN
My eternal KLAN
2011-04-14 00:34Guest 14don't even associate that club of degenerates with GOD
2011-04-14 00:35Guest 20HEIL Yahweh and his Aryan Adamic Race
2011-04-14 00:35Guest 14yah yah yah...they talk SOME of the talk but they have no plan
2011-04-14 00:36Guest 7 heres alittle something still looking in congressnal library
2011-04-14 00:36Guest 14their plan is just how to get out of traffic tickets
2011-04-14 00:37Guest 20God has own plan in the plam of his hand
2011-04-14 00:37Guest 14and you are not privy to any part of his plan
2011-04-14 00:38Guest 20you call Gods people degenerates,foolish mistake
2011-04-14 00:38Guest 14Satan and his followers are the ones he has plans for and you are talking more like one of his followers
2011-04-14 00:39Guest 20satan and his followers are Jews
2011-04-14 00:40Guest 14I have saved that link and will check it out later...
no sound
Jesus was a Jew
and his people are the Jews
2011-04-14 00:41Guest 20either your crazy,a liar or drunk,and maybe all three
2011-04-14 00:42Guest 14and he will set up his kinfdom in the land of the Jews
2011-04-14 00:42Guest 20read the bible before you talk about christianity
2011-04-14 00:42Guest 14you dont know the truth...better fix dont have much time left
2011-04-14 00:43Guest 7Ed can you put up the link to the 1802act pg 153 i believe
in the stats @large
2011-04-14 00:43Guest 14I read the bible everyday
why is there no he now off the air
don't worry G7...I will have President Turner check it out and explain it
2011-04-14 00:48EdClanofChattan
2011-04-14 00:48Guest 7cant rememberwhich page
here it is
bottom of page
153p vol. 2
thanks ed im tired gonna sleep now
2011-04-14 00:57EdClanofChattanLater folks. You are welcome back any time. ;)