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2010-12-29 21:12Daniel Kjust dont claim to be their corporation and let them settle the accounts for it
stay out of it, in my opinion
cant hear you fritz
2010-12-29 21:25EdClanofChattanCensay, Fritz is not on chat
2010-12-29 21:28Daniel Kits really hard to make out what he is saying
2010-12-29 21:28EdClanofChattanI know.
2010-12-29 21:38Guest 7ok
2010-12-29 21:41Daniel Kone thing people keep saying is that the constitution was just a corporate charter
and then they talk about how the 13 original colonies started as corporations owned by England?
so could you say equity = de facto ...and law = de jure???
2010-12-29 22:28Guest 13ok
2010-12-29 22:40Guest 10Where is that law that you are talking about
2010-12-29 22:41Daniel Khow do we convince others of this truth without coming accros as racist????
2010-12-29 22:41Guest 10I was logged in but I just started listening
2010-12-29 22:42Daniel Kstatutes at large 7th congress chapter XXVIII
hold on I will get the link
2010-12-29 22:42Guest 10Thank- you
2010-12-29 22:42Daniel K
2010-12-29 22:42Guest 10Thank-you
2010-12-29 22:42Daniel Kto get to the law he was just speaking about you must follow this....
click on "browse statutes at large"
then under Volume 2 click "title page"
then type in 153 where it says "turn to image" and click it
when you get to the page read the paragraph under XXVIII
2010-12-29 22:45Guest 10I got the link I am looking
2010-12-29 22:45Daniel Kyeah Ed I was just telling guest 10 how to get to the 1802 act
did you find it?
For all we know they may have just been waiting to hear those magic words...
2010-12-29 22:49Guest 10I am looking I will let you know
2010-12-29 22:57Daniel Kright because wouldnt the victim need to bring the charge under the law???
not a prosecutor...
just sneak an audio recorder in
like the people on Batmans call did
I was blessed to learn about this at a young age
Im 29.....and started learning this 3-4 years ago
thats why understanding is paramount
in my opinion
2010-12-29 23:14Guest 10Yes I did find it censay
2010-12-29 23:15Daniel Kyes....that law has NEVER been repealed
2010-12-29 23:15Guest 10how can we use that law effectively
2010-12-29 23:15Daniel Kwell, that law basically says who is the sovereign
so....since they are de facto and built their de facto copyrighted code on top our our de jure law.....they should honor it
because OUR law is the real law of this land!
2010-12-29 23:17Guest 10but is a statute actual law
2010-12-29 23:17Daniel Kthey just created a new law that looked and felt like our original law and tricked us into thinking it was the same but its wasnt
depends on what statute you are talking about
the ONLY law is the ORIGINAL Statutes at Large
2010-12-29 23:18Guest 10XXVIII
2010-12-29 23:19Daniel Kyes the whole set is the original laws of this land that go hand in hand with the constitution
the revised statutes at large are de facto, the USC is de facto, the USCA is defacto, CFR, is de facto....EVERYTHING except the
2010-12-29 23:20Guest 10This is very powerfull I need to study more before I offer any opinions
2010-12-29 23:20Daniel KORIGINAL statutes at large is de facto.....basically
because all of that is the NEW system the esquires created for themselves and tricked us into thinking it was the same as ours
why do you think its ALL copyrighted?
2010-12-29 23:22Guest 10The fraud is been uncovered slowly but very steady
2010-12-29 23:22Daniel Kour law could never be copyrighted, that should be a dead giveaway!
2010-12-29 23:23Guest 10You are correct
2010-12-29 23:23Daniel Kgood point ed ....agreed!
2010-12-29 23:24Guest 10We must work harder to fight
We are under martial law
2010-12-29 23:25Daniel Kthe victim would need to bring the charge and be a sovereign?
2010-12-29 23:26Guest 10How do we prove that attorneys are foreign
2010-12-29 23:26Daniel Kthey admit it
2010-12-29 23:27Guest 10How do they admit it
2010-12-29 23:27Daniel Kin thier own codes, not sure which one order to become an attorney they have to relinquish their national citizenship...
I have seen the code....just cant recall it....but its a fact
BAR stands for British Accredited Regency
2010-12-29 23:28Guest 12I just looked up the definitions for United States in Blacks 4th. It says we have 3. Any comments please.
2010-12-29 23:28Daniel Kthey become part of that system
2010-12-29 23:28Guest 10In order to fight them we must have proof on everything
2010-12-29 23:29Daniel Kde jure, de facto, and not sure of the third one
we do
guys....race is an issue that they want burried deep....deep down in deceit and lies
but why?
2010-12-29 23:31Guest 14they need a fall guy
2010-12-29 23:31Daniel Kbecause they dont want the "people" to ever wake up and take their country back
2010-12-29 23:32Guest 12Def : it maybe merely the name of a sovereign occupying
2010-12-29 23:32Guest 14someone to blame so you can say we aint got jobs cos of these foreigners/aliens etc
2010-12-29 23:32Guest 10That is happening all over the globe
2010-12-29 23:32Daniel Kalmost.....right....and the fall guy is the "white man"....histories bad guy!
2010-12-29 23:32Guest 14in america its currently the mexicans
in the uk its the muslims
in france its the algerians
in spain the moroccans
2010-12-29 23:34Guest 10WE got some problems
2010-12-29 23:34Daniel Kthey want to destroy the white man because once there are no more white people then there is also no more LAW
2010-12-29 23:34Guest 12the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in family of nations... this sentence is confusing
2010-12-29 23:34Guest 10It is called Zion
2010-12-29 23:34Daniel Kpeople in the patriot community mistake this as racist ....especially at first
2010-12-29 23:34Guest 14law does not revolve around the white man
2010-12-29 23:35Daniel KI am 29 yrs old and grew up in a melting pot of ALL races.....I love everyone, but the fact is they have hidden the truth by slandering and trying to
destroy white people
2010-12-29 23:36Guest 14colour does not dictate morality
2010-12-29 23:36Guest 10So is hiding the truth
2010-12-29 23:36Daniel Kthis is not my view, I didnt write the law, but the fact is this country was intended to be for the white man
thats just the facts
its not a racist thing.....the white man would treat everyone WAY better than what the de facto is doing my opinion
I am white and I am NOT racist, I have many ethnic friends...
but if we want to change the system on a whole this is how we must do it because this is what the law says
I didnt write it
the law says "free white person"....why does it say "free"?
2010-12-29 23:39Guest 12This may be true & accurate, but does anybody really believe this will ever happen in our liftimes?
2010-12-29 23:39Daniel Kif you do your history research, you will understand its because whites were enslaved back then as well
Yes.......exactly how is debatable
but it shouldnt matter that they are not white
I dont think the whites of this country wish to opress anyone!!
2010-12-29 23:41Alysmikmy mom was polish and my dad was greek. So am I white?
2010-12-29 23:41Guest 12Censay you are young & overly idealistic!
2010-12-29 23:42AlysmikI do tan nicely !!
2010-12-29 23:42Daniel Kmaybe.....but I have done the research and as far as the law I am right
2010-12-29 23:42Guest 10I am all Greek look how many problems we have
2010-12-29 23:42Daniel Kme last name is clearly italian
here is the thing guys......
2010-12-29 23:43Guest 12You must 1st get people to be lawful. We all do not possess the same intellects or mindset!
2010-12-29 23:43Daniel Kright but some do, only 80,000 changes prohibition.....I think its doeable....but people have to wake up
how can they prove you arent "white"???
2010-12-29 23:44AlysmikTrue what is the definition?
2010-12-29 23:44Guest 12Remember that the Italians were invaded by the Moors.
2010-12-29 23:45Guest 10Over 40 million on food stamps
2010-12-29 23:45Daniel KI know.....but again.....I look so called "white" can they prove I am not?
I really think even a black dude could make the claim to be white
to be "white"
isnt appearance prima facie???
2010-12-29 23:47Guest 10More all less we are all white look at a new born black baby look how a lot of black people the bottom of their are very white look at their palms
2010-12-29 23:47Daniel KListen Im not in this to opress ANYONE
2010-12-29 23:47Guest 12G10 6this society was framed into a welfare state & now they want to take it down. It is so easy as everybody is so dumbed down..
2010-12-29 23:47Daniel KI think we are all one....
but the founding fathers recognized that people of certain races do well with each other and tend to stick to each other as a natural law
2010-12-29 23:49Guest 102 percent of the planet is controlling the rest of us because we are not willing to do the right thing
2010-12-29 23:50Daniel Kso they did it for their people, thats all, no more no less
2010-12-29 23:50Guest 12Clinton is programming us for change just like Bush when he said "new world order" subliminal programming...
2010-12-29 23:51Guest 10478 thieves are controlling 308 plus million in the US
2010-12-29 23:51Guest 17anyone who is anyone in daily politics is owned bu the bankers
2010-12-29 23:51Daniel Kyes
2010-12-29 23:51Guest 12Really believe they want to give up control?
2010-12-29 23:52Guest 10we deserve exactly what we are getting
2010-12-29 23:52Daniel Kwhy do you think women and race are issues in this country?
2010-12-29 23:52Guest 17hence why we all on the hook to save their liquidity (solvency)
2010-12-29 23:52Daniel Kway MORE than other countries..
2010-12-29 - 972-217-0800
2010-12-29 23:53Guest 10Gas will be $5 dol. soon
2010-12-29 23:54Guest 12What are these decisions going to be? Let TSA undress us w/ the HS watching?
2010-12-29 23:55Guest 17sugar up over 60%, wheat flour up 50%
2010-12-29 23:56Guest 10Close your bank account take your money back take the power
2010-12-29 23:56Guest 12G10 if that happens it will cripple the country & just might be the final nail in the coffin!
2010-12-29 23:56Guest 17staples (which inflation should be based on) are up over 25% - but when you start including plasma screens and steel nails in your inflation calcs....
the value of money has sunk so low - hence why mums and dads have to juggle 2-3-4 jobs and still struggle
2010-12-29 23:57Guest 10close your bank account seize the power
2010-12-29 23:57Guest 12G17 yeah steel is wild. I have nails dbl in last yr.
2010-12-29 23:57Guest 17bretton woods - dollar pegged at $35 per ounce
look at the price today
what is it $1300 per oz
they'l have you believe its the price of gold gone up
2010-12-29 23:59Guest 12Ck copper
2010-12-30 00:01Guest 17good question - where are these cases?
2010-12-30 00:02Daniel KI heard he was a freemason, but thats hearsay
2010-12-30 00:03Guest 12Why does he want to go into ct?
2010-12-30 00:03Daniel Kwhat happened is they have discretion to do whatever they want in their system
2010-12-30 00:06Guest 12Did they walk out or get locked out?
2010-12-30 00:07Guest 18wake up 14 its 1412 an ounce lol
2010-12-30 00:14Daniel Kyes...agreed Ed....I love Rod....but the facts are the facts
and you cant mix law and equity
2010-12-30 00:16Guest 12Roosevelt was an elitist socialist to prep for WWII!
2010-12-30 00:17Guest 21I was guest 10 Igot logged out now I am # 21
2010-12-30 00:17Guest 12The banksters created Stalin, Hitler, & FDR
2010-12-30 00:18Daniel Kfor me its my parents...parents
2010-12-30 00:19Guest 12the banksters created the depression to be able to create the war>
Starve the people & they will capitulate!
2010-12-30 00:21Guest 21Askenazi zionists from the Ukraine Mongoloides from the mountains of Caucausos there fore the other name Caucasian instead of White
2010-12-30 00:22Guest 12Welcome the United States monarchy of corps!
2010-12-30 00:23Guest 21I dont think it has anything to do money does anybody know what is absolute power
2010-12-30 00:24Guest 12Presumed to o... not assumed too...
2010-12-30 00:26Guest 23They control with money. The big money writes their godless laws.
2010-12-30 00:27Guest 12Belligerents are enemies of the state!
2010-12-30 00:27Guest 23What is a belligerant?
2010-12-30 00:28Guest 12You can draw the line in the sand, but you had better be willing to cross over it!!
2010-12-30 00:31Guest 12Religion is the opiate of the people!
2010-12-30 00:31Guest 23The State 501 church.
2010-12-30 00:33Guest 23What is the root word of religion, I wonder?
But budies break the law all the time.
2010-12-30 00:38Guest 21My grandfather use to say is easy to be bad very difficult to be good
2010-12-30 00:38Guest 23Yeah they can experiment on you without your consent.
2010-12-30 00:44Guest 24f
2010-12-30 00:50EdClanofChattanReligion is a creation of man.
2010-12-30 00:59Guest 23How about a county, with a sheriff and judge married? Kinda creepy.
How about an attorney who saw the cuts and still gets you prosecuted?
Oh have I been set up by a thief.
2010-12-30 01:07Guest 244:00am is early in the mornning and booger bears come out late at night, not early in the morning. :)
2010-12-30 01:31tkscmTalkthis is an interesting conversation
thank you.
2010-12-30 01:34Guest 22this guy is one hell of a motor mouth.
White, White, White, White, White, White, hey Mr. White......
2010-12-30 01:58Guest 21Stay cool everybody