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2010-12-01 20:47EdClanofChattanGreetings folks ;)
2010-12-01 20:48flinwpahi Ed
2010-12-01 20:48EdClanofChattanAre you ready to pursue a little happiness?
2010-12-01 20:49flinwpai could use some
2010-12-01 20:50EdClanofChattanTrying to call in.
2010-12-01 20:50flinwpayes very good
just right
2010-12-01 20:52EdClanofChattanGot the boot
2010-12-01 20:53THE G-MANhello ed
2010-12-01 20:54EdClanofChattanHi G-Man ;)
News Alert! The 13 Bloodline Families have offered to pull the world out of financial ruin with their wealth as of Nov. 1, 2010.
Here is the link to the You Tube Vid where the subject is discussed.
"Great White Father" A name given to the president of the United
States by the indians.
2010-12-01 21:19etal.
2010-12-01 21:21EdClanofChattanSorry got the boot
I am having trouble reconnecting
2010-12-01 21:37Robert Saxonv
2010-12-01 21:40THE G-MANgoodnight ed
2010-12-01 21:40Guest 13Which call is that?
2010-12-01 21:42EdClanofChattanAm I coming thru?
I am clling back in
Just a sec folks
2010-12-01 21:47Guest 13Rob snt you an email.
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