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2010-11-24 20:50Daniel Keating brb
2010-11-24 20:55EdClanofChattanHey Balancing ;)
We are going to talk about "sovereignity" tonight
2010-11-24 21:00Daniel Kok...Im back.....hey Ed
coming through loud and clear
sound great here
yeah....I think this does sound better than last week
No ...Ed was good
you did a good job though
I went back and listened and understand completely, I think
so even the postive laws are ONLY legal evidence.....
yes...I have read it .....and its pretty simple
that was what I asked.....but you cant prove a can you prove it wasnt repealed?
yeah...those are easy to understand
my 8 year old could read it
you can basically just read the side notes and understand it.....but its really straight forward
it all makes sense now
but honestly I am not racist....there are civil black people and there are what about the civilized minority people?
so what if you just told a judge that there is a mistake and you came in honor to correct
then tell the judge that you are one of the posterity
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2010-11-24 21:59oldhobeWhere do we find the declaration?