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2010-11-17 20:58Guest 7I was Guest #7 on Pastor Dan's Show too!!
2010-11-17 20:58mackdogIm sure the trolls will attack here too
everyone be ready
2010-11-17 20:58Guest 7Hey Dan Johann Here!!
2010-11-17 20:59Danfromgahey Johann!
2010-11-17 20:59EdClanofChattanGood evening folks ;)
2010-11-17 20:59Guest 7Hey Mackdog Williams!! I was Guest #7 on Pastor Dan's Show too!!
2010-11-17 20:59Danfromgatried to say hello on Dan's show but talkshoe is kickin my butt tonite
2010-11-17 21:00VictorSwitzerGood evening.
2010-11-17 21:00Daniel KHow do I explain to my friend that the constitution is.....written in stone>?
2010-11-17 21:00falcon1evening fellas looks like i made it
2010-11-17 21:00Daniel Koh ya and hello all
2010-11-17 21:01VictorSwitzerbrb
2010-11-17 21:01falcon1books its suppose to be a living document
living as in non dying
2010-11-17 21:01Guest 8tell him moses did it
2010-11-17 21:01falcon1dial in ed
2010-11-17 21:01Guest 7Tell that to the Anti-Federalitst like Thomas Payne and Patrick Henry!!
2010-11-17 21:01Guest 13Hello All..GOD bless
2010-11-17 21:02Guest 7Tell that to the Anti-Federalists like Thomas Payne and Patrick Henry!!
2010-11-17 21:02Daniel Kloud and clear
sound great on my end
2010-11-17 21:03Danfromgai can hear
2010-11-17 21:03falcon1good here ed
2010-11-17 21:03mackdoggood
hello dan
2010-11-17 21:03Danfromgahey are ya?
2010-11-17 21:03Pastor DanHi
No sound here.
2010-11-17 21:03mackdoggood DanfromGa
2010-11-17 21:04Guest 13sound good here
2010-11-17 21:04Pastor DanIs Ed talking?
2010-11-17 21:04SonoftheMistHi folks.. Cmdr00 here
2010-11-17 21:04mackdogyes
2010-11-17 21:04Pastor DanYikes.
Guest I have to call in.
2010-11-17 21:04mackdogis that really you commander?
2010-11-17 21:04SonoftheMistNew handle
2010-11-17 21:04Guest 13i used 'troublke hearing 'fix'
2010-11-17 21:04mackdogok
2010-11-17 21:04Guest 7That's your Teamspeak Handle too!!
2010-11-17 21:04VictorSwitzerIt's nice to be able to move from one DSCI show to another. :D
2010-11-17 21:04SonoftheMistYep, mackdog, still playing with my "new" alice pack
2010-11-17 21:05mackdoglol
2010-11-17 21:05SonoftheMistYep, this is my first use of this handle
2010-11-17 21:05mackdogdont play with it too much or it will break lol
2010-11-17 21:05SonoftheMistOn TS that is
2010-11-17 21:05Guest 7That's your Teamspeak Handle too!!
2010-11-17 21:05mackdogyour dark blue now LOL
2010-11-17 21:05SonoftheMistDunno think so, it's USGI surp
Cool, I always liked blues
2010-11-17 21:05falcon1your fading ed
2010-11-17 21:05mackdoglouder ED!!!
2010-11-17 21:06Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:06Guest 7Two Hours?!?!?
2010-11-17 21:06SonoftheMistEdClanofChattan , bro , you need to *speak up* your little dog is as loud as you are
2010-11-17 21:06Pastor DanWow; good number of Saints for a premier!
2010-11-17 21:06Daniel KHOLD ON ED....ITS NOT RECORDING!!!
2010-11-17 21:06Legalman2012Ed! your coming over very soft
2010-11-17 21:06Daniel KED WAIT!!!!
2010-11-17 21:06Guest 18I suffer from erectile dysfunction, is this the ED forum chat?
2010-11-17 21:06Daniel KITs NOT Recording!!!
2010-11-17 21:07SonoftheMistHere go the trolls , Pastor Dan , now you can see how bad it is
2010-11-17 21:07Pastor DanStart the recorded EdClanofChattan
2010-11-17 21:07Daniel KED!!!!
2010-11-17 21:07VictorSwitzerYou're not recording!!!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Legalman2012Ahh!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Guest 18ED!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Daniel KSTOP!!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Legalman2012( poor ed
2010-11-17 21:07mackdogwell, this is a rough debut, but we'll be ok
2010-11-17 21:07Guest 18BONER PILLS!!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Legalman2012. =(
2010-11-17 21:07Guest 18aw legal can't get a boner either?
2010-11-17 21:07Daniel KITS NOT RECORDING!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Guest 18(
2010-11-17 21:07martin41I'm liking the the avatar.
2010-11-17 21:07mackdogdamnit, stupid trolls
2010-11-17 21:07Daniel KITS NOT RECORDING!!!
2010-11-17 21:07Pastor DanEd will have to give someelse admin rights to block detractors.
2010-11-17 21:07Legalman2012Ed the ccall it's recording
2010-11-17 21:07Daniel KITS NOT RECORDING!!!
2010-11-17 21:08Guest 18Boner not recording
2010-11-17 21:08SonoftheMistPastor Dan , every single Identity program is being terrorized by these head cases
2010-11-17 21:08Guest 7Ed is using a "Cheap" phone?
2010-11-17 21:08Daniel KITS NOT RECORDING!!!
2010-11-17 21:08Legalman2012ED ITS NOT RECORDING BROTHER!
2010-11-17 21:08Guest 18BONER
2010-11-17 21:08Guest 7Get on a Land Line!!
2010-11-17 21:08mackdogEdclanofchattan, please block guest 18
2010-11-17 21:08falcon1bam
2010-11-17 21:08MstevenyrGuest 18 is a troll
2010-11-17 21:08Daniel Kthere we go
2010-11-17 21:08SonoftheMistHe does not care, legal, L is *insane*
2010-11-17 21:08Daniel Ksorry....I wanted to get that first part was good
2010-11-17 21:09Guest 13aye-good show Now :-)
2010-11-17 21:09Pastor DanEsquires = jews
2010-11-17 21:10falcon1SPEAK UP ED
2010-11-17 21:10Pastor DanThe Art of War
2010-11-17 21:10mackdogwell, its his first show
2010-11-17 21:10martin41How does Esquire = jew?
2010-11-17 21:10falcon1ty
2010-11-17 21:10Guest 7Sound fluctuates and is Muffled!! get on a Good Land Line!!
No Cell Phones PLZ!!
2010-11-17 21:11mackdogguest 7, what handle do you normally go by?
2010-11-17 21:11Pastor DanAttorney, Lawyer, Esquire = titles of nobility
2010-11-17 21:11Daniel KYou should tell that story again ..for the recording
2010-11-17 21:11Legalman2012I'm fighting an Esquire, they are scared to reply
2010-11-17 21:11Pastor DanThey are elitists; so they like to have these titles.
2010-11-17 21:11Guest 7I usually go by "Guest"!!
2010-11-17 21:11Legalman2012Next step, charge them with the 8 counts of fraud they agreed to!
2010-11-17 21:12Guest 7I mostly listen to the archives.
2010-11-17 21:12mackdogoh
2010-11-17 21:13Guest 7French is not Ed's forte!!
2010-11-17 21:13SonoftheMistI always liked "esquire" sounds so genteel lol
2010-11-17 21:13Guest 7LOL!!
2010-11-17 21:13Guest 21I wish my name was Deshawn de la Shaune...esquire
2010-11-17 21:13Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:13SonoftheMist"A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it" (they never do)
2010-11-17 21:14Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:14Guest 7Tell that to the Anti-Federalists like Thomas Payne and Patrick Henry!!
2010-11-17 21:14Guest 21now we have a mudocracy
2010-11-17 21:14SonoftheMist(Ben Franklin quote for those who did not know)
2010-11-17 21:14falcon1of the people for the people
2010-11-17 21:14Guest 21of the mamzers for the mamzers now
2010-11-17 21:14SonoftheMistThe anti federalists lost
2010-11-17 21:15Guest 22they are in choas
2010-11-17 21:15SonoftheMistMe? i am a son of the confederacy
2010-11-17 21:15papacata boob-lick these days
2010-11-17 21:15Guest 21I'm not calling you a mamzer, I'm saying the US govnt is of the mamzers jews for the mamzer horde, not for whites
2010-11-17 21:15mackdog I just found a picture from Lindstedts early days...
2010-11-17 21:16SonoftheMistDeuteronomy 28 explains *why* this has happened
It is *our* fault
2010-11-17 21:16Guest 22what are mamzers? g21
2010-11-17 21:16SonoftheMistIt never would have happened if *we* had not turned against Yahweh and His ways
2010-11-17 21:16Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:17SonoftheMistMamzer = non Israelite, non white
2010-11-17 21:17Guest 22thank you
2010-11-17 21:17falcon1Deuteronomy 7 also
2010-11-17 21:17SonoftheMistMixed blood, specifically
2010-11-17 21:17Pastor DanMamzer = mixed breed
Mamzer = ancient Hebrew
2010-11-17 21:17falcon1allowing marriages with idle worshipers and cult followers
2010-11-17 21:18Guest 21this is lindstedt's childhood
2010-11-17 21:18Guest 13This is Our Fault!> We 'allowed' this to happen,,..the 'propaganda main stream media and the television 'one sided' lie eyetube..the radio false learn
2010-11-17 21:18Pastor DanThe Sixth Law of God, good book on the sin of race mixing.
2010-11-17 21:18Guest 22how did the times allow that? PD
2010-11-17 21:18SonoftheMistIf *we* had obeyed Yahweh then the kingdom would likely have already appeared
2010-11-17 21:19Guest 22temptations i got it
2010-11-17 21:19Pastor DanGood things are coming Commander, for those who love and obey Yahweh.
2010-11-17 21:20Guest 13nation=people=kinfolk
2010-11-17 21:20Pastor Dannation = people who share race, language, culture, heritage, religion, etc.
2010-11-17 21:20WFinneganyes Ed. :) I believe it's in the blood.
2010-11-17 21:20Guest 13race=Special People
2010-11-17 21:21mackdog.
2010-11-17 21:21Guest 13A perculier People
2010-11-17 21:21Pastor DanKeltoi in the Greek = peculiar people
Keltoi = Kelt
2010-11-17 21:21Guest 13ruddy
2010-11-17 21:21falcon1nokri
2010-11-17 21:21WFinnegantuathe de danu
2010-11-17 21:22Pastor DanThe People of Dan
2010-11-17 21:22WFinnegan:)
2010-11-17 21:22Pastor DanDan = judge
2010-11-17 21:22Guest 13aye:-)
2010-11-17 21:22Pastor DanHebrew
2010-11-17 21:22WFinneganI am Scott/Swede
2010-11-17 21:22Guest 13aye:-)
2010-11-17 21:22Guest 21Dairy=from a milk bearing animal
2010-11-17 21:22Pastor DanI am Welsh/Irish and German
2010-11-17 21:23WFinneganStop=hammer time
2010-11-17 21:23Guest 21LOL
2010-11-17 21:23Guest 22arnt all europeans white?
2010-11-17 21:24WFinneganno
2010-11-17 21:24Guest 1322>no
2010-11-17 21:24mackdogguest 22, european is just geographical
2010-11-17 21:24Daniel Kso what is white?
2010-11-17 21:24Pastor DanG22, they are supposed to be.
2010-11-17 21:24WFinneganAll Europeans are not created equal and thats what Ed is saying. Its why they came here.
2010-11-17 21:24Pastor DanEurope = white face in the ancient language.
2010-11-17 21:25WFinneganThey used to teach manifest destiny in schools....remember?
2010-11-17 21:25mackdogyeah, the jews are not white
2010-11-17 21:25falcon1yes our constitution is to quarantee a replublic form of government
2010-11-17 21:25Guest 13white=Sons&Daughter's of GOD
2010-11-17 21:25Pastor DanJews are Edom/Esau.
Obadiah 18 states their destiny.
2010-11-17 21:26Guest 23"Neither shall your name any more be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made you"
2010-11-17 21:26Pastor DanMany white, Caucasian nations did come from Abraham.
2010-11-17 21:27Guest 23Yes!
2010-11-17 21:27WFinneganmasonry was eseentially white and ours then they usurped it. The masons understood the blood and the race. They gave us US to protect the blood.
2010-11-17 21:27Pastor DanThere is an echo as well.
2010-11-17 21:27Guest 23Yes Dan
2010-11-17 21:27Guest 22ya echo
2010-11-17 21:28Guest 13Ed sounds good here..but caller has echo
2010-11-17 21:28SonoftheMistThese boots are *bad*
2010-11-17 21:28falcon1masonry was led by jews sorry
for bad news
2010-11-17 21:28SonoftheMistWFinnigan , yes, SwordBrethren and Finck covered masonry very well, it's back in the archives
Original masonry was nothing more than a builders guild
2010-11-17 21:29WFinneganthat is not what I believe falcon. We will agree to disagree then :)
2010-11-17 21:29SonoftheMistIt was subverted in the pre "French" Revolution era
2010-11-17 21:29Guest 13tops in ny,here Ed
2010-11-17 21:29Daniel Ksounds fine
2010-11-17 21:30WFinnegansome scottish tribes as well
2010-11-17 21:30SonoftheMistI have good sound
2010-11-17 21:30gunslinger748your clear on my end both of you
2010-11-17 21:30Guest 13You Both Noe excellent here>ny
2010-11-17 21:30falcon1the order of the masons was organized and pushed by the jews for control
2010-11-17 21:30martin41He sounds OK.
2010-11-17 21:30SonoftheMistOnly just prior to the so called "French" revolution, falcon
2010-11-17 21:31Guest 13i meant >now<
2010-11-17 21:31SonoftheMistBefore that the jews had nothing to do with Masonry
2010-11-17 21:31WFinneganthey infiltrate and subvert everything
2010-11-17 21:31gunslinger748but i am on the same network as ed is
2010-11-17 21:31martin41Not fantastic but, definetly OK.
2010-11-17 21:31WFinneganthat is just their soul.
we create they destroy
2010-11-17 21:31SonoftheMistOriginal Masonry was a white builder's guild for the purpose of protecting their trade from nobility-pressure and ripoffs
2010-11-17 21:32WFinnegan:)
2010-11-17 21:33mackdog.
2010-11-17 21:33SonoftheMistIf this keeps up I'll have to drop out for tonite
2010-11-17 21:33mackdogpeople are too busy watching niggerball, who thinks about a convention.
2010-11-17 21:34Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:34SonoftheMistGo back in these archives several months and look for the "French Revolution" programs
2010-11-17 21:34Guest 13manifest distiny=GOD direction/guidence
2010-11-17 21:34SonoftheMistToo bad we did not follow through, Guest 13
2010-11-17 21:35Guest 13yes>sad>:-(
2010-11-17 21:35Pastor DanEd, you have other callers.
2010-11-17 21:35SonoftheMistAll of North America down to the Panama Canal was/is *ours*
2010-11-17 21:35WFinneganyes 13
2010-11-17 21:35SonoftheMistLook at the defensibility of that terrain, if we had cleared it all out of non Israelites
2010-11-17 21:35Pastor DanEdClanofChattan; there are other callers on the line.
SonoftheMist; that is the New Jerusalem.
2010-11-17 21:36SonoftheMistWe could defend it with mostly marine patrols and one 45 mile long wall just South of the Canal
Yes Pastor Dan, and we *will* take it in the near futire
2010-11-17 21:36Pastor DanSonoftheMist; so true.
SonoftheMist; right.
2010-11-17 21:36SonoftheMistYahweh will give us the power, and we will serve
2010-11-17 21:37Guest 13newjerUSAem
2010-11-17 21:37Pastor DanIndeed, we will serve Him.
He will pour out blessings on His children!
2010-11-17 21:38irishkraut1a country without walls SInce our borders are not defended!
2010-11-17 21:38SonoftheMistNo more failures to do His will!
2010-11-17 21:38Guest 13Blessing or is UP to US:-)
2010-11-17 21:40SonoftheMistOur borders will shortly be defended by immortal saints with drawn swords
2010-11-17 21:40falcon1ed for a long time only land owners could vote
you had to be a citizen to own land
2010-11-17 21:40WFinneganragnarok
2010-11-17 21:40Guest 13yes yes
2010-11-17 21:41WFinnegan?
2010-11-17 21:41irishkraut1My grandparents generation had to SPONSER A person to move to the USA by paying to put people up from Ireland, support and had to guarantee to be
allwoed to BRING that person here from IReland
And get that person a JOB
2010-11-17 21:42WFinneganyep Irish and you made this place your own by sweat and dilligence
2010-11-17 21:42irishkraut1my DAD said his folks did that often...
2010-11-17 21:42Pastor Dan..
2010-11-17 21:42Guest 23If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from
2010-11-17 21:42WFinneganno free rides for you
2010-11-17 21:42Guest 23heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
2010-11-17 21:42WFinneganthe irish are awesome
2010-11-17 21:43SonoftheMist*We* allowed the jews and twisted false "christians" to destroy all of our immune systems such as immigration law
2010-11-17 21:43irishkraut1irish were discriminated against...NO DOGS OR IRISH!
2010-11-17 21:43Guest 13we were made to Fight and to Die...
2010-11-17 21:43irishkraut1BUT THEir descendants didn't think to sue for reparations now!
2010-11-17 21:43Pastor DanIreland is Ibernia
2010-11-17 21:43ourviewradiolisten to the most free discussion radio on politics alot of sarah palin talk.
2010-11-17 21:43Pastor DanIbernia = new land of the Hebrews
2010-11-17 21:44SonoftheMistI imagine the discrimination against the Irish was far worse than anything the mestizos "suffer", today
2010-11-17 21:44Pastor DanSpain = Iberia = land of the Hebrews
2010-11-17 21:44Guest 27I had a heck of a time logging onto this shoe
2010-11-17 21:44SonoftheMistPalin is a jewess
2010-11-17 21:44Pastor DanI never get sound when I log in.
2010-11-17 21:44WFinneganyep it surely was but they not only endured but thrived
2010-11-17 21:44irishkraut1I agree
2010-11-17 21:44Pastor DanI have to call in to hear.
2010-11-17 21:45Guest 27had to leave internet explorer and go with firefox
2010-11-17 21:45SonoftheMistSo next prez election will be a jewess against a half black, half jew? (Obongo)
What a wonderful non choice
2010-11-17 21:45Daryl UCCWhat would sovereignty have to do with slavery
2010-11-17 21:46Guest 28Sarah palin is a stupid bitch just like the tea party bitches
2010-11-17 21:46Guest 13pray Not...ap3?
2010-11-17 21:46irishkraut1THAnk YHWH White Europeans Are PROUD and hard working & don't act like VICTIMS
2010-11-17 21:46Guest 24the sound on the internet is clear, but the
sound on the phone is muffled
2010-11-17 21:46Daryl UCCWhat happened to the Indian
2010-11-17 21:46Guest 13aye..We know Pain
2010-11-17 21:46Daryl UCCI thought they were here first
2010-11-17 21:47Daniel Kits really not a race my opinion....they were just looking out for their "people"....
2010-11-17 21:47Daryl UCCWhat happened to their sovereignty
Who are the original sovereigns
2010-11-17 21:47irishkraut1whose?
2010-11-17 21:47Guest 241802 Naturalization Act, "that any alien being a free white person,....."
2010-11-17 21:47Daniel Klike Ed just happend to be white people that did it
2010-11-17 21:47SonoftheMistPastor Dan and I are TEA party
2010-11-17 21:48Guest 27indians were cleared out just like israelites were to clear out the refuse from palestine
2010-11-17 21:48Guest 13We were here 1st> esomos inavit kelled off the norse..history..probebly caabalic types
2010-11-17 21:48SonoftheMistThose who do nothing love to criticize those who do
2010-11-17 21:48Guest 29well the aryan people of the old south were victims,whether or not they act like it
2010-11-17 21:48SonoftheMistInjuns were not cleared out enough!
2010-11-17 21:48falcon1I sat in court recently and heard the judge snap I am the judge here there will be NO speaking of the constitution in MY court room
2010-11-17 21:49irishkraut1I read on internet indians were ralated to the south amer==icans?
2010-11-17 21:49falcon1judges are not voted in they are appointed=unconstitutional
2010-11-17 21:49Daniel Kright because he isnt using law
2010-11-17 21:49mackdogthat is messed up falcon
2010-11-17 21:49Daniel Khe cant
2010-11-17 21:49falcon1good luck with this ed
2010-11-17 21:49SonoftheMistAll injuns who fought us should have been shot, all who helped us should have been given a small reservation way down in Central America
2010-11-17 21:49Guest 13right falcon1=unconstitutional!
2010-11-17 21:50falcon1they follow maritime law or martial type law
2010-11-17 21:50SonoftheMistinjuns are "amerindians", yes related to Central and South American indians..
2010-11-17 21:50Guest 27right, this misguided white guilt over the redskin savages must be expunged
2010-11-17 21:50Pastor DanMany 'Indians' east of the Mississippi were Caucasians.
2010-11-17 21:50falcon1many proctors claim indian roots lol
2010-11-17 21:50Pastor DanThey were Israelites who came here hundreds of years ago.
2010-11-17 21:50irishkraut1YHWH GAve the Anglo Saxons Israelites the USA.
2010-11-17 21:51Pastor DanAdam was to tend the garden (gar in Hebrew); earth!
2010-11-17 21:51Guest 13yes=copper and other minerals..journeymen of old ship traders
2010-11-17 21:51Pastor DanGuest 13; yes!
they mined all of the copper from Lake Superior
2010-11-17 21:52Daniel Kso what qualifies as white?
2010-11-17 21:52Pastor DanThose who blush.
Pure Caucasians.
2010-11-17 21:52irishkraut1Did you know that ancient WELSh looks alot alot like ancient Hebrew
2010-11-17 21:53Pastor DanYes, Welsh is VERY similar to ancient Hebrew.
2010-11-17 21:53Daniel Kwhats that?
2010-11-17 21:53Guest 29thats right Irish before the civil war we had a wonderful home,country and people
2010-11-17 21:53SonoftheMistWelsh is as close to Hebrew as we have, today
2010-11-17 21:53Guest 29but thats not this america
2010-11-17 21:53Pastor DanSonoftheMist; right.
2010-11-17 21:53irishkraut1google the ancient OUR FATHER prayer in welsh
2010-11-17 21:54Pastor DanHalleluYah = all praise Yahweh
2010-11-17 21:54Guest 27crept in unawares
2010-11-17 21:54SonoftheMistToday not 40% of our population is true Israelite, IMO
And not but 1/3rd of those will survive
2010-11-17 21:54irishkraut1hebrew is the basis for the english language
2010-11-17 21:54Pastor DanMany traitors or race mixers among us.
2010-11-17 21:54Guest 13Praise Almighty Yahweh=AMEN
2010-11-17 21:54falcon1near the end times there will be a famine of the spoken word
2010-11-17 21:55SonoftheMistJust go to a personals site and look at people in the Northeast.. many of them say they are white but it's obvious they are not
2010-11-17 21:55Pastor Danirishkraut1; ancient Hebrew is the root for most of all of the languages of the white people.
2010-11-17 21:55SonoftheMistNew jersey is a good place to start
2010-11-17 21:56irishkraut1Don't most white european americans still marry/or have kids with the same
thanks pASTOR dAN
2010-11-17 21:56mackdogyeah commander, just watch jersey shores lol
2010-11-17 21:56Pastor DanMany do; but there are many who violate Yah's Laws.
2010-11-17 21:56Guest 13heck- the television keep's showing these 'other white's'...that Aer Not.. the dumb down 'whitey's' get 'confused' into beieveing a Lie..>look look >t
2010-11-17 21:57Pastor Dan2/3 of the Israelites will not make it.
2010-11-17 21:57Guest 29pastor dan can we be friends or hang with whites who are not pro christian idenity?
2010-11-17 21:57falcon1.
2010-11-17 21:57Guest 29is that sin?
2010-11-17 21:57falcon1.
2010-11-17 21:57Pastor Danguest 29; sure; how else do we reach them.
2010-11-17 21:58falcon1Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws.
2010-11-17 21:58SonoftheMistYes, but beware, 29, for many are traitors
2010-11-17 21:58falcon1Mayer Amsched Rothchild,
2010-11-17 21:58SonoftheMistThere are even traitors within identity
2010-11-17 21:59Guest 13David said =not You My Friend ect
2010-11-17 22:00Guest 271965 immigration act,undefended southern border,de-industrialization,abortion,gay rights/culture,feminism,sexual revolution-all tools of antichrist
2010-11-17 22:00Guest 29i like skinheads because there rasists but they're usually didn't like anything christian
2010-11-17 22:00irishkraut1I'm christian but growing up I'm mad that my catholic (false) church never told us the CI I know why my relatives said the things they did
about the jews
2010-11-17 22:01Guest 13know 'them' by thier Deeds=a good start of truth learning
2010-11-17 22:01irishkraut1I feel like we were lied to for SO long!
2010-11-17 22:01falcon1sure
2010-11-17 22:01Daryl UCCWhat are the certain things that you speak of
2010-11-17 22:01Guest 13We HAVe BEEN LIED TO FOR SOO LOOONG!
2010-11-17 22:02falcon1crumb by crumb till the whole pie is gone
2010-11-17 22:02Guest 29and Judo christians love "jesus" but hate rasism,its tough to be with like minds
2010-11-17 22:02Daryl UCCIs the speaker able to read the chat board
2010-11-17 22:02SonoftheMistAt this point only Yahweh can restore our freedoms, after we *repent*
2010-11-17 22:02irishkraut1WHy didn't my relatives tell us the whole truth...maybe they didn't understand it all
2010-11-17 22:02falcon1that or ethnic cleansing along with killing the fed
2010-11-17 22:02SonoftheMistAnything else is ego
2010-11-17 22:02falcon1the fed is a great start
2010-11-17 22:02Guest 13a tiome to die, a time to kill, a time to cry, atime to heal..ECT
2010-11-17 22:03SonoftheMistI will fight, but not without Yahweh
2010-11-17 22:03Daryl UCCNo you acquiesce into it when you started using their Fiat money
You have a birth certificate of a Social Security card as proof of it
2010-11-17 22:04SonoftheMistYahweh's hand is upon this land until all His chosen *repent*
2010-11-17 22:04falcon1ed i believe they are soon to have a fire sale
once they get every pennie
2010-11-17 22:04Daryl UCCNot to mention a drivers license
2010-11-17 22:04SonoftheMistYahweh's hand is upon this land, His curses will continue until all His chosen repent
2010-11-17 22:05Guest 13We are Starting to WAke UP From A Deep Deep Slumber..awake awake!
2010-11-17 22:05irishkraut1Just received my new NWO eye scanner drivers IL license...whatever they call it
2010-11-17 22:05Daniel Kdid he say according to the 1802 act must declare your sovereignty?
2010-11-17 22:05Guest 29we need gold,i want to pan for it i think one day,its better then working for walmart
2010-11-17 22:06Daryl UCCThey actually have to relinquish their citizenship
2010-11-17 22:06SonoftheMistZOG is Yahweh's curse upon us. No man or group can overturn it without His will
2010-11-17 22:06Daryl UCCAnd they operate under the UN
2010-11-17 22:06Daniel you would need to declare to the court that you are a "free white" person and you are under the law, right?
2010-11-17 22:06SonoftheMistTry it, will send you postcards
2010-11-17 22:07falcon1mist there will always be sin against God, so,
i think its up to him
2010-11-17 22:07mackdog(b)
2010-11-17 22:07SonoftheMistYahweh has told us what we must do. We have yet to do it. It has little to do with these technicalities
2010-11-17 22:07Guest 29beer nazi
2010-11-17 22:08SonoftheMistPass one down, mackdog
2010-11-17 22:08Daryl UCCYou are under military law that's why the courts fly the flag with the gold fringes
2010-11-17 22:08irishkraut1lol mackdog!
2010-11-17 22:08mackdogLOL
2010-11-17 22:08Guest 27all formerly white countries having a mud flood of 3rd world nonwhites, a vast conspiracy by SATAN to destroy adamites/israelites
2010-11-17 22:08falcon1daryl correct
2010-11-17 22:08mackdog(b) (b)
2010-11-17 22:08Daryl UCCWhat is this guy talking about
2010-11-17 22:08mackdogone broke lol
2010-11-17 22:08irishkraut1Irekl is now broke like Iceland
2010-11-17 22:08Guest 31Judo christians Jew or Christian not both.
2010-11-17 22:09SonoftheMistActually Yahweh has *allowed* the invasion. Read Deuteronomy 28
2010-11-17 22:09Guest 13Yahweh will bring Down Holy Fire!
2010-11-17 22:09Daryl UCCI would like to know where you're getting all your information
2010-11-17 22:09SonoftheMistSatan can do nothing unless Yahweh allows it
2010-11-17 22:09falcon1ed read chatroom duh
2010-11-17 22:09Daryl UCCNo you have not I am totally confused
2010-11-17 22:09Guest 29ed was the old south a holy land or not?
2010-11-17 22:09Guest 13Vewry Nice HJOB ED THANK YOU:_0
2010-11-17 22:09Guest 32OK back on.
2010-11-17 22:09Daniel Kso we know that the statutes at large still apply because they were never repealed,right?
2010-11-17 22:10SonoftheMistThe issue is *our sin* not some dissertation on men's laws
2010-11-17 22:10irishkraut1Looked at forum at videos of LArge immigration in EUropeans in Western Europe. WOW! Very surprising!
2010-11-17 22:10Guest 32..
Pastor Dan here, LOL.
2010-11-17 22:11Guest 29if we had another henry ford we could get our country back
2010-11-17 22:11Guest 32Show me (Missouri)
2010-11-17 22:12SonoftheMistHenry Ford eventually failed
2010-11-17 22:12mackdogcommander, I dont know how many people are understanding what you are saying, its too hard for beginners LOL
2010-11-17 22:12irishkraut1good pint GUest 29
2010-11-17 22:12falcon1Doubt it 29, many dont even read the cars owners manual
2010-11-17 22:12Daryl UCC
2010-11-17 22:12SonoftheMistmackdog, actually it's bible 101
2010-11-17 22:12mackdogi know
2010-11-17 22:12SonoftheMist*repentance*
2010-11-17 22:12falcon1we are being taxed to death
2010-11-17 22:12Guest 29henry fordS manual was the PROTOCLS
2010-11-17 22:13falcon1i know 29
2010-11-17 22:13mackdogbut it took ME a while to get it when I was new to CI
2010-11-17 22:13SonoftheMistYou can protest and get active all you want but if we as a people do not repent, Yahweh will not bless your efforts
2010-11-17 22:13irishkraut1is that a book by FOrd
2010-11-17 22:13SonoftheMistI speak as an activist
2010-11-17 22:13Guest 13the 'buddy' system> jews and blacks(colored folks) have unity..Whitey keep's fighting Amongst his Kinfolk People!
2010-11-17 22:14Guest 31Ashkenazi Jews
2010-11-17 22:14SonoftheMistThe only activism that has borne fruit lately is the 2nd amendment. That should tell you something
2010-11-17 22:14irishkraut1awhile ago I read is the title the International Jew by him
2010-11-17 22:14Guest 13thats how luther got into his 'troble' .letting the bible be for everyone
2010-11-17 22:14Daryl UCCI have a 10 volume audio book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the new deal it's free to all that wishes to download it's a little more accurate than
2010-11-17 22:15falcon1rosenfelt was a jew
2010-11-17 22:15Guest 29NO thats the commadments of the god dam jews,irish
2010-11-17 22:15irishkraut1oh my bad
2010-11-17 22:15Guest 32NEVER SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS!!!
2010-11-17 22:15falcon1many of our presidents had either english royal bloodline or jew bloodline
most all
2010-11-17 22:16SonoftheMistIt's coming down to a fight and if you do not fight you and yours will die. Yahweh will not allow us any other way out, for our sins
2010-11-17 22:16Guest 32Jews everywhere!
2010-11-17 22:16Guest 27well,it seems the WASP masonic elite sold us out
2010-11-17 22:16falcon1even oBama is
2010-11-17 22:16Guest 13fdr was an American dictator
2010-11-17 22:16falcon1half jew
fdr was a jew
2010-11-17 22:16Daryl UCC
2010-11-17 22:16Guest 32FDR was scum!
His body should be dug up and burned!
2010-11-17 22:17Daryl UCCYes 30 to hear some audio literature on Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2010-11-17 22:17SonoftheMistMost Israelites will die in what is coming, for their evil. This will not be solved via politics
2010-11-17 22:17Guest 13yes..most don't know that truth..many other's=Going to 'christian churches' to >>>FOOL us into Believing a Lie.. non Christian Pretending>FAKING!.Liar
2010-11-17 22:17Guest 29FDR was a JEW YORKER of cause he was scum
2010-11-17 22:18SonoftheMistRead Isaiah 13
mackdog has
He knows
2010-11-17 22:18Daniel Kwhat if the judge just runs over this like they do most everything else?
2010-11-17 22:18Guest 13He was A fiolty Adul;terater..his 'live in 'girlfriend,,,>IKE Also..Trash!
2010-11-17 22:18falcon1mist some of us will be beheaded
2010-11-17 22:18SonoftheMistYes, many will die
2010-11-17 22:19Guest 32Civil disobedience; 'force' them to behave!
2010-11-17 22:19falcon1guillotines are already here did u know that
2010-11-17 22:19SonoftheMistYes, of course, they are 30 miles from me
2010-11-17 22:19Guest 32the guillotines will be for THEM.
2010-11-17 22:19Guest 31Ashkenazi Jews send them back to Mongolia
2010-11-17 22:19Daryl UCCBut they have monetize your birth certificate and Social Security number to pay for the debt
2010-11-17 22:20Guest 32Battery on phone died Ed.
2010-11-17 22:20Guest 31Ashkenazi Jews send them back to Mongolia
2010-11-17 22:20Guest 27the tares must be bundled and burned
2010-11-17 22:20SonoftheMistIt's hard to behead a 7.62 NATO
2010-11-17 22:20Guest 32Time for bed; early up for work.
Yahweh bless one and all.
2010-11-17 22:20mackdogcommander, I dont think that guillitine thing in accurate...
2010-11-17 22:20Guest 32Keep up the good work Ed!!! Yahweh bless you always.
2010-11-17 22:20SonoftheMistYahweh bless 32
2010-11-17 22:20Daryl UCCWhat foreigners are you talking about the Europeans
2010-11-17 22:20Daniel Khonestly I think anyone who declares to be "white" can use the law.....can they prove your white or not?
2010-11-17 22:20falcon1they did that with the kenyan prez ed
oey vey!
2010-11-17 22:21SonoftheMistmackdog, if it is I would not doubt it (I saw the pro/con stuff)
2010-11-17 22:21mackdogit takes too long to kill someone that way.
too inneffecient
2010-11-17 22:21irishkraut1thought it was quick
2010-11-17 22:21SonoftheMistNo head makes dead pretty quick!
2010-11-17 22:21Guest 2932 civil disobedience that guy who wrote that book hang out with ralph emerson who praised john brown
2010-11-17 22:21falcon1colorado is setting up common law courts as we speak ed
2010-11-17 22:21SonoftheMistOf course Ed's ankle biter could do the job.. lol
2010-11-17 22:21Daniel Kif you say you are....unless its rebutted with evidence ...its true, right?
2010-11-17 22:22SonoftheMistrrrrrrrrr
2010-11-17 22:22Daryl UCCHe means those people that sit on the bench that has an expatriated
2010-11-17 22:22SonoftheMistWho would believe that a ZOG judge would rule rightly? They are bought and paid for!
2010-11-17 22:22falcon1ed they know this
2010-11-17 22:23SonoftheMistOnly Yahweh's power and our obedience can bring the kingdom
2010-11-17 22:23Guest 27when jewry was expelled over 100 times in history,there was no distinction between "good" and "bad" jews,they all had to go
2010-11-17 22:23falcon1yes but the eagle staff on top signifies a corporate america not sovereign
2010-11-17 22:23SonoftheMistThere is no "good" jew
2010-11-17 22:23Guest 13Right/Yes=sonofmist
2010-11-17 22:23mackdoghow are you gonna get white people to be obedient commander?
2010-11-17 22:24Daryl UCCThe declaration is not applicable in this case because their fly a military flag which puts you under military law
2010-11-17 22:24SonoftheMistI don't have to, mackdog.. Yahweh will save whom he will, the rest are *toast*
2010-11-17 22:24Daniel Kso what is white.....white skin?.....there is lots of different shades of white....??
2010-11-17 22:24Guest 27its disgusting,soo many jews leading truther/patriot groups,then whites are lulled into believing some of them are okay..
2010-11-17 22:24mackdogyeah, its mostly line breeding
2010-11-17 22:24SonoftheMist2/3rds of us are the walking dead, and I assert that we are at most 40% of the US population right now
2010-11-17 22:24JerelAnd the Jew Supreme Court is going to do this, right?
2010-11-17 22:25Daryl UCCThey fly on military flag and choke you with the 11th amendment
Scott straddling the fence
2010-11-17 22:25SonoftheMistThere's another 20% masquerading as "white"
2010-11-17 22:25falcon1yes commander terry is in jail right now for exercising his rights
2010-11-17 22:25Daniel Kwhat is white?
2010-11-17 22:26Daryl UCCI would like to see that, he's law loses ass big-time
2010-11-17 22:26Guest 13use your eye's balacing book>make your own inturprtation to your deduction of your question..i'd say
2010-11-17 22:26mackdoghad to look that one up in my pocket constitution darylUCC lol
2010-11-17 22:26SonoftheMistfalcon1 , trying this route is folly.. but I will send them postcards
2010-11-17 22:26Guest 27all the phoney,sham jews who are "anti-zionist",mostly they are trying to cah in on patriots' donations
2010-11-17 22:27SonoftheMistYashua said *render unto Caesar what is Caesars*
2010-11-17 22:27Daniel Kyes ....but "white" what the hell is that? Does that just mean white skin? Or are you talking like a strict Hilter blone hair blue eyed white?
2010-11-17 22:27falcon1hmm well it also says not to cast perls before swine
2010-11-17 22:27SonoftheMistDo that and move on, teach *repentance* and preparation for the kingdom
2010-11-17 22:27Guest 13and to GOD What is GOD!
2010-11-17 22:27SonoftheMistBalancing Books, I will use the word "Israelite" instead.. OK?
2010-11-17 22:28Guest 13Yahweh!
2010-11-17 22:28Guest 29the gilded age of america was when this country had no land taxs
2010-11-17 22:28SonoftheMistJust using a term that most newbies will understand
2010-11-17 22:28falcon1the supreme court will not answer you wake up ed
2010-11-17 22:28Daniel Ksorry....what does an Israelite look like....?
2010-11-17 22:28SonoftheMistCan we get a postcards bulk buy?
2010-11-17 22:28falcon1lol mist
2010-11-17 22:29SonoftheMistBalancing Books, Europeans are the so called "Lost Tribes of Israel" start there
2010-11-17 22:29falcon1we can use bottle caps as coins mist
2010-11-17 22:29SonoftheMistOK, maybe they can get a free coke that way
2010-11-17 22:29Daniel Kalright
2010-11-17 22:29Guest 29what does an israelite look like?ALOPH HITLER SIEG HEIL
2010-11-17 22:29SonoftheMistJews are not Israelites, but they are outright imposters
2010-11-17 22:30falcon1the 12 tribes of jacob israel are
2010-11-17 22:30irishkraut1A European cuacasian
2010-11-17 22:30Guest 31Israelites = Caucasian
2010-11-17 22:30mackdogguest 29, an Isrealite is a caucasian person...
2010-11-17 22:31irishkraut1mistyped
2010-11-17 22:31SonoftheMist
2010-11-17 22:31Daniel Kso if you are white with brown hair and brown that white?
2010-11-17 22:31irishkraut1WHITE skin....eurorean or caucasian skin and features
2010-11-17 22:31SonoftheMistThere is a good short missive on whay the jews cannot be Israel
2010-11-17 22:32Guest 3113 tribes Israelites = Caucasian
2010-11-17 22:32SonoftheMistBalancing Books, I have brown hair, green eyes and I am an Israelite
Can you blush? Then you are an Adamic and likely an Israelite
2010-11-17 22:32Guest 13Whites have many hair colors, ect
2010-11-17 22:32irishkraut1blonde red or Brunette hair blue green or brown eyes
2010-11-17 22:32falcon1non jew non asain no africans
2010-11-17 22:33irishkraut1or hazel
2010-11-17 22:33Guest 29Well does your last name end with STEIN?
2010-11-17 22:33SonoftheMistListen to these archives, Balancing Books
2010-11-17 22:33Guest 13Very GOOD Job ED=thank You Host
2010-11-17 22:33SonoftheMist
2010-11-17 22:33Daniel Kgood question
2010-11-17 22:33irishkraut1yes pale skin brunette and blue eyed 3/4 IRISH AND 1/4 GERMAN
2010-11-17 22:35Daniel Kbut when we are in THEIR court...they have us in our house with a gun to our head
2010-11-17 22:35mackdog.
2010-11-17 22:35falcon1we have been commanded to smash there temples destroy there idles and to kill them and bring them to christ's feet
2010-11-17 22:35SonoftheMistOK, well I have stated what Yahweh's word tells us, that we must *repent* of violating His ways, *before* he will help us
2010-11-17 22:35falcon1what more needs to be said?
2010-11-17 22:35mackdogis there anything in the constitution about supporting Israel??
2010-11-17 22:35Daniel Khow will we enforce this....seems like they would just walk over this just like they do many processes
2010-11-17 22:36mackdogI wonder why we support them then...
2010-11-17 22:36SonoftheMistAnyone who acts without Yahweh's will and orders will not receive His protection. I will still send you postcards
mackdog, of course not. GW warned against entangling alliances
2010-11-17 22:37Guest 13$3 billion/yr and now the multi billion 35 fighters...=more more eg,,give 'em More...sad
2010-11-17 22:37mackdogi know, i was being a smart ass lol
2010-11-17 22:37SonoftheMistAs for me I will wait for Yahweh's orders
You, mackdog? naw lol
2010-11-17 22:37falcon1And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor
2010-11-17 22:37Guest 31Adam = red in the face = Caucasian
2010-11-17 22:38mackdogIll have to look in my pocket constitution and see if I can find it...brb
2010-11-17 22:38SonoftheMist*And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee;* EXACTLY
2010-11-17 22:38falcon1ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.
2010-11-17 22:38irishkraut1and raised believing in YHWH!
2010-11-17 22:38Guest 13moses messed that up..didn't he hmmm
2010-11-17 22:38falcon1mist this sounds like his word to me
2010-11-17 22:38SonoftheMistThey are not delivered, quite yet. *Repent and teach repentance* for now
2010-11-17 22:39Guest 13for The KINGDOM is at Hand
2010-11-17 22:39Guest 27world jewry is the synagogue of satan
2010-11-17 22:39SonoftheMistOur Day will come and it will not be by begging Satan's government to allow us our liberties back
2010-11-17 22:39falcon1mist they are here no yes?
we have failed already
2010-11-17 22:40SonoftheMistThe wicked, yes. But Yahweh has not yet ordered the war. you can always defend yourself however
2010-11-17 22:40falcon1you can take that 2 ways
2010-11-17 22:40SonoftheMistLook at every man who has risen up.. what has been their fate?
Yahweh has not protected one of them as he did Samson
2010-11-17 22:40falcon1that is key man not men
if many men rise up hey
im waiting also
2010-11-17 22:41SonoftheMistA band of immoral men will not be protected
Tell me where you can find a mere 5 men you could trust in this?
2010-11-17 22:41mackdogHAC will probably not be protected then
2010-11-17 22:41Guest 13obey=Blessings, Disobey=curses..simple =free chice=you decide
2010-11-17 22:42SonoftheMistAs I said, I will send postcards and maybe some snack money
After we repent, after much more correction comes, then the dross will be purged and His Ezekiel army will rise
Make no mistake, we have not seen anything yet
2010-11-17 22:43falcon1if those days not be shorten for mansake
this tells me many will never repent mist
impossible for all
2010-11-17 22:44SonoftheMistYes, most will never repent. Read the story of Gideon and his army
Yahweh pared it down from 30,000 to 300 and they won
2010-11-17 22:44falcon1you are asking a blood brethren to repent lol
2010-11-17 22:45SonoftheMistWe all need to repent
2010-11-17 22:45Guest 13Only Noe/noah was a GODLY man,in all his ways..walking with Yehwah
2010-11-17 22:45falcon1yes but we all will not
2010-11-17 22:45SonoftheMistNot one of us is without sin
Those who will not repent are toast
Luke 19
2010-11-17 22:45falcon1believe me it was already prophetic when he spoke the word
done deal
2010-11-17 22:46mackdogcommander, arent you exhausted from typing so much? lol
2010-11-17 22:46Guest 13noah 'floated' the rest were 'toast'Drowned
2010-11-17 22:46SonoftheMistMackdog, my keyboard is worn out lol
2010-11-17 22:46falcon1nothing u or i can change that
2010-11-17 22:46mackdogill bet lol
2010-11-17 22:46Guest 29HAA
2010-11-17 22:46SonoftheMist*27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.*
2010-11-17 22:46falcon1but if it makes u feel better mist i will be there with u
2010-11-17 22:47SonoftheMistI will welcome you, falcon1
2010-11-17 22:47Daniel Kso ...sovereign citizen is NOT a oxymoron?????
2010-11-17 22:47mackdoggnight all
2010-11-17 22:47SonoftheMistYahweh bless, and goodnight
2010-11-17 22:48Guest 13Yehweh Bless=AMEN
2010-11-17 22:48Daniel Kso they really have been hiding race all along....and that was the issue
2010-11-17 22:49falcon1exercise your constitutional rights ED and find yourself in JAIL like terry latkin
2010-11-17 22:49Daniel Kor not so much race......but just being white
How do we know the Statutes at Large still apply? Because they were never repealed? Where do I research this?
How do we know the Statutes at Large still apply? Because they were never repealed? Where do I research this?
2010-11-17 22:52Guest 27red beckman has been at this for a long time,whatever happened to the Pace amendment that pastor Butler used to talk about?
2010-11-17 22:56Guest 29the good old jew york
2010-11-17 22:57Guest 13lies..deliberate 'dumb down lies to the masses
Especially Religion And Education
and History!
2010-11-17 22:59Guest 29if pastor bulter and DR.wesely swift were still around i think zog in america would be on the run 27 if not dead
2010-11-17 22:59Daniel KI am going to write down a list of questions for the next call, Ed...
How do we know the Statutes at Large still apply? Because they were never repealed? Where do I research this?
2010-11-17 23:00Guest 27red beckman wrote in his book,THE CHURCH DECIEVED, that the jews deserved the holocaust for worshipping satan
2010-11-17 23:00Daniel KEd??
2010-11-17 23:01Guest 13'they' invaded the church>long ago
2010-11-17 972-2170800
2010-11-17 23:01Guest 29i would like to read that book 27
sounds up my alley
2010-11-17 23:02Guest 27of course Beckman caught flak from ADL,SPLC
2010-11-17 23:02EdClanofChattanfyffe
2010-11-17 23:04Daniel KYES I WANT THAT!!
these are the Statutes at Large
2010-11-17 23:05Guest 272 books by B.F.JACKSON, THE MYSTERY OF SATAN AND THE DEVIL, and THE MYSTERY OF THE SERPENT, both are available for free on the internet
2010-11-17 23:05Daniel KSo how do we get that declaration from you Ed?
2010-11-17 23:05Guest 29whos bf jackson
well sounds like a good book
2010-11-17 23:06Guest 27old school christian israel teacher from the early 1950s g29,those books will blow your mind!
2010-11-17 23:07irishkraut1thanksfor book info
2010-11-17 23:08Guest 29the mystery of the serpent,thats like DR.swift or something
2010-11-17 23:08Guest 27jackson picked up the story pf JAMES C. HOLLENBECK's antichrist-super deciever on the world scene,from the late 1940s
2010-11-17 23:09irishkraut1hey balbooks thanks for website info too
2010-11-17 23:09Guest 27jackson taught that SATAN is the temporal jewish blackmagic kabballah Grandmaster on earth,prince abdul baraba baha was that satan until 1959
satan's world headquarters was in LHASA,TIBET until 1950s,then moved to Tel Aviv,israeli;probably tied up with the bahai new-age UN church
2010-11-17 23:12Guest 29when i die and find out how deep the jews run the world and my life from birth,i'm going to be shocked
2010-11-17 23:12irishkraut1very interesting
will read
2010-11-17 23:13Guest 27swift talked about baha,hollenbeck,b.f.jackson
prince baha died in 1959,but who did he sire?could obama and/or maitreya who materialized in kenya in 1988 be wrapped up in this?
2010-11-17 23:14Guest 29b f jackson im going to check him out
2010-11-17 23:15Guest 27and what about sanat kumara,supposedly hiding out in the etheric plane/shambala over the gobi desert..
2010-11-17 23:15irishkraut1in the book does Saatan possess that person who doesthat person accept Satan to enter theeir body?
2010-11-17 23:16Guest 27its real deep irishkraut,yeah,then when one kabballah grandmaster dies,another takes his place
2010-11-17 23:16Guest 36youre playing a game with creatures that would drink your grandchilds blood.... old man.
2010-11-17 23:17irishkraut1ok thaks
2010-11-17 23:19Guest 27i beleive the jackson books online are available at and
2010-11-17 23:19irishkraut1EdClanofchattan I'm new to CI how before I can hear a rebroadcast of your show...I missed the first part of your show
2010-11-17 23:19Guest 29are they audio or do you have to read it
2010-11-17 23:20Guest 13Good Night ED, Everyone
2010-11-17 23:20Guest 27they are text,long reads
2010-11-17 23:20Guest 29b f jackson books?
2010-11-17 23:20Guest 35Ed: What is your email addresas and phone number?
2010-11-17 23:20Guest 29oh
2010-11-17 23:21Guest 27yes 29
2010-11-17 23:21Guest 29i like audio
2010-11-17 23:21irishkraut1Ed good show bye
2010-11-17 972-217-0800
2010-11-17 23:22Guest 29dixie ed thanks man,good stuff
2010-11-17 23:22Guest 35Thanks Ed
2010-11-17 23:22Guest 27thanks for the show/forum ed
2010-11-17 23:23EdClanofChattanEveryone is welome to come back any time ;)
2010-11-17 23:59Guest 39when will the recording be posted?