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2016-05-03 16:15Guest 2(C)
2016-05-03 16:16EdClanofChattanHello, just testing a VOIP phone right now
2016-05-03 16:16Guest 2*OK*
2016-05-03 16:17EdClanofChattanI will be having a program wed. nite at 9:00 pm Est here. If you won't come back to hear our program.
2016-05-03 16:19Guest 2the local municipalities need to focus on passing their own laws and say fuck you to the Gov.
fuck the rule of law.
i'm no legal expert but couldn't municipalities establish themselves as corporate charters?
use the rules against these bastards
well corporations are established as people.
use corporate law to side step many of the nasty laws of the federal government?
sorry lol
came out wrong.
such as side stepping affirmative action laws
or HUD
using corporate loopholes.
we the people are less equal to 'corporate persons'
I understand.
"some animals are more equal than others"
You are talking about restoring law and order to it's original framework. I am talking about using their framework against them.
Maybe I'm ignorant on these things.
Current framework.
what they established.
it's more futile than bringing back the gold standard?
Let's not forget we are dealing with people that interpret the 2nd amendment as non applicable in this day and age.
They are openly talking about this now.
Now that Scalia is gone, they will override his 'opinion'.
so this is just the fringe lunatics making nose on the internet?
The Bolsheviks will kill the both of us if they could get away with it.
Ted Cruz is a dominionist scumbag lol
Trump won't do anything.
He will be a Reagan 2.0
would he?
What do you make of the Neocons who are all against Trump? Or is that all smoke and mirrors?
If the Neocons are against Trump then Trump isn't that bad.
Foreign policy, AIPAC has a stranglehold on this Gov.
They'll strongarm Trump to their bidding.
What do you think of the military declaring martial law and physically removing those guilty of treason? I know they won't, just playing (6) advocate.
Yes, agreed.
Will do.
There are a few other shows on talkshoe with similar subject manner. Are you affiliated with them?
Yes, they have an agenda.
It's subversive. Their agenda.
They're getting people in trouble by making them believe they are able to practice common law in federal courts.
Off the subject.. You should give fellow talkshoe resident Pastor Martin Lindstedt some help with his court case against Bryan Reo. :)
Glad I found your show Ed. (y)