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TS-1113223 0.500:04:16Y2016-09-23EPISODE220 - Please tune to 131164 on Fri nights at 7 or 7:30 E pm..Hi guys I have been guest hosting on Sonya's show lately so you can get the past ones and join in the live ones if you choose. Continuing the cause of action and building the foundation needed to "Reconstruct" the minds and knowledge of the people so they will use the laws created to "secure these Rights" and manage their public servants to perform in accordance with the provisions of the office of public trust which they hold.
TS-1102000 18.202:42:18Y2016-08-10EPISODE219 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDiscussion of whatever comes up with my new friends from Anastasia
TS-1085988 33.204:45:39Y2016-06-07EPISODE218 - The American Reconstruction ProjectColin is having a great discussion with Berry (legalbear), Amanda Henley, Carter Hudgens, so let the cream rise to the top.
TS-1036573 14.102:01:06Y2015-12-12EPISODE210 - open for questions The American Reconstruction ProjectCovered a lot last week so the show will be open for questions. Please write them down and put them in the chat or call in and I will write them down and then address them. if chat is off subject I will shut it down and if you can not be cordial and wait, hit star 8 so I can let you in .. it will also be blocked... I have been challenged to do a show in under 2 hours and you know how I like a challenge.. so lets rock this duty we have to correct our Government and make this truly a country worthy of its name. Blessings all. Many ways to accomplish a task we present one or more of those ways, and are always open to better, more effective ways.. Do your homework, foundation and your house will stand the storm easily.
TS-1034542 34.404:58:01Y2015-12-05EPISODE209 -From the beginning, overview. Knowledge, Stratigy, ExicutionSpecial Show Tonight, Saturday at 9 PM Eastern: New people new interest, new harvest. Thus, from the beginning. How did we get here and how do we get it back. We are all victims of our own ignorance, facilitated and encouraged yes, but we ultimately are in control. It is ours, all of it and always has been. The public servants are not our enemies unless you make them so. They are victims too and like you just do not know it. Bullies are bullies and many times it comes from frustration of not feeling in control of ones life so they impose upon others. By relieving that frustration we will become brothers and sisters again. Knowledge is the key, Strategy is the solution and Execution the manifesting. Step by step beginning with the foundation we can Reconstruct that which was once only a dream, brought into reality and lost to bullies and thieves. Now is our time to do our part no matter how small to piece it all together and Reconstruct the American Dream into the Reality Expressed by the Public Trust known as 'The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America' Join us tonight for the foundation and over view of this project we undertake for the sake of our Freedoms, Rights, Liberties, Safety and Happiness of all people and our environment which we depend upon and for our children and their children. It is after all 2015 we are past the scary end of the world stuff, we have survived it all and now it is time to learn just how to be the Masters we are created to be. It is our Government it is your government. We/you are the manager of these servants. If you do not know the laws and how they operate to do the managing how can you properly manage? Take a bit of time every day to read and garner Knowledge so you will not be susceptible to misinformation from others. These are your laws, our laws which we have instituted and have the right to 'alter or abolish it'. How? That is what we must learn and do by first Knowing the law, creating Strategies to 'cause' the changes we desire and Execute them to manifest it into reality. Tonight, Step one getting knowledge, sharing of Strategies that actually work and how to Execute them properly. Take notes, just terms, phrases to jog your memory, nothing more. Go back and re-listen marking the time stamp of each section so that you can easily find it again and take more concise notes formulate your own Strategy and have substantive questions to ask next time which are pertinent to your actual Strategy. (Please do not ask questions just to test, try, poke the pig, or try to frustrate or show how clever you are. This is a gift of sharing from many years of study, trying, testing, failures, disinformation, rabbit holes, gu ru's, paytridiot stuff, craziness of all sorts and finally finding real actual remedy. It is ongoing and ever changing so you need to be constantly updating, sharing not challenging and depriving others of the precious information which will give the average man and woman a better understanding and ability to have success, thank you) Begin Now. First writing that you need to memorize. (A 6 year old ADD girl memorized this portion in one day, so can you. Put it into a song to help you, turn it into a poem, associate words, phrases and pictures in your head. I picture the scene of the Star Spangled Banner and the price paid along with the angels who against all odds succeeded in causing these immortal words to be actually written and 'unanimously' agreed to by all, no matter their religion, background, education, family, place in society, wealth, power or influence. Is it not worthy of your time? 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ' That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ' That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.' Blessings to all who come in kindness, Colin Derek
TS-1031309 34.904:59:36Y2015-11-22EPISODE206 -How we do it to ourselves, The American Reconstruction ProjectGood evening, Hope you are all in good health. It has been some time since our last program and a lot has transpired. New cases, new perceptions and new ideas. We will be addressing what was addressed before but from new eyes after much more study and solutions. It is all about perception. Once we perceive the fraud and the law we will be better able to address it. Hopefully a guest or two will be showing up to share and garner other perspectives. Call in if you want to participate and if you get on the chat board, please keep the subject matter with the conversation. Trolls please stay home under your bridge and shills listen to what the law actually says and why. Your rights may not seem important today but when you get tossed aside like so much trash after you have perceived that you have fought valiantly, then like so many millions you will wake up and realize that crime and sedition just is not the way to go. The motto for these months is "When corruption no longer is profitable it will cease" As always, Blessings to all who come in kindness.
TS-962740 3.600:30:53Y2015-04-05EPISODE192 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWell, it has been a long time coming and it is wise to listen to good advise even if it is your own. In the last few months we have been talking about 'Stop' just stop what is not being productive, useful or helpful. When I took over this show it was in honor of Mile Golden aka Jack Bauer in the hopes that we could make a change. What I have come to realize over all this time and effort is that people do not want to change, ironically though that change is the one certenty in this universe. Nothing is as it was a second ago and never will be again yet man seems to be hell bent on preserving that which makes them uncomfortable. The people I admire and want to emulate are those that not only embrace change but cause change. I have always desired to make a deference in a big way. To make this world a better place for everyone and my presumption was that by helping others I was helping myself. It appears I have been wrong all along. Freedom is individual and so is change. Without an outside force like a tsunami people will not change and even then they have a tendency to simply fall back into a new pattern of behavior. I do not desire that for myself and therefore I must change or just 'STOP' doing that which no longer is providing the desired result. For the rest tune in or call. Blessings
TS-960649 10.401:30:15Y2015-03-29EPISODE190 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-960620 12.301:47:36Y2015-03-29EPISODE189 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRecap of the end of last weeks "round table".. Lessons learned=wisdom; perspective; changing our perspective, what works vs what may seem "Right". Fond some really great documents on 42-1983.. judges handbook? Go to the web site and grab these get your highlighters ready .. really great stuff. As always Blessings and if I missed your birthday.. Happy birthday.
TS-958319 33.104:44:15Y2015-03-22EPISODE188 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLooking good... moving on, next phase, what's wrong with this picture, "If two or more conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person.... in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the Constitution or Laws of the United States shall be fined or imprisoned not more than ten years (18 USC 241)... Fraudclosure, unlawful property taxes, theft by color of law action...
TS-956002 28.304:04:17Y2015-03-15EPISODE186 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-953785 33.004:46:48Y2015-03-08EPISODE184 - The American Reconstruction ProjectSome good news or potential good news... will be discussing what works and why. There are "magic bullits" and we can use them.. also some sad issues which will talk about for a bit as to why it is us that "allows" them to do what they are doing. and how to turn it around. Call in for questions or comments. Blessings!
TS-951418 32.904:44:22Y2015-03-01EPISODE182 - The American Reconstruction ProjectReview a bit of the first part of a 42 1983 case. Going over the layout, how to adapt, correct and keep on going, discussing possible better ways to get it done. How tight is your original filing?
TS-949063 18.502:43:33Y2015-02-22EPISODE181 - The American Reconstruction ProjectSome people just don't get it so we will review a bit from last week and then go over actual filings for a 42 1983 I got ahold of.. laid out pretty nice... call with questions...
TS-946729 17.002:27:56Y2015-02-15EPISODE180 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-944397 31.504:31:56Y2015-02-08EPISODE178 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWEll it has been an "interesting" week to say the least.. I was hoping to have Eric Williams on this week but it seems he wants a more "laid out show" and due to my problems with access to the internet and time I have not been able till now to actually get his emails. He has a group of people on Yahoo and wants to have them listen in.. It is nice to see "professionalism" in this arena. However, life does not always co-operate with our plans and I have had to learn that even bits and pieces of truth are better than no truth. So, lets get started by sharing with you the place to find his information and then you can be better prepared as well. and here are the numbers to the messages he has suggested we read..."Copy down Conversations: 523 - 3 IRS letters - modified N&Ds 532 - Latest N&D533 - Modified comments on N&D534 - Preliminary Info on N&D536 - 37 Appellate Court Cases This N&D should work in every manner of prosecution because it goes to the foundation of their authority over you, which is in their government itself." Although it is "our Government" which we have allowed to be hijacked... lets get it back and Reconstruct it so that it does not happen again by "altering or abolishing it. That will be the topic to night... Do we need Government and what did the founders have to say about it... lets look at the Unanimous Declaration of independence and see... Please call in and participate. It will be a short night as I have court early in the morning.. Blessings=may your desires be fulfilled
TS-939671 24.403:34:33Y2015-02-01EPISODE176 - The American Reconstruction ProjectBack to Basics.. The foundation of Government in this Country!! Authority and its source of "power".. Limits and the "Principles" upon which all rests. Back to Basics on Court Cases... Elements and most important Mind Set.. how to set up for the win. You can make a few "strikes" but your not out of the game, just "Amend" and do it right.. lets talk about that. What is "Due Process of Law"? Call in with questions or comments but Please lets stay in the law the way it is and not fantasy land... Reality... we are in Prison so we have to fight as if we are being ganged up on.. we are and we need to get a grip with reality and deal with it!!! Do you want to be a winner or a whiner Jurisdiction, we will begin a more intense look at it and see how to stop them until Jurisdiction is established.
TS-939669 20.803:01:45Y2015-01-25EPISODE176 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-937492 28.704:09:52Y2015-01-18EPISODE174 - The American Reconstruction ProjectGood day everyone, finally turning the corner. Will be sharing about that and then redo of the analyzation of Mortgage Trusts, Remics, Securitization audit,, will go through one and pick out problems of presentation. You want people to read and understand it. Pick apart the process, and how to present it in a manner that will reveal the evidence the best way for any average man, woman or child to read, see clearly that you have been injured by those you have accused and show a "pattern" of such activity for the RICO action and show that it is a matter of "Policy" on behalf of the Various State "agencies" and agents without correction after being Noticed, for any 42 1983 Depravation of Rights Suit. Like all good gardens one needs to till the soil and plant the seeds to have a good harvest. This soil is rich with criminal activity that it is like fishing used to be, throw a sharp three pronged spear in any direction and you will get a fish. The law is more than sufficient and we only need to read the instruction manuals, gather the ingredients and do the process in accordance with established procedures. As the Smoke Clears our Clouded Minds, what we see is not as difficult once we see the layout of the system created by us for us. Without knowing the "Founding Trust" from which all Government derives it's powers then the "Principles" upon which "any Form of Government" are founded are easily hidden and the Specific, limited Powers "Organized in such form as to them shall seem most likely to Effect their Safety and Happiness" is easily corrupted conned and clouded. Let's replace misinformation with the simple truth of the matter of all matters "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men,..."
TS-935213 9.301:18:01Y2015-01-11EPISODE173 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-932821 18.802:42:11Y2015-01-04EPISODE172 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWell, I was hoping someone would donate at least $43 or buy a Net10 phone card and send the numbers to me so I can call in and do the show. Without my phone I may not be able to start the show... So if you missed it, I would greatly appreciate you going to 7-11 or some grocery stores have phone cards and pick up a blue and white NET10 $40 card, scratch the numbers off and email me or text it to 240-273-6011.. much appreciated. And if any of you have a few bucks to spare could you PayPal me a few.. I ran out of food yesterday.. I don't like asking but due to the weather and the cases I'm working on I have no choice.. thank you ahead of time... so tonight will be discussing how they intimidate and how not to be intimidated, how powerful the law is and how to find it and as always how to apply it. Details, it is all about details... Blessings everyone
TS-931206 25.303:40:34Y2014-12-28EPISODE171 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-929900 17.902:34:05Y2014-12-21EPISODE169 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWill be discussing my experiences with Faux Court and laying the foundations,, a rant about the atrocities and some bright spots in the midst of darkness. Funny miracle which put me in control on the second hearing and new material case law expressing what we al inherently know. So fine to see it in writing. Perhaps a surprise guest or call in?
TS-927686 20.202:56:53Y2014-12-14EPISODE168 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLess reading more talk? ok and a shorter show.. a few discoveries this week and perhaps a better perspective on what to say in a motion. Fraudclosures, Tax sales, most charges.. what they have in common.
TS-925552 20.202:56:14Y2014-12-07EPISODE167 - The American Reconstruction Projectcontinued reading of Federal Practices Manual after review, comments and questions..
TS-923314 22.603:14:13Y2014-11-30EPISODE166 - The American Reconstruction Projectcontinued reading of Federal Practices Manual
TS-921496 23.103:27:49Y2014-11-23EPISODE165 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-919262 30.504:23:27Y2014-11-16EPISODE164 - The American Reconstruction ProjectMajor problems with computer but will do the best we can.. going to continue with our study of 1983 via the Practice manual..
TS-916726 26.903:56:58Y2014-11-09EPISODE163 - The American Reconstruction Projectreview of the basics again,, comments on some disturbing events of the fantasy get you in trouble, magic bullet 1099OID, get you in prison stuff... and then more reading of good stuff.
TS-914484 27.904:05:15Y2014-11-02EPISODE162 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWow, what a week. Depending on how the computer works and what I can pull up will be reading from and discussing about process because there are unscrupulous clerks out there and you need to know how to make your record and keep it updated like a status board. MOre tools of the trade? call in give an opinion, or a true story of an experience, everyone learns form our and each others experiences. The more Statues and Laws I read I see that they are made for us but being misused against us. So troop on my friends. It took some time to get this way and it may take a bit more effort to "alter or abolish" those "Forms of Government become destructive of these ends..."
TS-912143 26.203:47:38Y2014-10-26EPISODE161 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDiscussions of the resurgence of the Planed opposition, plants, and "Elements" of any case. and continued reading from Federal Practices manual.. found at the web side under the flag. Blessings=may your desires be fulfilled
TS-909915 25.203:38:09Y2014-10-19EPISODE160 - The American Reconstruction Projectmore reading from the Federal Practices manual after a short description of my case in court this last tues... Also if I can find the notes I will share those as well for those in the property tax fight.. form someone who has won every time.. and open to questions and discussions.
TS-907676 29.804:17:44Y2014-10-12EPISODE159 - The American Reconstruction Projectcontinuing with reading from Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, manual for rights violations.
TS-905291 32.604:44:48Y2014-10-05EPISODE158 - The American Reconstruction ProjectTonight I will be discussing my adventures and lessons and elements of Deprivation of rights suit from my Arrest on Friday and release 21hr later. And perhaps a friend or two may stop by to talk a moment about their ordeals and how it is disorienting and emotionally traumatizing and the different ways to handle it. If there is time and energy will continue reading out of the federal practices manual chap 5.. Call in if you have a story or comment or question.. Blessings all
TS-902875 9.801:27:48Y2014-09-28EPISODE156 - The American Reconstruction ProjectThanks for joining, tonight will be a review and continuation into chap 5 of the Federal Handbook and some tid bits or questions. will be a little shorter tonight I hope... :-} Blessings.
TS-900624 32.604:48:09Y2014-09-21EPISODE153 - The American Reconstruction ProjectContinued reading from fed handbook for deprivation of rights. This is what we need and so glad to have it. go to to copy this chapter.
TS-898291 19.602:49:50Y2014-09-14EPISODE151 - The American Reconstruction ProjectTonight back to the meat, the study, that which will get us from conversation to really winning. I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!! I have been allowing myself to be distracted, hell I have been distracting myself at every possibility and then asking for help. When none came I got disconcerted and dove into that abyss to hide from the world hoping it will go away. Well, I had a talk with myself the other day and had to discipline myself to get back to what will work. The answers are all on that disk and I have been doing anything and everything else except read it study it and implement it. Is it the fear of success rearing its ugly head again? Yes we are conditioned to be failures and whenever success even appears on the horizon we self sabotage and find everyone and everything else to blame. I guess that is part of the 'American't' society now. We love winners as long as it is not us and as long as it just 'Happens' to us we are not responsible for it. It is amazing how well conditioning has worked. But by replacing the old bad habits with new good ones we can over come or perhaps we should convince ourselves that by winning and accomplishing we will fail properly at being an 'American't' and satisfy the programmed necessity to be a failure. So lets be 'failures properly and study this stuff together and win in Court and get settled with millions which we can say we failed completely at being good 'Americant's'. So tonight we are reading from the manual gifted to me which is on the new Disk 'Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys'
TS-895978 22.403:17:42Y2014-09-07EPISODE150 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-894120 14.202:05:05Y2014-09-01EPISODE149 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-891643 22.803:20:37Y2014-08-24EPISODE146 - The American Reconstruction ProjectUnknown, hopefully my friend Sharon will call in and share her success. Probably reading more from FRCP and the usual "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ' That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." Until the Ameri-can't's learn this one section there is no way they will become "Ameri-can's". When was the last time you read the Owners manual? and How about the Operators Manual, so you can properly Manage Your Government Time to look in the mirror!! and then look at your kids and tell them to look at you with contempt now for the day when they discover that you could and should have done something about it but did not. Refused to, ignored the help and avoided all responsibility, now they have to clean it up and suffer the consequences... "Thanks Mom... thanks Dad, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa.. Thanks so much for looking out for me and my family"...
TS-889418 21.103:08:12Y2014-08-17EPISODE145 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-887289 31.104:34:41Y2014-08-10EPISODE144 - The American Reconstruction ProjectA lot to cover tonight. Pulling from my "useful docs" folder and combining folders for the "Admissions" on the property tax case I found even more "interesting and useful" documents and articles, so will be reading from those. And whatever subjects you either text me or get on the cal and express your desire to discuss. We stay in the law because we are the law and we are he grantors of all powers to all things which we create especially "Forms of Government and as such it is up to us to correct the problems by "altering or abolishing such forms and instituting new forms of Government laying its foundation upon such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to "us" shall seem most likely to effect "our" Safety and Happiness."
TS-885004 33.904:54:14Y2014-08-03EPISODE142 - The American Reconstruction ProjectContinued reading in FRCP and perhaps if I can get the sound to work, a listen to a teaching on evidence. And a few epiphanies on mortgages and trusts. Simple crimes compaounded allows for massive crimes which may or may not be a conspiracy. Just because it is a conspiracy does not mean it is somehow "ok". It is not! The law says so and we the people need to step up, have some backbone and enforce law, our laws. "They" are us... it is the corruption of one man who sells out his morals to keep his job as the excuse "I have to feed my family".. times a million that allows criminals to go unabated and terrorize this nation and the world. We are the solution and we need to "reconstruct" our way of thinking. Join in the conversation dile724-444-7444 and enter 126101#.. please mute when not speaking thank you. and Blessings=may your desires be fulfilled -without selling out.
TS-882894 20.802:59:59Y2014-07-27EPISODE140 - The American Reconstruction ProjectFinally going to dive into the FRCP unless we get distracted by pertinent questions or other valuable input. At the open please come on with your questions, comments, and share of lessions, successes or even failures and what is the next step.. there is always a "next Step" Collateral attacks, and one can always challenge Jurisdiction and no statute of limitations on fraud.. which most cases are. Along with denials of due process under the Law which its' foundation shall be upon the "principles" found within the public trust known as The unanimous Declaration of Independence upon which "any form of Government" is founded upon. De Jure, De facto, De Dick-Tatorship, De Punkto, De Criminals, De Fakers, takers, Wall-Streeter con-artists, De Popious, De anything that in any way appears, pretends or otherwise purports to be any "form of Government" "becomes destructive of these ends" ("That to secure these rights..") and "to effect their Safety and Happiness, it is the right of the PEOPLE!!!!!! us, we, you and me "to alter or abolish it." Simple no ambiguity. It is the supreme law of these united States of America and ......AND alllllll that is derived therefrom!!! A corporate "America" or US or State Of XYZ still has its foundation in this country and is subject to the Declaration of Independence... end of story... So lets get busy learning the laws and amending Statutes to in sure we actually get "Effect" due process so we can move on with our live and enjoy our "Safety and Happiness" Alrightie then on with the show... :-}
TS-880874 22.203:44:10Y2014-07-20EPISODE139 - The American Reconstruction ProjectCome and join. Tonight a controversy between friends as to the obligations of the United States and the alleged enslavement proffered by several. Also, a look at a servicing and pooling agreement and why the late assignments do not hold water (fraud).. Other news,,? Share,,, Anyone willing to donate 53 bucks to keep my phone on would be much appreciated. if you time to go to 7-11 and pick up a Net 10 unlimited $50 card, scratch the numbers and send them to me so it will not be cut off by 12 tonight. Thanks ahead of time. Text the number to 918-214-3706 or my email any other donations by paypal, please send to Blessings
TS-878593 34.404:54:34Y2014-07-13EPISODE134 - The American Reconstruction ProjectContinuing to read from the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures since we are all headed there eventually anyway. Good news to share and reiteration of why we are using Statues and established Laws and not .. NOT trying to come out of her, be a separate state, foreign corp etc... because it is NOT bout us it is about them and the violations of written law that matters!!
TS-876632 29.804:14:21Y2014-07-06EPISODE133 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWow, I should have something prepared for the "fourth of July" Independence Day but I must confess I have actually taken time to "enjoy" what freedoms I have left. Reminds me of "advice" for rape victimes... "don't let the bas-turds take one second more of your peace and happiness. Bounce back and move forward with your life and learn from the experience and do something to prevent it from happening to any one else. So this week end the successes we have been denied and the freedoms too we can enjoy this weekend and phuck the rest if they can;t take a joke. Justice will return as the people see fit because ultimately it is up to us to put Happiness first and protections of our unalienable right to enjoy it as clearly prescribed in 18 USC 241 which prescribes definite penalties and punishments for violations of any right, the free exercise and even the "enjoyment thereof" So perhaps a a thank you to all who have tirelessly fought for these freedoms in good faith and toi ensure we activate the motivating factor "enjoyment". The to move forward we will be reading from the "Federal Rules of Civil Procedures" So we will have a rod map to win our valid "claims" against those we "employ" to "secure these rights". Blessings all .. which means "may your desires be fulfilled. "Without evidence to the contrary, so shall it be".
TS-874750 26.103:47:45Y2014-06-29EPISODE130 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-872571 27.904:09:17Y2014-06-22EPISODE128 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-870463 22.603:17:44Y2014-06-15EPISODE126 - The American Reconstruction Projectfinish up on the "republic", "Citizen", "citizen" etc... what works what we know does not work and flags us... then reading on what an Attorney is and get right into the manual and begin the "How to" bring an action, Writing a complaint
TS-868210 29.904:13:54Y2014-06-08EPISODE125 - The American Reconstruction ProjectTonight a review of the unanimous Declaration, The Constitution and the protections therein verified via Statutes, Codes, and acts. Second hr. reading of the elements of Motions to Strike, Summary, Dismiss, Default and how to use them as tools to box your appointment in and evidence the corruption of the judge for appeal and federal charges. Dennis may come on who has been a voice for justice for many years. We are going ot discuss interlocutory, Qui tam and what ever comes up.
TS-866100 25.703:40:17Y2014-06-01EPISODE121 - The American Reconstruction Projectgonna have George on about the DOT that is really a trust and much more
TS-864039 27.303:55:50Y2014-05-25EPISODE120 - The American Reconstruction Project"If you know not the Law then you are Lawless" Much to share tonight.. covering the "common Law" myth and other planned opposition cons still recycling their nets to fish in the ignorant. New revelation of how most all Mortgages are dead due to case law... ans what ever you want to share...
TS-861674 24.803:37:32Y2014-05-18EPISODE119 - The American Reconstruction Projectdiscussing new material and adding strength to what is already known,,, will be reading a bit and listening to a recording about evidence.. and what develops .. join in by calling 724-444-7444 and enter 126101#.. be constructive now. Disruptors will be blocked,, but we have good people now don;t we...
TS-859398 30.504:23:18Y2014-05-11EPISODE117 - The American Reconstruction Projectencouraging correspondences and discoveries, join in, call in, find out what is working and what is not, and why... lets do the dance.
TS-857218 23.603:27:34Y2014-05-04EPISODE116 - The American Reconstruction ProjectReview of the last few weeks, Mortgage fraudclosures, false and missleading documents, umlawful sale of property.. the land grab. Public servants and why we need to get back to supporting them so they will support the Constitution/Us, Obligation to obey a Lawful order and equally obligated to disobey an Unlawful order. Hopefully get into another chapter of Discovery, and legal learning so we can function properly in it, to protect us and to clean it up so we can. How.... Open to other topics s you desire.
TS-854811 34.704:59:17Y2014-04-27EPISODE113 - The American Reconstruction ProjectGoing to have Boris come on and explain the Userfruct thing and UCC filings and Im gonna ask questions, no reason to eliminate any and all other possible solutions so perhaps this will fit our situations better. And then still go after them with the Statutes and Laws which they are subject to...
TS-852376 22.703:18:29Y2014-04-20EPISODE111 - The American Reconstruction ProjectReview of basics some new stuff on acceptance and usufruct, UCC, and continuing with the reading of Guerrilla Discovery
TS-850127 18.402:42:16Y2014-04-13EPISODE107 - The American Reconstruction ProjectVarious readings of pertinent cases after the re iteration of the way things are. Then on to continuing Guerrilla Discovery
TS-847800 30.904:26:24Y2014-04-06EPISODE106 - The American Reconstruction ProjectAnother lively sharing of principles and concepts to "Reconstruct" the "American" thought process, which requires thought and not programed responses. Will discuss commercial terms and how we have unwittingly "volunteered to be servants of their matrix instead of them serving and protecting us in accordance with the clear wording of the law and case law. Further reading of Guerrilla Discovery chap 4
TS-845493 24.003:31:03Y2014-03-30EPISODE104 - The American Reconstruction Projectcontinuing chapter 4 of Discovery
TS-842879 17.602:33:47Y2014-03-23EPISODE101 - The American Reconstruction ProjectJumping to chapter 4 Weapon Selection, Attack and Enforcement of Guerrilla Discovery, after a few comments about recent discoveries and observances. Thing in common and more..
TS-840603 12.501:49:43Y2014-03-16EPISODE100 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-838135 24.903:33:47Y2014-03-09EPISODE97 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-835975 33.404:46:41Y2014-03-02EPISODE95 - The American Reconstruction ProjectTonight will have Gus back on and will give him the first 10 minute to share the layout of the Constitution in a manner I think is profound.. Then George McDermitt will be on to discuss the meeting with congress on the foreclosure fraud and how to get our three minute... then I will read chapter two again and maybe chapter three on discovery.. Blessings
TS-833544 34.104:53:20Y2014-02-23EPISODE93 - The American Reconstruction Projectwill be reading from guerrilla Discovery tonight. and any questions or comment pertinent to winning a case. Blessings
TS-831349 33.904:55:33Y2014-02-16EPISODE90 - The American Reconstruction Projectcontinuation of chapter 2 and into chapter 3 of Guerrilla Discovery Manual
TS-829236 28.104:54:43Y2014-02-09EPISODE88 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-824856 22.203:11:21Y2014-01-26EPISODE83 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-822801 33.904:49:51Y2014-01-19EPISODE81 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLance from S.C. and Colin discovery
TS-820586 23.303:25:06Y2014-01-12EPISODE79 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-818342 23.703:23:48Y2014-01-05EPISODE78 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLance from South Carolina on Trusts
TS-813168 15.702:13:00Y2013-12-15EPISODE74 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLance from South Carolina - Common Law v. Statutory Trust
TS-811206 15.002:09:32Y2013-12-08EPISODE73 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-809034 26.303:40:58Y2013-12-01EPISODE69 - The American Reconstruction ProjectOpen Call. Bring your questions and comments ;)
TS-807365 23.603:20:37Y2013-11-24EPISODE68 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRuss Thompson
TS-804504 17.702:30:20Y2013-11-17EPISODE67 - The American Reconstruction ProjectLance from South Carolina speaks on IRC and the 16th Amendment
TS-802547 21.803:04:22Y2013-11-10EPISODE65 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-800503 17.702:30:25Y2013-11-03EPISODE64 - The American Reconstruction ProjectJenn was a administrator for the University of Ucadia website for many years and has had an epiphany: Ucadia is more patriot myths. Tonight she joins us to expose those myths. Also joining us is Daniel Kingery who will be joining the conversation with Jenn to tell us about the Unanimous declaration of the thirteen united States of America and the Constitution.
TS-798467 22.403:09:12Y2013-10-27EPISODE61 - The American Reconstruction ProjectWINNERS CIRCLE!! Colin Derek, Melody Gillespi, Craig, and possibly RICOman
TS-796229 15.102:04:51Y2013-10-20EPISODE58 - The American Reconstruction ProjectStew Webb and Chief Mark Kessler
TS-794149 22.903:11:17Y2013-10-13EPISODE56 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRuss Thompson
TS-792017 16.202:19:54Y2013-10-06EPISODE53 - The American Reconstruction ProjectJeff Sedgwick on FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, for fun and profit.
TS-789582 17.802:28:33Y2013-09-29EPISODE48 - The American Reconstruction ProjectConstitutional Sheriff Jeff Christopher
TS-787714 17.002:21:05Y2013-09-22EPISODE46 - The American Reconstruction ProjectNew Hampshire State Representative John Hikel (R)
TS-787556 35.404:57:39Y2013-09-21EPISODE44 - The American Reconstruction ProjectSUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 9 to 11 pm EASTERN Our special guest will be New Hampshire Representative John Hikel (R) John will be discussing Common Core and how socialism is sweeping the nation. Watch this Vid! Spread this far and wide!! We all need to know what's going on with this agenda!!!! Blessings!
TS-785545 22.503:12:12Y2013-09-14EPISODE43 - The American Reconstruction ProjectMelody Gillespi
TS-783218 13.702:00:38Y2013-09-07EPISODE40 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDavid Myrland makes his return!!! Power Packed episode, Dave Myrland style!!! If you're serious about freedom, this is a MUST Listen!!
TS-781066 14.302:06:17Y2013-08-31EPISODE38 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDavid from Illinois speaks on self reliance and preparedness.
TS-779048 15.402:10:12Y2013-08-24EPISODE37 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDr. William Croft
TS-776681 17.402:25:29Y2013-08-17EPISODE36 - The American Reconstruction ProjectStew Webb
TS-774687 13.401:54:05Y2013-08-10EPISODE35 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-772290 16.802:22:07Y2013-08-03EPISODE33 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDaniel Kingery
TS-770140 14.702:03:07Y2013-07-27EPISODE31 - The American Reconstruction ProjectNew Hampshire State Representative John Hikel (R)
TS-768014 15.902:14:16Y2013-07-20EPISODE30 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRuss Thompson
TS-765866 17.002:22:36Y2013-07-13EPISODE29 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRuss Thompson
TS-763473 15.902:11:06Y2013-07-06EPISODE28 - The American Reconstruction ProjectDeborah on energy weapons, nsa, smart meters
TS-761488 22.903:13:32Y2013-06-29EPISODE26 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-759314 17.702:31:09Y2013-06-22EPISODE25 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-756636 15.802:16:58Y2013-06-15EPISODE24 - The American Reconstruction ProjectMelody Gillespi will be sharing with us how to use the Administrative Code to regain your community!
TS-754450 16.702:21:28Y2013-06-08EPISODE23 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-752136 19.602:42:18Y2013-06-01EPISODE21 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-750426 23.503:16:35Y2013-05-25EPISODE20 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-748333 17.002:23:50Y2013-05-18EPISODE16 - The American Reconstruction Project
TS-744155 15.702:13:20Y2013-05-04EPISODE12 - The American Reconstruction ProjectRae & Loma
TS-741708 20.802:53:26Y2013-04-27EPISODE11 - The American Reconstruction ProjectGuest: Wistleblower, Stew Webb
TS-739733 18.502:38:10Y2013-04-20EPISODE9 - The American Reconstruction ProjectHoward Griswold explaining Rule 11
TS-737502 24.003:21:54Y2013-04-13EPISODE8 - Jack Bauer Memorial Talkshoe
TS-723868 34.504:47:57Y2013-03-03EPISODE6 - Solutions4theInnocent
TS-718922 22.803:11:56Y2013-02-16EPISODE5 - Solutions4theInnocent
TS-708605 8.701:13:42Y2013-01-19EPISODE2 - Solutions4theInnocent
TS-708464 35.204:59:20Y2013-01-19EPISODE1 - Solutions4theInnocent
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