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TS-1252122 15.702:17:23Y2018-07-19EPISODE 481 - TRVTH
TS-1251070 18.402:37:07Y2018-07-12EPISODE 480- Bill Henshall
TS-1251068 15.702:10:11Y2018-06-28EPISODE 478 - Al Whitney Also Our 9th Year Anniversary!
TS-1251067 18.602:39:40Y2018-06-21EPISODE 477 - JC and Shaman
TS-1251066 15.102:08:45Y2018-06-14EPISODE 476- Nukeweldor Court Update
TS-1251065 15.902:13:56Y2018-06-07EPISODE 475 - Nukeweldor
TS-1245194 17.702:33:42Y2018-05-31EPISODE 474 - Rich Iverson
TS-1245193 17.502:27:47Y2018-05-24EPISODE 473 - Bill Henshall
TS-1244381 19.602:47:22Y2018-05-17EPISODE 472 - Role Play
TS-1244380 15.602:12:09Y2018-05-10EPISODE 471 -Jacquie Figg
TS-1239963 11.601:39:13Y2018-05-03EPISODE 470 - David Merrill
TS-1239962 18.102:33:47Y2018-04-26EPISODE 469 - BugSize
TS-1239961 19.202:40:35Y2018-04-19EPISODE 468 - Liesbeth Van Lier on Cryptocurrencies for beginners
TS-1239960 16.202:17:13Y2018-04-12EPISODE 467 - Bill Henshall
TS-1239958 15.602:14:59Y2018-04-05EPISODE 466 -Dan Benham
TS-1234698 14.802:02:43Y2018-03-29EPISODE 465 - Christopher Gronski
TS-1234697 18.502:41:07Y2018-03-22EPISODE 464 - Rich Iverson
TS-1234696 18.002:27:58Y2018-03-15EPISODE 463- Uncle Buck (Roger)THE COLOSSAL CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY BEHIND THE IRS
TS-1234694 19.202:42:59Y2018-03-08EPISODE 462 - Bill Henshall Fast forward 26 mins 26 seconds as we had audioFast forward 26 mins 26 seconds as we had audio and connsection issues and Bill was'nt on 'til then.
TS-1234693 13.301:54:36Y2018-03-01EPISODE 461 - Rod Class on his Supreme Court WIN!!!
TS-1234692 16.602:21:01Y2018-02-22EPISODE 460 - David Merrill & Michael Joseph
TS-1234691 18.702:41:59Y2018-02-15EPISODE 459 - Zadok Israel
TS-1226967 25.303:35:42Y2018-02-08EPISODE 458 - Anna Von Reitz, Bob Lock & Ken Dost
TS-1226966 14.002:00:29Y2018-02-01EPISODE 457 - Craig Kirk
TS-1226965 16.002:18:21Y2018-01-25EPISODE 456 - Bob lock & Sam Davis Confirmed
TS-1226962 17.102:29:12Y2018-01-18EPISODE 455 - Nukewelder and Zeke Laymen
TS-1226961 0.100:00:40Y2018-01-11EPISODE 454 - Bill Henshall
TS-1220082 18.302:32:49Y2017-12-28EPISODE 452 - Christopher Gronski
TS-1220080 14.702:06:02Y2017-12-21EPISODE 451 - Daniel Joseph
TS-1220079 0.000:00:00Y2017-12-14EPISODE 450 - David Merrill
TS-1220078 16.902:21:46Y2017-12-07EPISODE 449 - Bill Thornton
TS-1220074 15.502:12:46Y2017-11-30EPISODE 448 - Bob Lock Ken Dost Anna Von Reitz
TS-1213757 17.701:16:29Y2017-11-16EPISODE 447 Nukeweldor
TS-1213756 20.202:53:14Y2017-11-09EPISODE 446 Marc Fishman
TS-1211778 16.902:24:33Y2017-11-02EPISODE 445 - Paul John Hansen
TS-1207592 20.903:00:53Y2017-10-26EPISODE 444 - Rich Iverson
TS-1207589 16.502:21:45Y2017-10-19EPISODE 443 - Vince Edwards
TS-1207585 22.603:09:36Y2017-10-12EPISODE 442 - Christopher Gronski
TS-1207584 27.003:46:25Y2017-10-05EPISODE 441 - My Private Audio
TS-1200805 25.503:34:57Y2017-09-28EPISODE 440 - Paul Andrew Mitchell
TS-1200804 29.104:07:05Y2017-09-21EPISODE 439 - Bob Lock
TS-1200803 12.801:49:49Y2017-09-14EPISODE438 - Jesse Rodrigues
TS-1200802 15.902:18:56Y2017-09-07EPISODE 437 - Paul John Hansen
TS-1197711 22.003:09:07Y2017-08-31EPISODE 436 - Craig Kirk
TS-1195748 22.403:05:32Y2017-08-24EPISODE 435 - Al Whitney
TS-1195747 22.303:11:04Y2017-08-17EPISODE 434 - Rich Iverson
TS-1195746 16.402:22:00Y2017-08-10EPISODE 433 - Paul John Hansen
TS-1190821 16.402:19:28Y2017-08-03EPISODE 432 - Bob Lock
TS-1190820 15.402:12:20Y2017-07-27EPISODE 431 - Craig Kirk
TS-1190819 19.402:46:54Y2017-07-20EPISODE 430 - BJ Machul and Rocko Van Zetti
TS-1190818 26.603:44:00Y2017-07-13EPISODE 429 - Robert Fox
TS-1185845 20.803:01:50Y2017-07-06EPISODE 428 - Guest Speaker Trvth
TS-1184517 26.103:43:01Y2017-06-29EPISODE 427 - 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Doing Talkshoe Calls
TS-1184516 15.002:14:07Y2017-06-22EPISODE 426 - 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Greg Gory
TS-1184514 20.402:47:59Y2017-06-15EPISODE 425 - Orlando Steve
TS-1184513 15.702:12:19Y2017-06-08EPISODE 424- My Private Audio
TS-1179240 20.702:56:17Y2017-06-01EPISODE 423 - My Private Audio
TS-1179238 15.202:08:37Y2017-05-25EPISODE 422 - Robert Fox
TS-1179237 15.902:25:21Y2017-05-18EPISODE 421 - Special Guest Trvth
TS-1169342 13.801:59:06Y2017-05-11EPISODE 420 - Pete
TS-1167758 15.602:18:03Y2017-05-04EPISODE 419 - My Private Audio
TS-1165410 13.001:51:52Y2017-04-27EPISODE 418 - My Private Audio
TS-1165409 14.902:11:21Y2017-04-20EPISODE 417 - My Private Audio
TS-1165408 14.202:02:38Y2017-04-13EPISODE 416 - Randy G
TS-1165407 16.302:19:52Y2017-04-06EPISODE 415 - My Private Audio
TS-1158620 15.202:08:17Y2017-03-30EPISODE 414 - Adam (Vic) Beck Peace, Love and CharityPeace, love and charity, and how we get our liberty etc in the process Could it be that simple..........?
TS-1158619 20.202:58:02Y2017-03-23EPISODE 413 - My Private Audio
TS-1152241 20.502:50:15Y2017-03-16EPISODE 412 - Paul Andrew Mitchell
TS-1152239 24.103:33:36Y2017-03-09EPISODE 411 - Rich Iverson
TS-1152237 26.403:53:41Y2017-03-02EPISODE 410 - Jean Keating
TS-1149107 15.102:14:19Y2017-02-23EPISODE 409 - Paul John Hansen
TS-1149106 22.903:31:36Y2017-02-16EPISODE 408 - Trvth
TS-1149105 21.103:00:52Y2017-02-09EPISODE 407 - Randy G
TS-1146894 14.702:07:42Y2017-02-02EPISODE 406 - Dan Benham
TS-1137757 19.202:49:26Y2017-01-26EPISODE 405 - Bill Thornton
TS-1137756 15.902:17:53Y2017-01-19EPISODE 404 - My Private Audio
TS-1137755 13.101:54:03Y2017-01-12EPISODE 403 - My Private Audio
TS-1137754 13.801:58:49Y2017-01-05EPISODE 402 - Pete Hendrickson Lost Horizons
TS-1137753 14.702:05:22Y2016-12-29EPISODE 401 - My Private Audio
TS-1131968 24.804:46:24Y2016-12-22EPISODE 400 - My Private Audio
TS-1131967 15.002:08:39Y2016-12-15EPISODE 399 - My Private Audio
TS-1131966 14.201:59:47Y2016-12-08EPISODE 398 - Diederik Bound on the Wrong Side of the Gospel
TS-1124269 16.602:23:35Y2016-12-01EPISODE 397 - r-lotus;justice
TS-1124263 12.401:47:41Y2016-11-17EPISODE 395 - Roger Sayles
TS-1120413 13.902:04:02Y2016-11-10EPISODE 394 - Kevin Michael Winning Foreclosure
TS-1120412 15.702:16:38Y2016-11-03EPISODE 393 - My Private Audio
TS-1124256 0.000:00:00Y2016-11-02EPISODE - My Private Audio
TS-1112594 12.202:09:49Y2016-10-27EPISODE 392 - My Private Audio
TS-1112593 22.503:12:34Y2016-10-20EPISODE 391 - Rich iverson
TS-1112592 22.603:53:49Y2016-10-13EPISODE 390 - Adam (Vic) Beck
TS-1112591 15.702:15:05Y2016-10-06EPISODE 389 - My Private Audio
TS-1103408 18.602:33:15Y2016-09-29EPISODE 388 - Ken Dost Foreclosure Info
TS-1103407 17.402:24:54Y2016-09-22EPISODE 387 - r-lotus: justice
TS-1103406 17.202:25:42Y2016-09-15EPISODE 386 - Dan Benham
TS-1103405 24.703:31:24Y2016-09-08EPISODE 385 - Rich Iverson
TS-1103402 28.704:10:32Y2016-09-01EPISODE 384 - Bill Thornton Part 2Bill's email: Bill's web site
TS-1102274 30.704:28:39Y2016-08-25EPISODE 383 - Bill ThorntonBill's web site Bill's email address; We started at the 25 min mark.
TS-1102273 19.802:51:50Y2016-08-18EPISODE 382 - Pamala Talliris
TS-1097931 16.802:25:54Y2016-08-11EPISODE 381 - My Private Audio
TS-1094674 20.802:54:46Y2016-08-04EPISODE 380 - My Private Audio
TS-1092301 19.002:35:59Y2016-07-28EPISODE 379 - Steve Emerson RE: Property Taxes
TS-1092300 9.801:24:29Y2016-07-21EPISODE 378 - My Private Audio
TS-1092297 18.602:37:12Y2016-07-14EPISODE 377 - Ken Dost
TS-1088963 20.902:58:45Y2016-07-07EPISODE 376 - My Private Audio
TS-1088962 19.302:40:54Y2016-06-30EPISODE 375 - My Private Audio
TS-1088961 23.203:16:59Y2016-06-23EPISODE 374 - My Private Audio
TS-1080801 18.102:35:11Y2016-06-16EPISODE 373 - My Private Audio
TS-1073883 23.003:14:12Y2016-06-09EPISODE 372 - Adam (Vic) Beck - MPA 7 Year Anniversary
TS-1073882 14.002:03:17Y2016-06-02EPISODE 371 - Bart Rippl and Gene KernanSecuritization Audit Success!
TS-1073881 30.604:21:51Y2016-05-26EPISODE 370 - Sir David Andrew
TS-1073880 24.803:33:52Y2016-05-19EPISODE 369 - Sir David Andrew
TS-1073879 15.802:14:36Y2016-05-12EPISODE 368 - Bob McNeil & Michael
TS-1073877 16.802:24:03Y2016-05-05EPISODE 367 - Glenn Ambort
TS-1073876 31.004:37:55Y2016-04-28EPISODE 366 - Sir David Andrewhttp://sirdavidandrew/
TS-1071617 21.503:04:19Y2016-04-21EPISODE 365 - My Private Audio
TS-1062433 29.404:05:45Y2016-04-14EPISODE 364 - Kurtis Kallenbach w/Rich and Ron
TS-1062431 14.702:02:38Y2016-04-07EPISODE 363 - Lysander VenibleLydander's web site
TS-1062430 22.103:13:36Y2016-03-31EPISODE 362 - Rich Iverson
TS-1062429 22.103:08:05Y2016-03-24EPISODE 361 - My Private Audio
TS-1062426 25.503:36:00Y2016-03-17EPISODE 360 - Bob Lock
TS-1058235 20.902:59:19Y2016-03-10EPISODE373 - My Private Audio
TS-1052422 21.203:01:32Y2016-03-03EPISODE 358 - Bob Minarik On Tax Matters Civil and Criminal
TS-1052421 17.202:26:52Y2016-02-25EPISODE 357 - My Private Audio
TS-1051885 15.702:17:46Y2016-02-18EPISODE 356 - Ken W
TS-1051883 20.102:49:39Y2016-02-11EPISODE 355 - Adam Beck
TS-1032586 23.503:19:07Y2016-02-04EPISODE 354 - Ken W.
TS-1032585 15.002:08:59Y2016-01-28EPISODE 353 - Daniel Benham
TS-1032584 31.204:27:36Y2016-01-21EPISODE 352 - Kurtis KallenbachThe RAIN MAN estate, Revocation of Election (as candidates for Trustee), and First Amendment exemption successes based upon the Homestead. My discussion will also include: Home. One's own dwelling place; the house in which one lives; especially the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of one's family; a dwelling house. Mann v. Haines, 146 Kan. 988, 73 P .2d 1 066, 1072. That place in which one in fact resides with the intention of residence, or in which he has so resided, and with regard to which he retains residence or to which he intends to return. Place where a person dwells and which is the center of his domestic, social and civil life. Restatement of Conflicts, Second, ยง 1 2. "Home", within statute permitting deduction for income tax purposes of amounts expended for meals and lodging while away from home, means "tax home", which is person's principal place of business or employment. Egan v. U. S., D.C.Del., 325 F.Supp. 1227, 1230. - Black's Law 5th Edition Homestead. The dwelling house and the adjoining land where the head of the family dwells; the home farm. The fixed residence of the head of a family, with the land and buildings surrounding the main house. Technically, and under the modem homestead laws, an artificial estate in land, devised to protect the possession and enjoyment of the owner against the claims of his creditors, by withdrawing the property from execution and forced sale, so long as the land is occupied as a home. See Homestead exemption la ws, infra. Homestead corporations. Corporations organized for the purpose of acquiring lands in large tracts, paying off incumbrances thereon, improving and subdividingthem into homestead lots or parcels, and distributing them among the shareholders, and for the accumulation of a fund for such purposes. Homestead entry. See Entry. Homestead exemption laws. Laws passed in most of the states allowing a householder or head of a family to designate a house and land as his homestead, and exempting the same homestead from execution for his general debts. Property tax exemptions (for all or part of the tax) are also available in some states for homesteaded property. Statutory requirements to establish a homestead may include a formal declaration to be recorded. Homestead right. The personal right to the beneficial, peaceful and uninterrupted use of the home property free from claims of creditors. Probate homestead. A homestead set apart by the court for the use of a surviving husband or wife and the minor children out of the common property, or out of the real estate belonging to the deceased. = RAIN MAN
TS-1032583 17.602:28:48Y2016-01-14EPISODE 351 - TBA
TS-1032582 16.502:16:32Y2016-01-07EPISODE 350 - Adele Weiss
TS-1032581 21.603:02:38Y2015-12-31EPISODE 349 - My Private Audio
TS-1032580 14.502:01:38Y2015-12-24EPISODE 348 - Open Lines tonight | Welcome Newbies
TS-1032579 22.803:08:37Y2015-12-17EPISODE 347 - My Private Audio
TS-1032443 14.302:03:27Y2015-12-10EPISODE 346 - My Private Audio
TS-1032442 20.202:49:58Y2015-12-03EPISODE 345 - My Private Audio
TS-1032441 31.404:37:56Y2015-11-26EPISODE 344 - Thanksgiving
TS-1020662 19.302:44:31Y2015-11-19EPISODE 343 - My Private Audio
TS-1020660 24.403:28:20Y2015-11-12EPISODE 342 - Karl Lentz
TS-1020659 20.402:54:07Y2015-11-05EPISODE 341 - My Private Audio
TS-1020658 15.102:10:40Y2015-10-29EPISODE 340 - Roger Sayles
TS-1014400 21.403:07:56Y2015-10-22EPISODE 339 - Roger Sayles
TS-1014398 18.702:41:11Y2015-10-15EPISODE 338 - Mike Miller
TS-1014397 21.403:10:27Y2015-10-08EPISODE 337 - Rich Iverson
TS-1014396 14.802:05:13Y2015-10-01EPISODE 336 - My Private Audio
TS-1009852 15.502:14:05Y2015-09-24EPISODE 335 - Adam (Vic) Beck
TS-1009851 21.503:04:37Y2015-09-17EPISODE 334 - Kurt Kallenbach
TS-996946 15.402:18:11Y2015-09-10EPISODE 333 - Tom Smith
TS-996944 30.904:25:01Y2015-09-03EPISODE 332 - Karl Lentz
TS-996943 15.602:11:54Y2015-08-27EPISODE 331 - Glenn Ambort
TS-993663 20.002:46:58Y2015-08-20EPISODE 330 - Pete
TS-993662 13.301:54:27Y2015-08-13EPISODE 329 - Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman
TS-993661 24.503:34:16Y2015-08-06EPISODE 328 - Rich IversonTo help Rich out, please contribute to :
TS-993660 15.802:12:49Y2015-07-30EPISODE 327 - Joe & Paula Gloria Barton Intellectual Property Rights
TS-993659 18.402:34:07Y2015-07-23EPISODE 326 - Orlando Steve | Property Taxes
TS-984378 20.002:47:37Y2015-07-16EPISODE 325 - Ralph Kermit Winterrowd
TS-984377 16.402:23:09Y2015-07-09EPISODE 324 - Buzz Light
TS-981710 23.703:14:03Y2015-07-02EPISODE 323 - Adam (Vic) Beck
TS-981709 16.202:20:10Y2015-06-25EPISODE 322 - Daniel Benham
TS-977904 37.306:11:01Y2015-06-18EPISODE 321 - Karl Lentz
TS-977903 33.204:47:51Y2015-06-11EPISODE 320 - Merrill FrantzBook available on Amazon: Freedom to Worship: How to guard your constitutional rights from infringement by governmental agencies
TS-977047 16.702:18:26Y2015-06-04EPISODE 319 - Adele Weiss
TS-972568 21.103:01:04Y2015-05-28EPISODE 318 - TBA
TS-972567 19.802:52:07Y2015-05-21EPISODE 317 - Rod Class
TS-969131 17.602:29:34Y2015-05-14EPISODE 316 - Merrill Frantz
TS-969129 15.602:13:59Y2015-05-07EPISODE 315 - Marc Fishman Common Law
TS-965711 22.003:03:29Y2015-04-30EPISODE 314 - My Private Audio
TS-965710 17.502:29:25Y2015-04-23EPISODE 313 - Open Discussion My Private Audio
TS-963949 26.503:43:04Y2015-04-16EPISODE 312 - Dean Clifford
TS-961818 17.502:29:54Y2015-04-09EPISODE 311 - Gus Breton
TS-957583 14.802:06:49Y2015-04-02EPISODE 310 - Bart Rippl and Bobby Lowman
TS-951094 15.502:16:51Y2015-03-19EPISODE 309 - Daniel Benham
TS-951093 22.103:07:38Y2015-03-12EPISODE 308 - Gus Breton
TS-948783 18.602:37:33Y2015-03-05EPISODE 307 - Redress Right
TS-948782 26.503:43:17Y2015-02-26EPISODE 306 - My Private Audio
TS-946028 27.603:55:19Y2015-02-19EPISODE 305 - My Private Audio
TS-941639 15.602:13:55Y2015-02-12EPISODE 304 - Gus Breton
TS-935538 21.803:03:55Y2015-02-05EPISODE 303 - My Private Audio
TS-935537 22.203:13:43Y2015-01-29EPISODE 302 - My Private Audio
TS-935536 13.401:58:03Y2015-01-22EPISODE 301 - Bart Rippl and Bobby Lowman
TS-929736 17.102:26:20Y2015-01-15EPISODE 300 - Dan Benham Q & A
TS-929735 19.802:53:40Y2015-01-08EPISODE 299 - My Private Audio
TS-929733 18.902:38:31Y2015-01-01EPISODE 298 - My Private Audio
TS-920740 15.302:09:49Y2014-12-25EPISODE 297 - Paul Andrew Mitchell
TS-920739 19.302:46:41Y2014-12-18EPISODE 296 - My Private Audio
TS-920738 23.103:15:14Y2014-12-11EPISODE 295 - My Private Audio
TS-920736 13.201:53:11Y2014-12-04EPISODE 294 - Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman
TS-915984 15.402:08:39Y2014-11-20EPISODE 293 - Adele Weiss IRS NOD and more
TS-913730 26.903:47:42Y2014-11-13EPISODE 292 - My Private Audio
TS-913728 14.702:04:44Y2014-11-06EPISODE 291 - My Private Audio
TS-905984 25.903:41:54Y2014-10-30EPISODE 290 - Vince Edwards
TS-905982 18.902:43:17Y2014-10-23EPISODE 289 - Dan Benham
TS-909554 14.201:59:10Y2014-10-17EPISODE 288 - Special Simulcast w/New York, Canada and CaliforniaJoe and Paula Gloria Barton, Kate of Gaia, Earthicastar and Angela Stark
TS-905981 25.203:32:42Y2014-10-16EPISODE 287 - Karl Lentz
TS-888344 15.302:07:49Y2014-10-09EPISODE 286 - Kate of Gaia
TS-888343 14.802:05:54Y2014-10-02EPISODE 285 - Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman on Habeas Corpus
TS-888342 21.303:01:42Y2014-09-25EPISODE 284 - Dan Benham Q&A
TS-888341 19.202:42:14Y2014-09-18EPISODE 283 - Vince Edwards
TS-888340 23.103:23:54Y2014-09-11EPISODE 282 - Christopher Strunk
TS-888338 18.102:35:29Y2014-09-04EPISODE 281 - Dan Benham Q&A
TS-893282 33.604:48:43Y2014-08-28EPISODE 280 - Karl Lentz then Open Discussion
TS-888334 14.001:58:04Y2014-08-21EPISODE 279 -Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman
TS-879306 18.802:38:54Y2014-08-14EPISODE 278 - Glenn Ambort
TS-879305 14.602:04:39Y2014-08-07EPISODE 277 - Paul John Hansen
TS-879304 14.802:09:43Y2014-07-31EPISODE 276 - Technical Difficulties prevented Vince Edwards callRescheduled for August 14th | Staying off the radar
TS-874514 28.504:07:00Y2014-07-24EPISODE 275 - Dan BenhamI will discuss both legal and theory as well as do's and don'ts of court. I will cover basic document layouts and contents. including what not to put in them and why. I will try to touch on other theories and why not to mix some with others and most important how to move a court. This should not take long, howeveer, I would like to spend alot of time on Q&A as this is usually the case. I believe so many loose great arguments because of the above and hope to help many get a better chance in courts by themselves.
TS-867260 20.902:58:13Y2014-07-17EPISODE 274 - Ken W
TS-867259 24.503:28:30Y2014-07-10EPISODE 273 - Kurt Kallenbach
TS-867258 16.702:22:41Y2014-07-03EPISODE 272 - Karl Lentz
TS-867255 20.803:01:37Y2014-06-26EPISODE 271 - Dan Benham
TS-867254 19.702:47:07Y2014-06-19EPISODE 270 - Kurtis Kallenbach
TS-865849 21.502:58:57Y2014-06-12EPISODE 269 - My Private Audio
TS-863471 13.401:58:36Y2014-06-05EPISODE 268 - Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman
TS-857529 14.002:04:14Y2014-05-29EPISODE 267 - Bart Rippl & Bobby Lowman My Private Audio
TS-852037 15.102:10:16Y2014-05-22EPISODE 266 - Jim Shaver On Liens and Notices of Lien
TS-852036 14.902:07:12Y2014-05-15EPISODE 265 - Vic Beck
TS-852034 14.902:07:19Y2014-05-08EPISODE 264 - Bart Rippl & Gene Kernan
TS-844062 23.003:17:50Y2014-05-01EPISODE 263 - Dan Benham Tells His Story
TS-844061 23.803:27:45Y2014-04-24EPISODE 262 - Ex Banker Kevin Hines
TS-844060 13.802:01:21Y2014-04-17EPISODE 261 - My Private Audio
TS-844059 27.903:57:24Y2014-04-10EPISODE 260 - Guest Albert BarcroftTopics: IRC, private law Title 42, SS#, voluntary compliance, attorney v. lawyer, etc.
TS-844058 20.902:57:08Y2014-04-03EPISODE 259- My Private Audio
TS-830265 23.903:15:26Y2014-03-27EPISODE 258 - Karl Lentz Live from Ontario Canada
TS-830263 15.902:18:29Y2014-03-20EPISODE 257 - Bart Rippl & Gene Kernan Legal Jargon
TS-830262 13.201:53:29Y2014-03-13EPISODE 256 - Dave Myrland
TS-830260 22.903:14:13Y2014-03-06EPISODE 255 - Vic Beck
TS-826598 21.803:05:31Y2014-02-27EPISODE 254 - Pure Karl Lentz Cont...
TS-822307 28.303:58:42Y2014-02-20EPISODE 253- Karl Lentz
TS-822306 16.502:17:41Y2014-02-13EPISODE 252 - Guest Speaker Adele Weiss
TS-822303 25.603:44:59Y2014-02-06EPISODE 251 - Guest Speaker Constitution Man
TS-811213 14.102:04:28Y2014-01-30EPISODE 250 - Guest Speaker Bobby Lowman
TS-811211 22.603:13:20Y2014-01-23EPISODE 249 - Sharing Experiences My Private Audio
TS-811210 21.403:03:51Y2014-01-16EPISODE 248 - Vic Beck Back by Popular DemandDownload and listen to this prior audio and read the pdf brfore participating in this call click here
TS-811209 18.202:36:40Y2014-01-09EPISODE 247 - Ken W back by popular demand
TS-811207 19.602:47:48Y2014-01-02EPISODE 246 - Ken W Topic: the Birth Certificate
TS-810087 16.802:23:58Y2013-12-26EPISODE 245 - Zeke Layman
TS-810085 0.000:00:24Y2013-12-19EPISODE 244 - My Private Audio
TS-810083 15.502:10:20Y2013-12-12EPISODE 243 - Santos Bonacci
TS-799867 15.302:11:28Y2013-12-05EPISODE 242 - Special Guest Speaker Joe
TS-799866 14.202:03:43Y2013-11-21EPISODE 241 - Bart Rippl & Gene Kernan
TS-799864 17.202:24:18Y2013-11-14EPISODE 240 - NoTaxMan Dave Deriemer
TS-799863 24.803:35:39Y2013-11-07EPISODE 239 - Bart Rippl & Eugene Kernan 2nd hr Karl Lentz
TS-793099 14.102:00:09Y2013-10-31EPISODE 238 - My Private Audio
TS-793098 16.802:23:00Y2013-10-24EPISODE 237 - My Private Audio
TS-793096 27.503:52:00Y2013-10-17EPISODE 236 - Special Guest Speaker Karl Lentz Q&AKArl's web site
TS-787033 23.803:21:31Y2013-10-10EPISODE 235 - Special Guest Speaker Vic BeckI ask that people maintain an open mind and hear what is said before commenting. I use the term gold metaphorically. The signed original SoB (Statement/Certification of Birth document signed by mother or father), a very valuable document, is, for purposes of the call, akin to or representative of gold. We are going to take a different tact in that we are fully responsible for our choices, life, and reputation and also; fully responsible for debts, obligations, securities and undertakings incured by us, things we do using the/our name, with one exception; we do not hold the gold, means to settle up, but it is our gold.
TS-781276 11.601:42:58Y2013-10-03EPISODE 234 - Special Guest Speaker: John NobodyTopic The Public Servant Questionnaire
TS-781275 16.202:17:27Y2013-09-26EPISODE 233 - Special Guest Speaker Joe Private Equity RecoveryFor more info from Joe, visit
TS-781274 31.704:26:00Y2013-09-19EPISODE 232 - Dean Clifford Guest Speaker
TS-781273 24.203:24:48Y2013-09-12EPISODE 231 - Special Guest Max F. aka ImmafreemannSee his docs and youtube channel for more info go here
TS-780803 20.102:49:54Y2013-09-05EPISODE 230 - Guest Miguel Cabrera QT Action WinnerMiguel (Mike) Cabrera Docs posted here
TS-772525 19.502:44:16Y2013-08-29EPISODE 229 - My Private Audio
TS-772524 23.503:23:53Y2013-08-22EPISODE 228 - Special Guest Speaker Rich Iverson
TS-772523 14.802:05:38Y2013-08-15EPISODE 227 - Glenn Ambort & John Benson
TS-765424 21.303:01:23Y2013-08-08EPISODE 226 - Special Guest Speaker Rich IversonCheck here for more details
TS-763003 16.502:17:58Y2013-08-01EPISODE 225 - Special Guest Speaker Corey Eib1st hour Roger Sayles 2nd hour Corey Eib
TS-763002 26.403:38:29Y2013-07-25EPISODE 224 - Back by Popular Demand "Joe"
TS-763001 27.203:46:24Y2013-07-18EPISODE 223 - My Private Audio
TS-762757 19.002:40:33Y2013-07-11EPISODE 222 - My Private Audio
TS-760997 14.702:04:39Y2013-07-04EPISODE 221 - Special Speaker Santos Bonacci
TS-758177 24.203:22:42Y2013-06-27EPISODE 220 - My Private Audio
TS-754376 24.503:30:13Y2013-06-20EPISODE 219 - Vic Beck Special Guest Speaker1) The Chapter Exodus in the Bible; the same is occurring today. But in the end the Pharaoh had to give the property to the people, former slaves. There is a reason why and the same reason also exists today. 2) Let those with eyes that see see and those with ears that hear hear lest ye be deceived. 3) Anyone relying on or who gives credence to Acts, the expression of the will of government, Tax Act, Traffic Act, even the Constitution Act, is an actor because Acts require actors and actors wear masks = status of person under bond and subject to the will of the author of the Act/legislation. Furthermore, our Father in Heaven cannot recognize us, knows us not, because of the mask we wear; hence, God is no respecter of persons nor should we be. Contrary to 'belief', false truth; title to property has not passed to government, it belongs to God and we, who do not give respect to persons, who wear no mask, are the Children in His House. Children of the promise; of the freewoman. Such Children are in the Kingdom of God our Father and receive enjoyment of property without the burdens persons bear. The path to such enjoyment of inheritance is one. Things to consider: When Moses went to the Pharaoh to have the Children of god freed from captivity, he did not go in his own name but in the Name of the Father. Government agents do the will of the legislature in the name of Her Majesty. Call it gold but gold is but a fruit of labouring, so labour is the gold. Is it not said the gilt-edged credit of the people is the basis of government credit. Gilt-edged means golden. So come to the call with an open mind. Know the difference between beliefs and knowledge and truth and ye shall receive the inherent birthright which no man or government or corporation or person can give or withhold. I promise the content will be, for all or most, like nothing you've heard before or did not give thought to.
TS-751370 20.402:51:14Y2013-06-13EPISODE 218 - My Private Audio
TS-751369 24.603:32:44Y2013-06-06EPISODE 217 - Vic Beck Special Guest Speaker
TS-745969 14.802:04:47Y2013-05-30EPISODE 216 - Jack & Margy Flynn Special Guest Speakers
TS-745968 20.102:48:58Y2013-05-23EPISODE 215 - My Private Audio
TS-737212 26.503:46:25Y2013-05-09EPISODE 213 - Special Guest Kurtis Richard
TS-737210 21.402:58:32Y2013-05-02EPISODE 212 - Guest Speaker Charles Stewart
TS-736860 19.002:38:12Y2013-04-25EPISODE 211 - My Private Audio
TS-730497 18.002:28:18Y2013-04-18EPISODE 210 - Guest Speaker Adele Weiss of StopFedTaxLiensMore About Adele Weiss
TS-730484 20.202:50:52Y2013-04-11EPISODE 209 - Guest Speaker Alfred AdaskFor more info, copy and paste this link into your browser
TS-727829 15.702:13:30Y2013-04-04EPISODE 208 My Private Audio
TS-721032 16.802:21:41Y2013-03-28EPISODE 207 - Special Guest Dean Clifford
TS-721031 19.502:47:19Y2013-03-21EPISODE 206 - Guest Speaker Adele Weiss of StopFedTaxLiens
TS-721030 19.702:46:41Y2013-03-14EPISODE 205 - Karl Lentz
TS-721029 18.102:29:38Y2013-03-07EPISODE 204 - My Private Audio
TS-710915 23.103:15:31Y2013-02-28EPISODE 203 - My Private Audio
TS-710914 19.402:44:15Y2013-02-21EPISODE 202 - My Private Audio
TS-710913 19.002:39:40Y2013-02-14EPISODE 201 - My Private Audio
TS-710912 16.702:19:21Y2013-02-07EPISODE 200 - My Private Audio
TS-703527 18.302:33:48Y2013-01-31EPISODE 199 - Karl Lentz
TS-703526 15.602:14:26Y2013-01-24EPISODE 198 - BlueLotusTraveler
TS-699743 16.202:17:38Y2013-01-17EPISODE 197 - John Benson and Glen AmbortLet's try this again. Hopefully we will stay connected for the entire call. For more of their info, goto
TS-699742 14.802:04:47Y2013-01-10EPISODE 196 - My Private Audio
TS-699741 17.902:32:15Y2013-01-03EPISODE 195 - BlueLotusTraveler and the term "You"visit and claick on Guest Speakers and then BlueLotusTraveler for the Achilles Heel pdf. as mentionedon the call.
TS-699740 16.702:39:53Y2012-12-27EPISODE 194 - John Benson & Glenn AmbortJohn Benson Author: Taxation by Misrepresentation
TS-685604 30.904:47:50Y2012-12-20EPISODE 193 - My Private AudioOpen discussion
TS-685603 15.902:14:12Y2012-12-13EPISODE 192 - Special Guest Speaker Ladiebug
TS-685601 20.302:52:02Y2012-12-06EPISODE 191 - Shane Buczek (Just released)After serving 24 months on trumped up charges and doing the last 30 days in a halfway house, Shane Buczek is finally out and will be our special guest speaker tonight on our call. His 3 cases are still pending but Shane discovered that his cases were never brought before a grand jury so there was never a grand jury indictement. Join us tonight to hear what Shane has learned from his ordeal. f you dont know who he is, read about Shanes cases here
TS-685600 19.902:46:08Y2012-11-29EPISODE 190 - Dean Clifford
TS-685599 16.602:19:45Y2012-11-22EPISODE 189 - Rocko Van Zetti
TS-680970 15.702:12:35Y2012-11-15EPISODE 188 - Karl Lentz
TS-676216 20.302:49:20Y2012-11-08EPISODE 187 - Karl Lentz
TS-673826 18.602:41:53Y2012-11-01EPISODE 186 - Guest Speaker Al Barcroft on Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
TS-671301 15.202:10:15Y2012-10-25EPISODE 185 - Guest Speaker Boris
TS-671300 14.202:01:52Y2012-10-18EPISODE 184 - My Private Audio
TS-669914 16.002:17:08Y2012-10-11EPISODE 183 - General Discussion & Constitution Man
TS-669913 20.702:54:05Y2012-10-04EPISODE 182 - Missy Nomer & Constitution Man
TS-664140 20.102:52:14Y2012-09-27EPISODE 181 - William Clark
TS-664138 20.702:54:32Y2012-09-20EPISODE 180 - Ladiebug on Debt Collectors
TS-664136 19.102:40:11Y2012-09-13EPISODE 179 - My Private Audio
TS-664133 16.502:16:42Y2012-09-06EPISODE 178 - My Private Audio
TS-657463 19.902:49:41Y2012-08-30EPISODE 177 - My Private Audio
TS-657462 20.502:51:48Y2012-08-23EPISODE 176 - My Private Audio
TS-654149 4.600:40:48Y2012-08-16EPISODE 175 - Tami PeppermanDean Clifford didn't show up so Tami came on and updated us with her teaching
TS-649378 17.102:23:00Y2012-08-09EPISODE 174 - Special Guest Tami Pepperman
TS-649371 21.703:01:47Y2012-08-02EPISODE 173 - Guest Speaker Constitution Man
TS-642536 20.602:54:40Y2012-07-26EPISODE 172 - Guest Speaker Thomas ford filled in for Tami
TS-642535 15.002:05:54Y2012-07-19EPISODE 171 - My Private Audio
TS-640219 18.602:35:56Y2012-07-12EPISODE 170 - Mandy and Tami
TS-640218 19.102:40:27Y2012-07-05EPISODE 169 - Rocko and Constitution ManOpen Discussion w/ Rocko Van Zetti & Carl Miller Host: Angela | Visit the web site
TS-636913 18.902:38:33Y2012-06-28EPISODE 168 - Steven Charles of the family Hance 1ofthe orig 13 Montana FreSteven Charles of the family Hance. 1 of the original 13 Montana Freemen. One man's perspective. You've read the propaganda versions of what went down in the mainstream papers. Tonight we will get the opportunity to hear this mans perspective of what happened. The true story. Have your questions ready.
TS-633757 19.602:43:47Y2012-06-21EPISODE 167 - Tami Pepperman Guest SpeakerLearn about Equitable Estoppel and Estoppel by Election.
TS-626727 25.203:30:00Y2012-06-14EPISODE 166 - Dean Clifford Guest Speaker
TS-626726 15.002:07:57Y2012-06-07EPISODE 165 - General Discussion
TS-624797 16.202:19:00Y2012-05-31EPISODE 164 - Chris (Chappy) Chapman RE: David Myrland's Criminal Complaint
TS-624796 29.804:16:15Y2012-05-24EPISODE 163 - Clayton Cherry, Angelo Trotter and Harold Beale
TS-624337 32.704:41:28Y2012-05-17EPISODE 162 - Clayton Cherry Auditor Info & Harold Beale
TS-623405 31.604:16:27Y2012-05-10EPISODE 161 - Paul Andrew MitchellSee more info here
TS-619669 27.403:51:00Y2012-05-03EPISODE 160 - My Private Audio
TS-617568 19.702:46:11Y2012-04-26EPISODE 159 - My Private Audio
TS-615165 22.503:18:05Y2012-04-19EPISODE 158 - My Private Audio
TS-612792 16.402:20:50Y2012-04-12EPISODE 157 - My Private Audio
TS-613313 16.602:17:59Y2012-04-11EPISODE 156 - RedressRight Special Guest Speaker
TS-609874 23.110:34:08Y2012-04-05EPISODE 155 - My Private Audio General Discussion
TS-607558 27.703:58:26Y2012-03-29EPISODE 154 - My Private Audio General Discussion
TS-605000 28.603:58:08Y2012-03-22EPISODE 153 - Colin Derek Special Guest SpeakerOath 10 Questions : See Colin Derek on this page
TS-603107 21.603:01:29Y2012-03-15EPISODE 152 - Dean Clifford Q&A
TS-599588 27.803:57:17Y2012-03-08EPISODE 151 - Bill Thornton My Private AudioBill's web site is
TS-596565 20.902:54:01Y2012-03-01EPISODE 150 - Clint Richardson & Burt from ColoradoGo here for more information
TS-593679 16.202:17:34Y2012-02-23EPISODE 149 - Ticket Slayer
TS-592661 25.103:34:58Y2012-02-16EPISODE 148 - My Private AudioGeneral Discussion
TS-588729 18.702:39:23Y2012-02-09EPISODE 147 - My Private AudioGeneral Discussion and some discussion on Alternative energy
TS-582820 20.602:53:43Y2012-02-02EPISODE 146 - Special Guest ParanoidPatriotSee his videos on our home page and on youtube
TS-582819 30.704:19:53Y2012-01-26EPISODE 145 - Special Guest RG on My Private Audio
TS-579912 21.703:04:15Y2012-01-19EPISODE 144 Bill Thornton (NOT) in the 2nd hourUnfortunately Bill didn't make it on but he will make up for it soon.
TS-577579 34.304:38:04Y2012-01-12EPISODE 143 - Paul Andrew Mitchell Private Attorney General
TS-574546 33.204:43:12Y2012-01-05EPISODE 142 - My Private Audio
TS-572774 19.002:39:43Y2011-12-29EPISODE 141 - Guest Speaker Dean Clifford
TS-570861 14.102:01:40Y2011-12-22EPISODE 140 - My Private Audio
TS-568246 33.604:44:07Y2011-12-15EPISODE 139 - Greg Slaughter The Ticket Slayer
TS-565837 22.903:10:24Y2011-12-08EPISODE 138 - My Private Audio
TS-555794 22.703:15:12Y2011-12-01EPISODE 137 - My Private Audio
TS-561502 21.103:01:09Y2011-11-20EPISODE 136 - John Stuart Special Update Call
TS-555793 21.403:06:19Y2011-11-17EPISODE 135 - Guest Speaker Robb Ryder
TS-555792 20.502:54:47Y2011-11-10EPISODE 134 - My Private Audio
TS-553163 32.604:34:05Y2011-11-03EPISODE 133 - Dean Clifford Update and Q&A
TS-550124 14.702:06:28Y2011-10-27EPISODE 132 - Guest Speaker Sharon Lee Shields My Private Audio
TS-548863 33.104:45:19Y2011-10-20EPISODE 131 - Robb Ryder | Q&A | CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
TS-544623 33.304:41:25Y2011-10-13EPISODE 130 - My Private Audio
TS-541951 19.702:53:15Y2011-10-06EPISODE 129 - My Private Audio
TS-541500 27.703:55:14Y2011-09-29EPISODE 128 - Constitution ManBack by popular demand The Constitution Man
TS-533400 17.602:27:08Y2011-09-15EPISODE 126 - Open Discussion - My Private Audio
TS-533037 20.002:47:06Y2011-09-08EPISODE 125 - Guest Speaker Lynn SchmaltzSynopsis on Ucadia Call How to conduct oneself in the role of general executor
TS-528341 22.103:03:50Y2011-09-01EPISODE 124 - John Henry Doe | My Private Audio
TS-525719 33.504:42:54Y2011-08-25EPISODE 123 - My Private Audio
TS-523050 29.604:06:21Y2011-08-18EPISODE 122 - Special Guest Dean CliffordSee his videos on our website and Youtube
TS-520519 34.304:45:57Y2011-08-11EPISODE 121 - All Star Call & Constitution Man My Private Audio
TS-519910 33.604:46:54Y2011-08-04EPISODE 120 - Open for Discussion - My Private AudioNew Talkshoe call Discussion Group Join here:
TS-514940 28.403:53:02Y2011-07-28EPISODE 119 - Special Guest Kurt Kallenbach
TS-513702 21.703:04:19Y2011-07-21EPISODE 118 - Guest Speaker Ed Rivera
TS-507818 32.704:39:42Y2011-07-14EPISODE 117 - Guest Speaker Paul Hansen
TS-504733 25.703:42:00Y2011-06-30EPISODE 115 - Special Speaker Paul John Hansen| My Private Audio
TS-499539 27.903:56:52Y2011-06-16EPISODE 113 - Special Guest Jesse of WLIYD My Private AudioHave your Questions ready
TS-499017 31.204:33:01Y2011-06-09EPISODE 112 - Guest Speaker Ernest Solivan on IRS Issuesclick here
TS-494125 28.704:11:13Y2011-06-02EPISODE 111 - Robert Fox & Constitution ManFor Pastor Garth's Tax Letters, visit
TS-491531 33.504:41:54Y2011-05-26EPISODE 110 - Special Guest Loma Wharton Plus See InfoLoma Wharton, Eugene Pringle, Constitution Man, Dave Mack, Harold Beale
TS-488927 20.002:52:12Y2011-05-19EPISODE 109 - Eugene Pringle IRS Issues My Private Audio
TS-486081 34.104:45:50Y2011-05-12EPISODE108 - My Private Audio Ladiebug Spoke about her
TS-483152 20.402:51:23Y2011-05-05EPISODE 107 - Special Guest Jesse for More Q&Avisit for more information
TS-481717 16.602:20:10Y2011-04-28EPISODE 106 - Special Guest Speakers Ed Wahler & Lewis Hugheswith questions and commentary from John Stuart, The Greek and Harold Beale and others.
TS-479404 27.203:48:03Y2011-04-21EPISODE 105 - 1st hour: Bernard von NotHaus of LIBERTY DOLLAR 2nd hr: Harold, Robert Fox and others particiaped.
TS-474679 33.804:42:31Y2011-04-14EPISODE 104 - My Private Audio Special Guest Joyce Rosenwald
TS-471604 15.902:14:47Y2011-04-07EPISODE 103 - Special Guest Speaker Sam
TS-468722 17.002:25:33Y2011-03-31EPISODE 102 - My Private Audio Guest Speaker: James
TS-466364 33.604:42:18Y2011-03-24EPISODE 101 - Special Guest Cece | My Private
TS-462978 33.404:43:44Y2011-03-17EPISODE 100 - 100th Episode!!! Constitution Man, Trvth & Robert CELEBRATING OUR 100TH EPISODE WITH A TRIPLE HEADER!
TS-460432 26.603:47:04Y2011-03-10EPISODE 99 - John F. Worrell on Adverse Possession My Private
TS-457124 35.004:48:19Y2011-03-03EPISODE 98 - Ken Nicholson | Death & Taxes My Private Ken Nicholson | Finally; Making sense of the IRC
TS-454134 25.903:42:12Y2011-02-24EPISODE 97 - The Living Legend Robert Fox My Private If you would like the enhanced audio version, please skype me for it. Roberts voice was made louder on the enhanced version, so if you are having difficulty hearing him skype me for the enhanced version.
TS-451262 28.003:58:02Y2011-02-17EPISODE 96 - Guest Speaker Gary-Ray of Divine Mind Group
TS-448129 32.504:43:22Y2011-02-10EPISODE 95 - Guest Speaker: Trvth | My Private Audio
TS-445792 29.104:06:13Y2011-02-03EPISODE 94 - My Private Audio | Open Discussion
TS-445319 32.904:36:04Y2011-01-29EPISODE 93 - Constitution Man Part 2 | My Private AudioMore Q and A [Excellent Call] The Constitution Man with additional commentary by Trvth, Harold, Robert Fox, Dave Mack and Michael James Anthony,
TS-442873 32.104:30:59Y2011-01-27EPISODE 92 - The Constitution Man | My Private AudioThe Constitution Man (The Legend)
TS-442155 26.903:57:42Y2011-01-22EPISODE 91 - Guest Speaker Trvth Follow up Q & A My Private Audio
TS-439370 30.604:14:44Y2011-01-20EPISODE 90 - Michael Joseph & David Merrill My Private
TS-439564 19.502:50:24Y2011-01-15EPISODE 89 - Guest Speaker: Trvth | My Private Audio
TS-436826 21.303:04:56Y2011-01-13EPISODE 88 - Brian T Collins My Private
TS-433726 20.302:56:49Y2011-01-06EPISODE 87 - Guest Speaker: Trvth | Our 1st Call of 2011Trvth on IRS Issues
TS-431738 33.704:43:12Y2010-12-30EPISODE 86 - Douglas Riddle Happy New Year!
TS-429599 27.603:57:02Y2010-12-23EPISODE 85 - My Private Audio Holiday Call All Welcome!
TS-427138 30.504:35:23Y2010-12-16EPISODE 84 - Q&A with Jean Keating
TS-426375 21.503:15:23Y2010-12-09EPISODE 83 - Jean KeatingExcellent call. To Join Jeans Tuesday Night Class visit here for details
TS-420640 11.201:31:45Y2010-12-02EPISODE 82 - CORPORATION NATION BY: Clint Richardson Guest SpeakerPART 1 OF THE WAKING UP SERIES: WAKING UP TO A CORPORATION NATION BY Clint Richardson tonight's Guest Speaker Official Web Site:
TS-422034 15.402:11:42Y2010-11-27EPISODE 81 - Frank O'Collins of UCADIA.comThis is going to be awesome!!!
TS-419370 14.102:02:56Y2010-11-25EPISODE 80 - My Private Audio Thanksgiving
TS-421006 40.205:55:10Y2010-11-22EPISODE 79 Jean Keating & David Clarence Special
TS-418098 30.004:12:37Y2010-11-18EPISODE 78 - My Private
TS-417191 20.602:56:07Y2010-11-14EPISODE 77 - John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-415393 47.306:59:20Y2010-11-13EPISODE 76 - David
TS-412157 15.902:15:21Y2010-11-11EPISODE 75 My Private AudioSee what's scheduled here
TS-412154 15.602:13:13Y2010-11-07EPISODE 74 John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-410364 13.601:57:23Y2010-11-04EPISODE 73 My Private Audio | Special Guest Speaker: Trvth
TS-410363 10.401:28:55Y2010-10-31EPISODE 72 John Stuart sunday Night
TS-410362 30.404:20:20Y2010-10-28EPISODE 71 My Private Audio David Clarence Surprise VisitDavid Clarence joined us on the call and also Dallas from California and Sherree Lowe and many others. Lots of god info was shared and enjoyed by all who participated. This was a really good call!
TS-407650 16.502:23:04Y2010-10-24EPISODE 70 John Stuart Sunday Night Callvisit John's web site or
TS-408062 47.106:37:13Y2010-10-23EPISODE 69 My Private Audio Special Guest David ClarenceDavid will go thru the steps in filling out the Executor/Executrix Letter - in detail and maybe that will eliminate SOME of the errors...This was not a talkshoe, it was a seminar!!! 6 hours and 37 mins. Gees! We got knocked offline a few times, but managed to make it back on. Lots of good info.
TS-403644 24.803:41:08Y2010-10-21EPISODE 68 My Private Audio Special Guest Speaker The If you were on our call last Saturday evening (episode 66), you most likely know who this gentleman is. Tonight he tells us the rest of it. Bible, Prophecy and what you do not know... yet. We got knocked off, but made it back on so there is about 4 mins and 30 secs of silence in the audio.
TS-403646 16.902:24:18Y2010-10-17EPISODE 67 John Stuart Sunday Night CallVisit John's web site or Angela's
TS-406313 32.704:33:25Y2010-10-16EPISODE 66 My Private Audio Special Guest David couldn't make it, but...Turns out, David had car engine problems, got stranded and couldn't make it on the call tonight and so we rescheduled for this Tuesday Oct 19th at 6:PM pdt. However, the call was spectacular! Almost 300 people participated and we learned a lot. Obviously, it was meant to be. If you weren't in on it, please listen to the archive. You will be glad you did. Wow! I love it when a call comes toghether like that. Again, Call in or tune in, Tuesday, Oct 19th for David Clarence's update. David said: folks are just confused as to how the Executor Letter works... I would like to do another recording where I Explain each step in filing out the Letter - in detail and maybe that will eliminate SOME of the errors...
TS-403643 14.201:59:25Y2010-10-14EPISODE 65 My Private Audio Special Guest Sediqa TrvthVisit and click on Guest Speakers for more info. Special Guest and enlightened Speaker, Sediqa Trvth shared her wisdom and knowledge of the constitution and law. This was a great call chock full of interesting information.
TS-403645 14.202:01:21Y2010-10-10EPISODE 64 John Stuart Sunday Night CallVisit John's web site or Angela's
TS-400403 17.302:27:04Y2010-10-07EPISODE 63 My Private Audio Special Guest Cindy CantrellCindy Cantrell Certified Title Abstractor discusses the frauds and forgeries that she has discovered in almost all mortgages
TS-400405 13.201:52:16Y2010-10-03EPISODE 62 John Stuart Sunday Night CallVisit John's web site: or Angela's
TS-395351 15.602:09:15Y2010-09-30EPISODE 61 My Private
TS-395354 8.301:11:11Y2010-09-26EPISODE 60 John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-395349 24.103:24:15Y2010-09-23EPISODE 59 My Private Audio Guest speaker Dan
TS-395353 15.402:10:50Y2010-09-19EPISODE 58 John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-395347 23.503:14:53Y2010-09-16EPISODE 57 David Clarence Office of Executor Guest Speaker: David Clarence on the E-sate and the office of the Executor/Executrix
TS-395343 19.502:44:54Y2010-09-12EPISODE 56 John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-394118 26.603:47:51Y2010-09-09EPISODE 55 My Private
TS-389834 18.402:36:03Y2010-09-02EPISODE 53 George Tran will give us an update on his processVisit George's web site at
TS-387029 20.702:56:25Y2010-08-29EPISODE 52 John Stuart Sunday Night
TS-386580 15.902:13:36Y2010-08-26EPISODE 51 Foreclosure Help | Anne Batte of Operation RestorationRegarding Foreclosure Fraud Anne's web site is and her video is featured on If you are facing foreclosure, you wont want to miss this call!
TS-387028 17.002:25:22Y2010-08-22EPISODE 50 John Stuart Sunday Night John went over Replevin In detinet
TS-386579 18.102:34:52Y2010-08-19EPISODE 49 My Private
TS-386581 21.803:05:16Y2010-08-15EPISODE 48 John Stuart Sunday Night | www/
TS-381749 20.002:49:01Y2010-08-12EPISODE 47 Angela's: My Private Audio David ClarenceVisit: Guest Speaker David Clarence
TS-384749 17.102:26:55Y2010-08-08EPISODE 46 John Stuart Sunday Night Callfor more visit:
TS-379476 33.404:45:37Y2010-08-05EPISODE 45 Angela's: My Private
TS-377801 20.002:52:36Y2010-07-29EPISODE 43 Angela's: My Private AudioFor more information visit:
TS-379475 18.402:35:24Y2010-07-25EPISODE 42 John Stuart Sunday Night then click on John Stuart for more
TS-377800 24.403:28:42Y2010-07-22EPISODE 41 Harold Beale 2nd hour | Angela's: My Private AudioFor more information visit:
TS-377798 9.501:21:39Y2010-07-18EPISODE 40 John Stuart Sunday Night click on John Stuart for more info
TS-371697 13.801:55:03Y2010-07-15EPISODE 39 Angela's My private Audio Call | General Discussionvisit:
TS-371696 19.302:41:47Y2010-07-08EPISODE 38 Donna Lee Kane Update
TS-372392 20.902:56:09Y2010-07-06EPISODE 37 Douglas Riddle
TS-373660 17.202:27:55Y2010-07-04EPISODE 36 John Stuart Sunday Night Call | 4th of JulyFor more information about John Stuart, visit:
TS-363311 28.904:01:08Y2010-07-01EPISODE 35 Marc Stevens | Adventures in Legal LandSomeone you've all heard of and seen on Youtube. Marc Stevens will be our guest speaker this evening. Have your questions written and ready. Visit Marcs web site: After the first hour, we continued and had a great discussion with Dallas, Ranger Ron, Colin and all. Overall an awesome call!
TS-370889 26.403:49:46Y2010-06-27EPISODE 34 John Stuart Sunday Night CallFor more information about John Stuart, visit:
TS-363310 27.103:47:59Y2010-06-24EPISODE 33 George Tran UpdateVisit George's web site:
TS-369057 16.202:17:25Y2010-06-20EPISODE 32 John Stuart Sunday Night Call | Please donate to JohnJoin us this evening and every Sunday evening for John Stuart and Mike Rothermel updates on beating Forclosure. Visit John and Mike's web site: For more information about John Stuart, visit:
TS-363308 15.402:12:37Y2010-06-17EPISODE 31 Angela's Private Group CallSam Davis paid us a little visit and updated us on his case which is now put off to Sept. Yea!
TS-367112 22.203:08:46Y2010-06-13EPISODE 30 John Stuart Private CallFor more information about John Stuart, visit:
TS-363307 22.103:11:15Y2010-06-10EPISODE 29 Dan Gough & Richard Fry | Court Procedures & Etiquette for more information on the workshop and more
TS-363306 23.303:16:25Y2010-06-03EPISODE 28 General Discussion | JamesJames piped in with his understanding of things
TS-362186 24.903:28:32Y2010-06-01EPISODE 27 Douglas Riddle
TS-354025 19.000:02:10Y2010-05-27EPISODE 26 Donna Lee KaneWe couldn't get the recorder to come back on. If anyone recorded this call and sends me the file, I will post it here.
TS-354023 19.004:42:24Y2010-05-20EPISODE 25 George Tran's 3 Foreclosure SuccessesGeorge's web site
TS-354022 19.002:15:55Y2010-05-13EPISODE 24 Sam Davis
TS-352556 19.002:02:04Y2010-05-06EPISODE 23 Jerry Kane's Once-A-Month Update for May 2010 Click on Jerry Kane Password: makeme | Last call with Jerry before he and his son Joe were murdered by the West Memphis police et al.
TS-352079 19.002:39:41Y2010-04-29EPISODE 22 General
TS-349241 19.002:13:04Y2010-04-22EPISODE 21 General Discussion and Sam Davis VisitFirst hour: Valentin from France spoke of his translating two of Irwin Schiff's books on the economy into french and using them in their educational curriculum there. Irwin's books: How an Economy Grows and The Kingdom of Moltz can be read for free online at . Second hour: Sam Davis pays us a visit and updates us on his RR.
TS-347086 19.003:53:24Y2010-04-15EPISODE 20 General
TS-344814 19.004:44:23Y2010-04-08EPISODE 19 John Stuart Sunday Night Call | Foreclosure IssuesFor more information about John Stuart, visit:
TS-337965 19.004:10:01Y2010-04-02EPISODE 18 Douglas Riddle | AFV UpdateFor Doug's web site visit password: methis
TS-331538 19.001:09:13Y2010-04-01EPISODE 17 Jerry Kane | Once-A-Month UpdateJerry's updates will now be heard on the 1st Thursday of the month.
TS-335353 19.003:19:22Y2010-03-21EPISODE 16 Omar Cameron | Securities, Trusts, DTC, WHFIT and moreSpecial Call with Omar Cameron. Visit for more information
TS-331641 19.001:55:54Y2010-03-18EPISODE 15 Kevin Michaels | Credit Card Debt | Traffic | Mortgage FraudKevin Michaels information is the latest addition to the web site. See the Traffic page. He will share some of his successes with us and how he achieved those successes.
TS-332875 19.004:29:03Y2010-03-14EPISODE 14 WHFITS Thomas McFadden | Harold & Rita Foreclosure RemediesThe 1st 2 hours : The Mayor's will be sharing intro info for the WHFITS (Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust System). So, if you are curious about this process, listen in. (NOW DEFUNCT) The 2nd 2 1/2 hours : Harold and Rita and everyone on Foreclosures and how to deal with them. This was a great call!
TS-320001 19.001:18:37Y2010-03-01EPISODE 13 Jerry Kane | Once-a-Month UpdateOn the first Monday of the month, Jerry will have updates on what's going on in the world of Foreclosures and Mortgage Fraud. Angela's web site for Jerry Kane's info is | click on the Jerry Kane tab | Password | makeme
TS-326293 19.004:39:06Y2010-02-25EPISODE 12 Douglas Riddle | AFV | Follow-up Q & A Pt 2AFV Q&A Continued
TS-323162 19.002:00:41Y2010-02-18EPISODE 11 Douglas Riddle | AFV | Follow-up Q & ADoug answers questions and then gets into the abatement form in the 2nd hour.
TS-318493 19.001:01:43Y2010-02-01EPISODE 10 Jerry Kane 2010 | What's New | Mortgage FraudThe first in a series of monthly calls with Jerry Kane. Regularly held on the 1st Mon. of the month. Angela's web site for Jerry Kane info is | click on the Jerry Kane tab | Password | makeme Click the "follow this" link on the top right of the Talkshoe pages so you can always see our next scheduled call.
TS-302080 19.003:26:19Y2009-12-12EPISODE 9 A4V Debt with Douglas
TS-276086 19.001:29:15Y2009-10-08EPISODE 8 Jerry Kane: Credit Card DebtJerry's web site
TS-254478 19.004:29:37Y2009-08-07EPISODE 7 Bill Thornton Nitty Gritty Law
TS-249800 19.002:19:46Y2009-08-03EPISODE 6 Jerry Kane - Class Follow-up - Q&AAll Day Class held August 2, 2009 in Fontana California: Discussion and follow-up questions and answers
TS-246777 19.001:29:05Y2009-07-20EPISODE 5 Jerry Kane Continued from last
TS-243572 19.002:48:57Y2009-07-15EPISODE 4 Jerry Kane | Private Group Call ForeclosuresEmail me for the audio Stop Abusive Lenders - Foreclosures Reach Jerry Kane
TS-242596 19.003:11:55Y2009-07-08EPISODE 3 Jerry Kane | Private Group Call | TaxesAre you ready to open your eyes? You have never heard anything like this before and to me, this is the way to go. Some of the issues covered will be: liens, levys and frivolous filling letters and more.
TS-240416 19.051:39:00Y2009-06-30EPISODE 2 Pj & Brian Part 2continuation of June 29 call
TS-239638 19.001:21:03Y2009-06-29EPISODE 1 PJ & Brian Part 1Using the Constitution to your advantage with a twist.
Death By Doctor